Easy Survival Life Chapter 025 Clothing Reveal



We raised our voices as Meiko announced that she’s finished making clothes.

Then, when she brought the complete clothes;

「 It’s these, what do you think? 」

「 「 「 「 Oooooooooooooooooohhhh!!!!!!!!! 」 」 」 」 」

We’re all impressed.

She made clothes that you can compare with the goods in the market.

We can’t stop getting impressed as we expected something a bit more rough than this.

Furthermore, everything’s prepared, from top to bottom.

Kanto robe as the outer garment, innerwear, underwear, and socks.

It’s a full set of change of clothes.

「 Why is it slightly red? Did Meiko dye it? 」

Mana asks.

「 That’s the original color. It’s red because of the plant…in simple terms, I used a red help as my material, and that’s why it’s colored red 」

Meiko and Hinako gave everyone their clothes.

「 I don’t think we’ll have problems as I took measurements but could you try it out? 」

「 「 「 Gladly! 」 」 」

The girls scrambled to change clothes.

「 Hey! Hokage, go somewhere else, and change! Don’t show us your dick 」

Arisa told me when I was about to get naked.

That was careless of me. I’m the only guy here.

「 Oops. Sorry 」

I went deeper inside the cave.

That said, I didn’t go that far.

The deepest part of the hideout is far off.

I haven’t gone there so I’d like to check it out someday.

「 Thank you for waiting, I changed 」

When I returned, the girls also changed their clothes already.

The Asakura sisters also changed their clothes before anyone noticed.

「 It feels chilly on my legs but this is good. 」

Arisa speaks somewhat excitedly.

Kanto Robe is made to have wind pass through your legs.

A Kanto robe is just a large piece of cloth with a hole in the middle.

Putting it on is simple, you pass your head through the hole and fold the cloth.

What’s left is to tie up your waist with a strap.

Therefore, the side of the leg portion looks like a slit skirt.

「 Should I make lower garments too? I may be good in handicrafts but I don’t know much about Kanto robe fashion so I haven’t made it yet 」

Meiko asks for my opinion.

「 Putting me aside, I think that you should make skirts for the girls. If left like that, their panties are gonna be exposed a lot. Besides, we need pants to put on our tools 」

「 Seriously, Hokage’s such a pervert 」

Mana said smilingly.

「 Nono, I’m the one showing consideration here. If it’s me, I don’t need to wear a lower garment. I’d gladly show off my briefs. I’m a pervert after all 」

I retorted with a smug face.

「 A pervert and a smug! 」

Arisa seems to be disgusted by it.

Seeing that exchange, the other girls laughed.

「 Then, I’ll make some lower garments by tomorrow. I’ll prioritize making skirts for the girls and I’ll make Shinomiya-kun’s pants after 」

「 Got it 」

We ready to go to bed after the conversation ended.

The sun’s down already and so washing our uniform has to be tomorrow.

It looks like Hinako’s going to do it.

「 I think Arisa won’t fall from this place 」

「 Let me tell you beforehand but you don’t have to worry about my sleeping posture, okay? 」

Mana said “Really now?” with a fed-up look.

We had Arisa sleep at the back to make sure she doesn’t fall into the sea.

We take off the robe we just put on and covered ourselves with the beddings.

「 「 「 Good night 」 」 」

And thus, the sixth day ended.

On the seventh day;

It’s been one week since we started living on this island.

Our activities are starting to reach a stable period.

We ate breakfast inside the hideout then started doing our activities.

「 I might not be good at teaching so forgive me 」

「 Me too, I’m bad at learning so forgive me 」

「 That’s not good 」

「 Why? 」

「 「 Gyahahahahahaha! 」 」

Karin-sensei begins her technical teachings.

From lighting a fire to make earthenwares, and making traps.

Mana’s the first one who took the training.

「 I-I’ll be doing the laundry! 」

Hinako’s in charge of washing the uniforms.

She puts everyone’s clothes and underwear in earthenware and then she went to the river.

The washed clothes will be dried in the back area of the hideout where it’s windy

It’s a mysterious place with a small emerald-green lake and sunshine flowing in.

The location is northeast of the hideout’s entrance, around the direction of the Shinomiya cave.

In there, you don’t have to worry about the sea breeze blowing it away.

The big sister, Meiko is making lower garments by knitting hemp.

If she has time, she’ll make more spare clothes.

Ordinary people won’t even have the surplus and might not even make it in time, but I believe that Meiko can do it.

「 Good! Let’s catch some fish in the sea! 」

Arisa challenges fishing in the sea.

Before anyone noticed, she’s created a wooden box of earthworm baits.

According to her, Karin made it for her.

Arisa also starts moving and the only remaining people are Eri and me.

「 I’m gonna check on places we haven’t been to yet and Eri will get food as planned- 」

「 Wait, Hokage-kun 」

Eri stopped me.

I’m a man filled with lust so I’m filled with delusion in an instant.

『 Don’t you want to squeeze it out before we move out, Hokage-kun? 』

Something like that.

『 I’ll put my head inside the robe and lick it off 』

Or something like that.

My head is filled with delusions.

But, reality is different.

「 Why don’t we change our plans today? 」

「 Hmm, what do you mean? 」

Eri’s duty is to procure food.

To look and pick edible wild plants, mushrooms, and fruits.

「 We have enough food stock, right? 」

「 Two weeks is light. It’ll get harsh in one month 」

「 If that’s the case, we can skip at least a day of food gathering, right? 」

「 Well, yeah, but what do you want to do? 」

「 Somethings everyone else can’t do 」

「 W-Wait, you mean…Se- 」

「 No 」

She replied immediately.

「 That’s not what I mean, what I mean is Asakura-san is excellent in the handicrafts, right? 」

「 Hmm 」

「 Arisa’s good at fishing, with Mana, she can give orders to the monkey Rita. With Karin, it’s obvious 」

I get what she’s trying to say.

「 But, I don’t have something like that, right? 」

「 So you want something you want to be your forte 」

「 That’s right 」

「 So, what’s your specialty? 」

「 It’s embarrassing to say but I don’t have any. If I must say then it would be cooking but I can’t do it without ingredients and cookware 」

「 So, you mean this; I want to do something I’m good at but I don’t know what that is. So, you want me to think with you 」

Eri nodded.

「 I see 」

I can understand how she feels.

Perhaps she thinks that she’s the only incompetent one.

To tell the truth, she’s not, but it’s meaningless to tell her that.

What’s important isn’t what I tell her but to grant her an actual area of expertise.

「 Okay, I got it. If that’s the case, I’ll give Eri special instructions 」

「 Really? 」

「 The explanation will have a bit of detour but you’ll definitely get excited about this skill 」

I tapped into my chest and said “Leave this to me”