Easy Survival Life Chapter 018. Post-storm work



I was worried about how long the rain will continue but it’s gone in the morning.

The sun is rising and greeting us “good morning,” the wind and weather seem clear.

「Get up girls! We’re going to work before eating breakfast!」

I shouted and wake everyone up.

Most of the girls are sitting and sleeping as I speak.

Arisa’s the only one sprawling.

This girl would die if the water reaches this part.

「Fortunately, not much water accumulated in the cave. But, leaving it alone won’t be good. And so, I’d like to ask Meiko and Hinako to scoop the water out of the cave」

I tell them the plans outside the cave.

The puddle is halfway the cave.

The cave has a V-shaped slant inside and the bottom part is the halfway point.

「How do we take out water?」

「Pouring some relatively dry soil on it. Then, once the soil absorbs the water, take it out. Lastly, sweep off the dirt on the floor」

「Got it」

The Asakura sisters start working immediately.

Holding one unused earthenware, they disappeared deep in the forest.

「Arisa, try to catch as many fish as possible. It’ll take some time to make a fish trap. Right now, Arisa’s skill is valuable」

「Got it, leave this to me! I’ll catch a lot of fishes!」

Arisa’s enthusiastic.

She takes the bamboo pole and bucket-replacement earthenware and went to the river.

「Did you call me just now?」

Eri said.

「No, I wasn’t calling you, I was talking about fish traps. Simply put, you create a maze in the river where fishes can’t escape and it’s called “Eri”」

Mana and Eri are impressed.

Karin seems to know about it and so she didn’t react.

「Mana and Eri, please secure the preserved food. Mainly nuts, berries, and mushrooms」

「「Got it」」

Now, the only people left are Karin and me.

「Hokage, what about me?」

Karin asks like that act in the dark night didn’t happen.

But, I won’t let that go. The mystery hand was definitely her.

That said, I don’t have the intent to ask her. Work first.

「Karin and I will create a canal」

「Got it」

We started making a canal.

Using a thick wooden pole, we dig the soil in front of the cave.

Thanks to the rainstorm earlier, it’s easy to dig the soil.

「Is this good enough?」

Karin who started working asked to check out what she’s doing.

「Yep looks good. Keep it up」

The canal we’re making surrounds the cave.

Doing this will save us from puddles of water except when there’s a heavy flood.

「This should be far enough for the canal. What’s left is to deepen and fortify it so it won’t overflow」


After a short while, our work is done.

The Asakura sisters who work quietly have returned.

The girls are quiet, only greeting with a few words and continue their work.

「This canal should be enough for now」

It’s good to take a rest once you reached the point where you can take one

Once the break is over, we’re going to turn to the food supply.

We moved inside the cave during the break.

Karin followed me without saying anything.

She seems like she wants to say something.

Perhaps it’s the same thought as I have.

「Hey, Karin, during the rainstorm」

「I guess you noticed that it was me」

She admitted it right away.

「Sorry for attacking you so suddenly」

「No need to apologize. It felt great」

「Hearing you say that saves me」

Karin’s cheeks blushed and she looked away.

「Although, why do that so suddenly?」

That’s what I’m curious about.

I know that I’m not the best looking guy.

But still, I’m alright for an average.

But if it’s someone like Karin, I’m just a nobody.

「I thought that I would die and so I’d like to decrease my regrets if possible」

「I see」

「The weather became clear but still, it might’ve continued for three days and three nights. Then, if that happens, isn’t it highly likely that we would die?」

「Well, true」

「When thinking about what to do before dying, sex came to my mind. But, we can’t have sex in that place, right?」

That would be impossible, yeah.

It’ll need a bit of technique to feel pleasure.

It would be impossible for a virgin like me.

「That’s why I thought that I’d let you experience my hand instead」

「Sorry that it’s got to be me. If only there was some other guy, right?」

「No, I’m glad that it was Hokage」


「You’re doing your best to lead the way for us. Mana and Eri, and even Arisa all trust Hokage. Of course, me too. If not, I won’t do it with my hand and mouth even if I’m going to regret it」

That’s some happy remarks I’m hearing.

I grinned unconsciously.

「But, I never thought that the lightning, in the end, would expose me」

「It was nice timing」

「Bad timing you mean. If it wasn’t for that, you wouldn’t know who did it」

「Well, I get the situation now. It’s purely good for me, and I’m thankful to Karin. For men of my age, being surrounded by cute girls would rise my libido. I’m holding myself back like Byakuya」

「I guess boys do get really horny?」

「Well yeah. If not, we’re ill. So I’m not going to deny that. But, I won’t act rashly either. No matter how horny I can be, I will not ignore the girls and rape them」

「I see, that’s great. Hokage’s a decent guy」

「Not really, it’s just normal」

Karin laughed and then goes to my side.

Then, she whispered to my ears.

「If you want to let it out just tell me okay?」

Hearing that is enough for me to get a full erection.