Easy Survival Life Chapter 017 Evacuation of Supplies and the Mystery Woman (R18)



When I noticed the rainstorm, I thought;

It was just a hair’s breadth.

If it was a day earlier, our supplies won’t last out.

We could probably survive as long as it doesn’t blow off our food.

Still, I can’t be careless.

If our food stock isn’t that abundant, then it’s dangerous if it drags on.

That’s not all.

Apart from the dangers, well…

「 Hurry and fold the futon! Gather all the supplies to the back! Water’s flowing in the cave now! 」

The cave is lower than the ground.

There were puddles near the entrance and it’s spreading over here.

It’s a matter of time before it flows inside.

I planned to deal with this problem by tomorrow night.

If I create a canal in front of the cave, we can minimize the damage to some extent.

It’s the first thing to do when setting up a tent or a camp.

I exposed an amateur mistake on my side.

「 Hinako and I will take care of the futon! We made them so we know how best to treat them over others 」

Meiko said.

「 Got it! Everyone, let Meiko and Hinako take care of the Futon, Everyone else split work and grab the goods! Our priority is the food and water 」

I split the work for everyone.

The priority is to take the jars full of food, then the stoneware, and then the textbooks we use as pillows.

「 Dammit! I should’ve washed my bag if I knew this would happen! 」

Arisa tosses her stuff in her clay stained bag.

Women have a lot of cosmetics and accessories and so it’s taking her time to stuff it all in

「 Arisa, put that aside and help us out here 」

Mana called her out.

「 It could be trivial for me but this is precious to me! We’ve got no other stuff from Japan anymore! These are treasures for me even though they’re just cosmetics! 」

Arisa’s words echoed heavily.

Nobody talked back. Mana also apologized.

「 Sorry, but I prioritize my stuff 」

「 Don’t mind it! Just help out once you’re done 」

「 Got it 」

We have two reasons why we’re evacuating deeper in the cave.

First is that we’re taking the wind blowing us away into consideration.

The other one is that it is higher than the entrance.

The latter is a much more important reason.

This cave has a weird shape.

Coming from the entrance until halfway, it’s sloped down.

Then after the halfway point, it goes upwards.

The slope is gentle but since it’s marble, you know that you won’t slip.

Hence, if we evacuate deeper into the cave, it’s likely that the flood won’t reach us.

On the other hand, if the depths are bad, then we’d have no space from halfway to the entrance.

「 Ugh, the water’s coming in! 」

Arisa shouts while moving around.

The water finally bursts inside.

Water pours in like a faucet opened.

「 Go away! Damn! 」

Arisa kicks the flowing water.

It’s meaningless, of course, the water just detoured Arisa’s legs.

「 Arisa, get this one 」

「 Got it! 」

What’s left are the tools I created.

To be specific, two stone spear and one stone ax.

I took the spears and let Arisa take care of the ax.

「 Phew seems like we didn’t lose anything 」

We sighed in relief at the depths of the cave.

The cave is dim at best and going deeper makes it pitch dark.

Even when you can see well in the dark, you can only see silhouettes.

Therefore, I check if there’s any new problem.

「 The food supply’s brought here first so it should be okay but what about the others? 」

「 I took all the textbooks 」

Karin replies.

I can’t see her face but it seems that she’s near the wall, on the left side.

I can sense a bit of distance.

「 The beddings are secure. I also evacuated all those work in progress 」

Meiko’s voice.

She’s behind me.

「 Other than Arisa’s bag, Eri and I got all the bags 」

That was Mana.

She’s also on the left side, but further than Karin.

「 I got my bag so it’s okay 」

Arisa’s on my right.

The gap is only an adult’s portion.

She’s the only one I can clearly guess the location.

「 Good, everyone’s safe 」

Once again, we leaked a sigh of relief.

「 All we have to do is wait for the rain to end. Once the sun is out, we can gain more vision. We can eat and do everything else by then. For now, we’ll just sit this out. We need to reserve our stamina 」

Then, silence comes.

(I’m sleepy)

I couldn’t manage to sleep.

I regret the mistake of not creating a canal and so I have to think of the future.

I’m the leader in this place, and so I hold the lives of everyone.

I realized once again that my error of judgment could put everyone in danger.


My sleepiness is blown by some strange phenomenon.

「 Guaaaa 」

Arisa’s snoring loudly so it’s not her.

(This arm…)

Someone’s hugging me from behind.

I don’t know who it is, other than it’s not Arisa.

Still, I didn’t raise my voice.

(I don’t get what’s going on but this is just a side benefit, yep)

The girls in this place all have high-quality looks.

It doesn’t matter who’s hugging me, I’m already happy.

Besides, the sensation of her breasts pressing on my back is amazing.

My vision’s obstructed but my arousal’s high.

(Wait, ooh, that’s…)

The mysterious hand moved to the next step.

Progressing from just hugging, it reached out to my pants.

She unhooks the belt from behind quietly and then lowered my zipper.

(Wait, is this?)

It’s exactly that.

The mysterious hand gripped my penis.

Her right hand slowly moves up and down.

That cold feeling of her hand is irresistible

「 Oof 」

I leaked out my voice.

The mysterious hand stopped moving.

I put my hand on my mouth, holding back my voice.

After a while, the mysterious hand resumed giving me a handjob.

The overwhelming pleasure attacks me.

It’s a one-sided attack, I couldn’t counter at all.

I’m not allowed to resist nor raise my voice.

But that’s okay. This is great.

(I don’t know who this is but this is amazing)

I just let the matter take care of itself.

I hold my mouth and look up to the sky.

I don’t know whose hand it is but I can imagine everyone naked.

My delusion evolved where everyone’s in my mind.

Inside my head, the six girls all give me a handjob at the same time.

Other than Arisa who snores loudly.

(Ah, shit. I’m about to cum)

My penis grows further than it’s limit, signaling that it’s about to cum.

『 God of Penises, bless this world with great flooding 』

(Aah, Oh God of Penis, bless this world with great flooding)

I relaxed my body to attempt to ejaculate.

At that moment, the woman behind me disappeared.

She moved from hugging me from behind to my side.

This woman knows that I’m about to ejaculate.


Furthermore, this woman put my penis in her mouth.

If I release this outside, it’ll smell, and so this is how you deal with it.

(I get it! This woman is!!)

A woman who’s thinking of what’s after the ejaculation.

As far as I know, there’s only one woman who’d do that.

Thinking about it, I didn’t know where she was.

If that’s the case, it won’t be weird if she was right behind me.

(It’s Eri! I’m sure that it’s Eri)

As soon as I got confident with my answer, I ejaculated magnificently.

I pour in my semen into the mouth of the woman who apparently is Eri.


While I celebrate my ejaculation, thunder roared.

It seems to be a lightning strike nearby, the cave became bright in an instant.

At that moment, Eri’s face who’s stuffing my penis in her mouth—wait…

(No! It wasn’t Eri! Wait, no way?!)

The woman got up from my penis in a hurry and went behind me.

That wasn’t Eri.

I only saw her for a moment but I’m sure of it.

The mystery woman was Karin.