Easy Survival Life Chapter 021 Foreign Invader Countermeasure Meeting



The confrontation against Sumeragi Byakuya and his rapist group is coming to reality.

I told Meiko that I had a countermeasure for that before…

That countermeasure is;

「 Huh? Moving?! We’re abandoning this place?! 」

Everyone’s surprised by what I told them during supper.

「 That’s how it is. But, not right away 」

My plan is to run…if you want it to sound cool, then it would be to vanish.

「 Hokage, let’s not run away and fight them. If Hokage makes weapons we won’t lose to the boys! Besides, the minions only follow Byakuya’s order because they have no other choice right? Then we can just make them our allies instead? 」

Arisa rattles on.

Mana seems to be approving of that plan that she’s nodding.

The other girls don’t seem like they do.

「 Fighting them means killing them. Do you get it? 」

I speak with a serious face

「 Killing? You’re exaggerating 」

「 It’s not an exaggeration. I’m not a professional in combat. I can’t do tricks like hitting people with the back of the sword-like in those historical dramas. If we’re fighting them, it’s kill or be killed. You won’t have the flexibility of leaving your enemy powerless without killing them 」

「 Ugh, you’re right 」

「 Even if there are no laws here, we’re still Japanese people. Our values still remain, we can’t kill people that easily. So, we’re not fighting them. Even if we fight them, we would lose, and if we lose, you girls will get raped 」

I studied a lot to train my survival skills.

Some of them aren’t just simple survival skills but things that soldiers learn too.

For example, the art of detecting prey information from weeds and broken branches.

This is in reference to the advanced technology employed by the US Special Forces.

With such knowledge, you can fight a small number.

If we’re willing to choose the life or death of our opponents, then we have a high probability of winning.

I have tactics real soldiers use and tools too.

But, the reality is different from games, one can’t kill humans frivolously.

In case that we can’t or won’t kill, then we are at an overwhelming disadvantage.

Therefore, we’re running away.

「 Fortunately, there are no animals suitable as food in this area. Therefore, even if Byakuya and his group come and invade this place, they won’t stay for long 」

I don’t hear any more objections.

They all agree with me and so the conversation about escaping continued.

「 What’s important is to not let them know where we escaped. There’s no point if they discover where we escaped 」

「 Me! Me! Me! 」

Arisa raised her hand.

「 There’s something more important than that, right? 」

「 What do you mean? 」

「 The place to escape to?! Where are we going? It won’t be Meiko’s cave, right? 」

「 That’s not a problem. I found a perfect hiding spot already 」

「 Really?! Since when did you do that? You don’t miss a thing do you, Hokage? 」

Arisa laughs, showing the white teeth of hers.

「 As expected of Hokage-kun 」

「 You’re making us fall for you. When did you find it? 」

Eri and Mana are impressed.

「 I found it when Mana and I were alone 」

「 Huh, you mean? 」

Mana suddenly blushed.

She remembered the time when she gave me a handjob while I’m naked.

Well, the handjob isn’t an important part in that one.

「 It’s as you guessed, it’s the sea 」

「 Sea?! You mean we’re going to make a base on the sea?! Like the Palace of the Dragon King! 」

「 Yes, that, we’re going to make the Palace of the Dragon King…Not! 」

I made sure to retort Arisa’s joke.

If this was back then, I would’ve replied with a straight face. I also have changed.

Seeing that Arisa smiled happily, I feel happy that I retorted like that.

「 Do you know about marine erosion? 」

「 Marine what? Devotion? 」

Arisa tilts her head.

「 You got the word wrong I think. I think it’s related to the sea or something 」

Mana said.

Hinako reacted upon hearing that word.

She looked at Meiko with a face asking if that’s the case.

Meiko tilts her head like she’s saying “I don’t know either”

「 Right. Marine erosion eats a cave in the sea. To make it easy to understand, you find some cave holes on the seashore or cliffs, right? That’s marine erosion 」

「 「 「 「 Ooh! 」 」 」 」

I explain to make the girls, other than Karin and Hinako understand.

Karin seems to know it and Hinako just understood it now.

She didn’t say anything but her eyes sparkled as if it says “So it was right!”

「 When Mana and I had gone to the sea, I found a cave created from marine erosion. Since I was harvesting seaweed, I thought of checking it out. And that place is much wider than this place 」

The cave I found got some great environment.

It is easily accessible from the coast and the location of the cave is much higher than the water level.

Meaning, we don’t have to worry about the floor getting wet when it’s high tide.

Furthermore, the cave entrance faces the sea, so it would be hard to find it.

There’s no better place than this when it comes to hiding.

「 I’ll show the way to the marine erosion cave tomorrow. We have enough resources in this cave already and so we’re going to save up supplies for the other cave. Byakuya and his group are dangerous and so we have to prepare for more than the threats of nature 」

「 I have a question! 」

Arisa raises her hand.

「 Let’s name it 」

「 Name? What name? 」

「 The marine erosion cave and this cave. It would be hard to call it without names 」

「 Well, that’s true. Calling it just ‘cave’ makes it hard to distinguish from this place or Meiko’s cave. Besides, we’re going to add the marine erosion cave to the caves we’re talking 」

I agree that we should name them.


「 Then, this cave is a happy house! 」

I’m opposed to Arisa’s naming sense.

「 We’re moving away because we’re not going to be happy and yet we’re calling this happy house? 」

Karin said while laughing.

Hearing that, we laughed.

「 Then, what do we call this place? 」

Arisa seems to be dissatisfied that we’re laughing at her so she pouted.

「 Now that’s a hard question 」

Suddenly, we’re all troubled.

Arisa shows a self-triumphant look seeing that.

「 Then it’s happy house 」

「 No, everything but that 」

I shook my head.

The happy house should be different.

「 Then what about this one? 」

Mana raised her hand.

「 Why don’t we use the last names of those who woke up in which cave. For example, this is Shinomiya Cave, and the place Meiko and Hinako woke up to would be the Asakura cave. There won’t be any confusion with that, right? 」

「 「 「 Oh, you’re right 」 」 」

Everyone agreed.

「 Then, what about the marine erosion cave? Nobody woke up there, right? 」

「 How about calling the marine erosion cave ‘hideout?’ I mean, building a living base in a sea eroded cave sounds like a secret base. It has a flair 」

Mana said. I trembled.

Calling it a hideout is unfair.

No man can resist when they hear that.

「 That! I approve of the hideout name! 」

I shouted without thinking.

The girls are surprised because I was suddenly surprised.

「 Well, this has to be a happy house 」

「 Hideout! 」

I pushed the names of the caves.

Shinomiya cave, Asakura cave, and our secret hideout.