Easy Survival Life 003. Where’s this place?



Appearing before me is the group with Yuuki Mana as the center.

Her height is a feature of her that even landed in magazines.

They’re just next to the Sumeragi siblings in the class caste.

That means, they’re one of the people who call me ‘Ninja’

「 Ninja, know something? 」

「 Not much. I woke up in this cave. 」

Yuuki Mana asked.

Her hair’s curled nicely that she could be placed in a salon advertisement.

Her hair color isn’t black but more of light pink.

If I recall, she dyed her hair at the end of the summer vacation.

「 Wait, cave?! That’s nice. We woke up on soil 」

Said Futagawa Eri.

Long hair, short body, she’s more of a neat-and-tidy type of girl.

She’s famous among those called Otaku.

They say that she’s a sugar daddy hunter and some witnessed her do it.

According to them, she’s only at that point where they could bang her but they don’t.

That means, she’s got some secrets to compensated dating where she flatters the sugar daddies but never spread their legs to them

「 I mean, why do you have a knife Ninja? That’s scary! 」

「 I’m a survival man you see. I have a lot of survival goods in my bag. This knife is one of those. I never thought that I would use it 」

Nikotama Arisa noticed the knife on my right hand.

She’s a woman who works a part-time job on a karaoke bar. She has ponytail hair.

Below her eyes are some flashy pink make-up.

Is that fashion or something? Or maybe she’s just shit at putting on makeup.

She talks to Eri a lot because she’s interested in compensated dating.

I heard that her senior in her work already deflowered her.

「 Now that you mention it, you do love your survival stuff, Hokage. Weren’t you planning on joining a survival tour this summer? 」

「 Yeah, how did you know that I’m participating in a tour? 」

「 You keep looking at the pamphlet in school, and you were grinning while looking at it earlier.

Niimi Karin, she’s as observant of the surroundings as me.

Karin and I have been classmates from first to the third year.

Her hair’s tinged with blue, she insists that it’s her natural hair.

I’m unsure if that’s really her natural hair but she keeps on saying that for three years, so I guess she’s telling the truth.

We hardly have a private talk and so I don’t know what she does on weekends.

Also, she never calls me “Ninja.”

「 If Ninja’s here, then Reito and Byakuya should be here! 」

Mana mentions the Sumeragi brothers.

The guys who are ranked first and second in grades, their appearance is also undisputed. They also have outstanding motor skills.

They’re naturally popular with the girls but I hate them.

No matter how excellent they are, they both have a shitty personality.

「 For now, we can work together with Hokage, right? 」

Karen proposed.

It’s rare for her to make suggestions.

The other girls also look surprised.

They have the same reaction as me.

「 Sure, Ninja would be reliable. He also has a knife with him 」

Arisa’s the first to agree.

「 He even calls himself a survival man, that’s reassuring. 」

Eri followed.

「 That’s true! Then that means, Ninja, you’re with us! 」

Lastly, Mana concludes the talk.

「 Not that I mind, but I will move as I please. If you don’t mind that, then I’m okay with it. If you’re fed up with it, I don’t mind if you leave 」

「 Then that’s decided! 」

I’m also happy that there are more people now.

We can assign and share work and become efficient and it raises our security.

We don’t have a problem with having too many numbers that we have food problems either.

「 So, Ninja, what about your lust?! I think that anyone would be glad to be with us. But, you’re not getting erect. Are you gay? 」

「 I do have lust, and I’m not gay. It’s just that the situation doesn’t allow that 」

I walk while talking to Mana.

The girls on top of the class caste follow me.

It’s a weird scene but it’s not a bad feeling.

「 What will you do after finding the sea 」

「 Isn’t that obvious? We’re going to make an SOS signal in the beach 」

「 Arisa, that! 」

「 Mana’s just an idiot, right? 」

「 What did you say?! 」

「 「 「 「 Gyahahahaha! 」 」 」 」

「 Well, I that’s not a bad idea but I’m more interested in the seawater and seaweed 」

Mana and the girls are talking as we return to the cave.

I asked for information about where they woke up.

From their conversation, they seem to wake up near each other.

However, there are no other results from there. It’s within expectations.

Even so, to think that the day I would talk to Mana would come.

Most of the time, I just listen to them while sleeping on my desk.

「 Even so, I wonder where in Japan are we? 」

Arisa said.

They’ve already accepted the fact that they are here all of a sudden.

Although they accept it, they still haven’t taken it all in.

「 It’s summer and yet it’s not hot at all, maybe we’re in Hokkaido 」

Eri guessed.

「 If we’re in Hokkaido, then we can use our phones, right? Maybe it’s an uninhabited island somewhere? 」

Karen gives a precise opinion.

The three agreed saying “Ooh,” and “you’re right”

「 But, if we’re in an island in the east of Hokkaido, that means that we can use this 」

「 Yeah, even when using google, there’s nothing but greenery. That’s likely 」

Mana joked and Arisa joined in.

「 No, if we’re anywhere in Hokkaido then there should be reception 」

I think that they’re joking but I’ll speak out my opinion just in case.

「 I know! I was just joking! 」

Sure enough, Mana retorts, saying that it’s a joke.

Then, the four laughed together.

「 Oh well, you girls are quite carefree 」

These girls are surely peace idiots.

They think that rescue will come for sure.

Their carefree attitude is their salvation right now.

It’s better than getting hysteric.

「 Now then, It’s about time I take a look 」

After a while relying on the marks on the trees.

The cave is finally coming to our sight.

Then, as soon as they saw the cave, I stopped the girls.

I spread my arm sideways and tell them to quiet down and then I lowered my body to the bushes.

「 Hey, what’s going on? 」

Mana asks.

I warned them to stay quiet and pointed at the cave.

「 Look inside the cave. 」

「 Wait, no way?! 」

The girls are surprised.

One huge tiger is resting in the cave.

It yawned multiple times and lie down seeming drowsy.

However, if we get closer, the tiger will notice us.

「 Why is there a tiger here?! 」

「 There shouldn’t be any wild tigers in Japan 」

Arisa and Karin are getting noisy.

「 It’s because this isn’t Japan 」

「 「 「 Huh? 」 」 」

「 If we’re in Japan, then we can use our phones anywhere. Even in uninhabited islands. We should be getting reception outside. Besides, the animals here are weird. There are Tamias in this forest and the only place they live in Japan is in Hokkaido 」

「 Then we’re in Hokkaido? 」

Eri said. I rejected it saying “Not possible”

「 I’ll leave out the details but there are also creatures that you can’t find in Hokkaido 」

「 Then, where’s this place? 」

Karin looks at my face.

「 It’s a high-jump of a conclusion but I think that we’re not in Earth 」

「 You mean this is the “Isekai” from the manga? 」

「 That’s right 」

The girls turn stiff.