Easy Survival Life Chapter 024 Dried Meat



Karin wants to have sex with me.

Not masturbation, not oral sex, she wants sexual intercourse.

「 D-Do we have condoms? 」

It’s too unpredictable of a suggestion for me that I stuttered.

「 No. You don’t have one either, do you, Hokage-kun? 」

「 Thought so. Then, in case of sex… 」

Karin speaks out the situation straight out.

「 It’s got to be raw 」

No condoms on first sex.

I blanked out as it’s too far of a leap.

「 Hokage, are you a virgin 」

「 N-Not like that 」

「 So, you’re not? 」

「 No, I’m just kidding. I’m a virgin 」

「 Then, you want to have sex, right? 」

「 Well, true 」

「 Then, let’s do it 」

She’s extremely aggressive.

My penis reacts to Karin’s words.

Getting ready for insertion, but…

「 No, we can’t have sex… 」

However, I can’t approve of it.

「 Why? 」

「 It’s raw! You’re in danger of getting pregnant! 」

I’m no saint.

If you ask me, I would be more of a scum.

In truth, asking me to go raw would make me jump at it without thinking.

I won’t even think about the fact that the girl can get pregnant.

That’s within the thinking of a virgin.

But, it’s impossible right now.

We can’t have a sexual relationship without birth control.

「 We’re lacking in people right now. Having too many is a problem, but having seven people in our group is too few. Despite that, if Karin gets pregnant, I’ll say it straight, you’ll become a burden, so it’ll become even more troublesome. That’s why we can’t have sex without condoms 」

If possible, I would like to have sex.

Who cares about condoms, I just want to graduate from my virginity.

Shove my dick inside Karin’s pussy and ejaculate from the pleasure.

But, I can’t do that.

I’m the leader of the group so I can’t let my lust take over.

「 ………….I see. Of course 」

Karin went quiet for a while then showed understanding.

I never thought of a day where a cute girl would invite me for sex.

For the first time since coming to this world, I thought “If only we were in Japan”

「 But, Hokage’s already big down there because of our conversation 」

Karin still strokes my penis. Across my pants.

「 Want me to squeeze it out with my hands or mouth? 」

「 …………………… 」

I swallowed my saliva and after contemplating, I answered her.

「 Do it with your mouth please 」

「 Sure. But, let’s go to the Asakura cave since it’s, you know… 」

「 Yeah 」

After that, we went to the Asakura cave.

Then, Karin made me cum with her fellatio.


We begin eating dinner in our hideout.

Surrounding the campfire while looking at the majestic ocean ahead of us.

「 It’s meat!!!!!!!!!!!!! 」

Arisa screams as she eats the first meat meal in this world.

The girls and I are also drooling.

「 From now on, we’re advancing to meat dishes 」

「 Oooooh! Hokage, you’re the best! You’re a genius! 」

Arisa fills her mouth with the wild boar meat and shows a smile on her face.

「 Hunting sounds hard but it doesn’t seem like it 」

Mana eats the rabbit meat deliciously.

「 It’s just because Hokage-kun’s good 」

Eri seems satisfied.

「 Soon, everyone can do it too. I’m already teaching how to make traps and spots to place them, so you can learn from Karin 」

「 Is it that simple that even we can do it? 」

Eri asks. Karin replied.

「 It’s easy. Just like the shrimp trap in the river, this kind of trap is human knowledge we developed to catch them easily. It’s clearly easier than chasing after them 」

I affirmed it.

「 Puhaa! I can’t eat anymore! My stomach is full! 」

Arisa lies down with her arms and legs sprawled.

Her stomach swells more than usual.

「 As expected, meat is the best! 」

Arisa folds her legs shamelessly.

For someone sitting diagonally in front of her, that’s an M-shape spread.

The panties which I don’t know if I can see or not see earlier are now clearly visible.

Ohoho, this is a sight for sore eyes.

「 Hokage-kun 」

「 Hokage… 」

Eri and Mana, and all the other girls stare at me.

「 Perv 」

Mana speaks for everyone.

They found out I’m looking at Arisa’s panties.

「 I-I can’t help it you know! I’m a guy! 」

I shook my blushing head.

Then, we returned to the dinner topic.

「 So, everyone had enough meat? I’ll turn the remaining to jerky. If we leave this alone, it’ll just spoil 」

Five rabbits and 2 wild boars.

It’s hard to eat all this meat in one go.

Besides, there’s no need to force ourselves.

We can preserve the leftovers as jerky.

With this, we can keep the food for a long time and it’s the best choice.

「 Seems like there’s no objection 」

Everyone had a full stomach and had fun making jerky.

This work is really simple that I can teach everyone how to do it.

「 First is to take out the fat 」

I use the survival knife and firmly scrape off the fat.

「 But fat is delicious! 」

Arisa seems dissatisfied.

「 Fat is filled with moisture which makes it perishable 」

After removing the fat, I thinly sliced them.

I explained the reason before anyone could ask.

「 If the meat is too bulky then you can’t dry it and it’ll rot. That’s why you make thin cuts. 」

「 So that’s why jerky on supermarkets are sliced like that 」

Meiko mutters.

Hinako’s impressed, making a “Hoeee” face.

「 Then, you have to dip this in salt water for one night, and then dry it and that’s finished 」

「 「 「 「 Oooh! 」 」 」 」

I tossed the cut meat into the saltwater.

There was too much meat and not enough buckets so we hastily pumped seawater into the empty buckets as well.

The sea is just right in front of the hideout so it’s convenient at times like this.

Jerky can be preserved for months at room temperature.

Its weakness is that it’s salty but having preserved food is extremely efficient.

Thus, our diet has leveled up.

「 Since we’ve calmed down after dinner, can I have your attention? 」

Meiko talked to me after we’re done doing jerky.

「 Everyone finally has their change of clothes. Can you try it on if you’d like? 」

「 「 「 「 Uuuooooooh! 」 」 」 」

Everyone raised their voice.

Hinako who got surprised by our voices hid behind Meiko quickly.

That didn’t stop the momentum and we continued cheering.

Finally, after a week of wearing our school uniform, we can wash it!