Easy Survival Life 002 Grasping the situation



I love survival but I still have a smartphone.

It’s banned back then, but nowadays, there’s no problem bringing a smartphone in school.

Therefore, respecting the rules, I do own a smartphone and bring them when commuting to school.

「 There’s no signal 」

But, smartphones are useless at this crucial time.

Reception is down, no Wi-Fi.

I thought that it was just because I’m inside a cave but it’s nothing different outside.

I tried going up a tree but there’s no reception at all.

「 Maybe, this is… 」

Based on the cave I woke up on, there’s only one explanation I can think of.

Well, though it’s logical, it’s too much out of reality.

「 No, putting that aside, I will have to prioritize living first 」

I can’t use a smartphone to call for help.

If that’s the case, then it’s unknown when help will come.

Maybe the rescue will never come.

I should look for the worst-case scenario right now.

First is to understand the situation.

I look at my phone’s screen and it says July 19.

Furthermore, I have my handkerchief from when I left the house.

The time is about 10 o’clock. It should sit around the break after the first and second class.

「 I think I slept in school and I teleported here after waking up? 」

My equipment is this school uniform and school bag and its insides.

I also teleported here together with the stuff I had in my pocket.

However, I don’t have anything I have on my desk.

「 First is to check the terrain, next is the local infrastructure 」

The sun doesn’t show signs of it sinking down immediately.

Perhaps it will remain bright for a few more hours.

Fortunately, the air temperature is gentle, and humidity is also at a satisfactory level.

I put on my bag slanted and search the forest outside the cave.

The sunlight isn’t as strong as the foliage obstructs the view.

After a while, monkeys, squirrels, and other animals came to view.

I don’t know much about monkeys but the squirrel is Tamias.

Both of them are looking at me from far away, but they’re not coming close.

They’re cautious and wary.

Moving forward and I heard a stream coming from a river,

I move to follow the sound and I found a somewhat wide river.

The river’s water seems clean and I should be able to drink from here directly.

「 But, I can’t get a bad stomach at this moment and so I should make sure 」

I open my bag and take out a bottle with a purifier.

You can fit 500ml in one bottle and I have three.

I scoop up some water inside.

When drinking, I have to take out the cap and install the water filter.

Anyone can filter out muddy water with ease without needing prior knowledge or technique.

In truth, there are other filtration systems where you don’t have to rely on this tool.

However, the current situation is urgent that taking the safe and efficient way is the best way.

Besides, it would be a waste not to use survival goods at all.

「 Yeah, delicious 」

Drinking the filtered water from the river, it feels cold and delicious.

Maybe it’s more delicious because it came from nature and I just fixed it.

It’s just water and yet it’s so delicious.

「 I will have to use the cave as my base for a while and since I secured water in this river, I have no problems with that. What’s left is food 」

It would be best if I can start agriculture.

It’s more stable than searching, collecting, and hunting.

However, agriculture takes time.

Therefore, I’m thinking of collecting and hunting for now.

I do have some kitchen garden seed in my bag but I can’t use that right now.

「 I guess it’s mostly mushroom and nuts 」

The result of my exploration shows that there’s a severe lack of food.

I would like to eat meat if possible but I haven’t seen any cows or pigs nearby.

I found a deer from a distance but it’s too cautious that it escaped immediately.

I will need to create a trap to capture a deer.

「 Is the sea close? 」

I’m looking for the sea.

I can extract salt from the seawater and drink clean water.

If there are fishes, I can have enough food, and it’s good to use seaweed.

「 I feel like I can find them if I move a little forward but I should return 」

My hand holding the survival knife is getting numb.

I’m making some landmarks so I don’t lose my way but it’s getting me exhausted.

I’ve done muscle training for this day but I’m still not that strong I guess.

「 ?! 」

When I returned to the cave, I hear voices from a distance.

The voice is clearly from a person, to be specific, a woman.

It’s multiple voices, all women. They sound like they’re in a bad mood.

Footsteps come together with the voices of women.

「 Seriously, what’s going on? 」

「 Yeah, right? 」

「 I can’t use my phone either 」

「 I can’t believe I have to walk using indoor shoes 」

These voices seem familiar.

While I was thinking who the voice was,

「 Ah, it’s Hokage! 」

「 Wait, no way?! 」

「 It’s true! It’s Ninja! 」

「 Seems like there’s someone else other than us 」

A group of four women appears before me.

I muttered “I knew it”

It’s my classmates.

They’re the group of the top of the class caste.