Easy Survival Life Chapter 020 Pitfall and Falling Rock Trap



After finishing my measurements, I went around and surveyed the surroundings.

First, I head to the spot where the Asakura sisters woke up, northeast of the cave.

This time, I have moderate tools.

I have a survival knife on my hip. Then, a pocket lighter.

A bottle to rehydrate me and a bamboo back basket.

Inside the basket is a shovel I made from sticks and stones.

I focus on the ground.

Speed is essential but I have to ensure defense so I don’t miss anything.

I can see what animals are doing by the weeds and twigs they break.

It can also tell you the rough estimate size of the animal.

Like, if it’s a tiger, a rabbit, or a person.

「 The Sumeragi group should be moving now 」

There were no new footprints other than those the Asakura sisters had when they woke up and they reached the cave.

To be precise, it’s an old trace, but I don’t have to mind this one.

Reito and his group found us because of the smoke bomb I used.

With that in mind, I can only find the Asakura sisters’ footprints and nothing else.

Not many footprints from animals.

As for small animals, just some rabbits and such.

Even if it’s rabbits, I can’t say that they’re living around here.

If they were staying in the vicinity, then there should be more footprints.

I think that they escaped from another animal.

「 It concurs with Meiko’s data 」

Meiko hasn’t seen a considerable amount of animals until reaching our cave.

She probably saw some rabbit and other small animals but it’s only that much.

The traces left on the surface proves her statement.

「 The rabbits seem to have escaped to the east 」

With that said, there was likely an activity coming from the west.

When the Asakura sisters went to the cave, something from the west moved in.

「 Wait, this is… 」

I found some clothes still in the making placed down on the way to the cave.

It looks like they were trying to make one out of the hemp they had collected.

It seems that the Sumeragi brothers interrupted them and they forgot about it.

It would be a waste to leave it be so I brought it back.

I put it in the bamboo basket and leave it in the cave.

Chasing the footprints of the rabbits, I head to the west of the Asakura sisters’ cave.

The animal footprints gradually multiply.

It’s mostly rabbits but I see some animal footprints that are a bit larger

「 This has to be a wild boar 」

I lick my lips.

Wild boars in Japan don’t taste good.

They stink, and compared to pigs or cattle, they’re harder.

However, in this world, wild boars would be a feast.

That overwhelming lack of meat makes me want to eat a wild boar.

「 I see, I get it now 」

The west-side of the Asakura sisters’ cave and the north-northwest of ours.

The rabbits and wild boars inhabit that location.

In fact, I’ve seen the animals I mentioned.

「 I want to get both the rabbit and wild boar 」

With that said, I’ll make traps.

First, a trap for the wild boar.

It’s a simple pitfall trap for the wild boar.

I will make a hole using the shovel I have on hand and place poles in the bottom.

Then, I make the poles pointy, piercing anything that falls into the hole.

After installing the poles, I cover down the hole and then camouflage it.

Then, I place the food wild boars prefer to eat and the trap is set. 1

「 If possible, I’d like to make more for efficiency 」

It’s simple to make a pitfall for the wild boars but making one is a lot of work.

If I think about making a trap for the rabbit and other works, I won’t have time if I make more of this.

With that said, this time, I’m making a rabbit trap.

There are two kinds of rabbit traps.

The first one is a mid-air suspension trap.

If you have a string, then it’s an easy one, but I don’t have it.

The other one is the falling rocks trap.

This is a trap where you use twigs and stone weight, a simple trap.

First, prepare three twigs, place two in a cross pattern below.

The lateral branches should be slightly lower so that the rabbit can hit them.

Then hang the third branch from the horizontal branch to the top of the vertical branch.

It’ll look like the number four from a distance.

Then, it is completed by leaning weight on a diagonal branch.

Now all that’s left is for the rabbit to hit the branch, and the branch comes off and the weight goes thump!

So the rabbit is stuck with a stone in the way.

If you have the materials, it’s easy to make a falling rocks trap.

Fortunately, we have a lot of stone weights here so I made a lot.

「 What’s left is to return before it gets dark 」

I returned after a bit more surveying.

This time, I moved from the cave where the Asakura sisters came from to the west.

I thought of collecting mushrooms while walking but I had no time.

The east side has this many signs of animals-Hmm? That’s…

I noticed a group of people in school uniforms ahead of me.

The group is made up of only men, and among them is Sumeragi Byakuya.

「 Are they coming to attack us already? 」

My cautiousness went up but it seems that I was wrong.

「 They’re fighting something? 」

Byakuya doesn’t seem to be moving from the spot.

Most of them have wooden spears with pointed tips and are poking at something.

「 I wonder what is it? 」

I decided to approach it, knowing the danger.

I ducked down in the bushes and approach while making sure that they don’t find me.

So, I now get what’s going on.

「 Oh, seriously? 」

It’s a tiger.

They’re fighting a tiger.

Perhaps it’s the tiger we used a surprise attack on the cave.

Byakuya and his group surround the tiger so it can’t move.

However, Byakuya’s group can’t conclude the fight.

「 Hey! Hurry up and stab it! 」

Byakuya orders bossily.

The followers adjacent to him are watching, horrified.

The people who received orders and fighting the tiger are even more afraid.

「 I see 」

It seems that Byakuya’s group has a hierarchical system.

Byakuya and his close followers are the higher-ups and those guys are the grunts.

The grunts are the ones in danger, fighting the tiger.

「 B-Byakuya-kun! Tigers aren’t delicious! Let’s stop this! 」

One of the guys pointing his spear to the tiger speaks.

I remember his face, he’s from the same year, but I don’t remember his name.

We’re not in the same class.

He’s in the otaku-class, the lowest of the hierarchy.

「 Stop complaining and just keep on poking! 」

Byakuya kicked the back of the guy.

「 Uwaaaaa!! 」

The otaku jumped in from the circle and charged towards the tiger.

Naturally, the tiger faced him.

「 Guooooooo!!! 」

The tiger roared intensely and knocked down the Otaku.

Then, it snarls sharply at the Otaku as it gets on top of him.

Otaku poked the spear he has on his hand to the mouth of the tiger.

He was doing it feverishly but that’s not bad for the defense.

「 Guys! Now’s the time! Hurry up and kill it! 」

Byakuya orders.

With that, the encirclement who was lacking a decisive attitude starts to move.

They all stretch out their spear with teary eyes.

「 Guooooooo!!! 」

The tiger immediately died from the stabbing.

「 Yeah! Humans stand on top in this world! 」

Byakuya shouts his victory.

Only the followers raised their cheers.

The grunts fell down on the spot, gasping.

「 This is moving sooner than I expected. 」

Byakuya defeated a tiger so he has no reason to fear us.

That ‘time’ is finally becoming reality.

「 I have to hurry now 」

I withdrew from the spot and returned to the cave.


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