Easy Survival Life Chapter 030 Talking to the deserters



「 We’re not doing anything suspicious! 」

「 Help us! 」

The two took some steps forward then began to prostrate themselves.

I don’t sense hostility from their appearance but I can’t be careless.

After all, Tanaka Mantarou has been on the Sumeragi brother’s team from the first day.

They’re likely in the middle of scouting our hideout.

Then, I found out about them so they had to show up.

「 First of all, we should change location since I also want to hear your story 」

I told the two to follow me and walked with my back turned on them.

Of course, I’m concentrating my senses, no trace of negligence.

It’s what they call setting a ground bait to check on what’s their true intention.

If these guys are the Sumeragi team’s minions, then they’ll run away

The information that there’s a girl in the lake is already big enough.

(They’re not running away)

The two followed me obediently

They don’t seem to want to escape.

Even so, it’s still doesn’t wipe the likelihood that they’re enemies.

It’s also likely that they’re spies.

「 Where are we going, Shinomiya-dono? 」

「 You’ll know once we get there 」

The place I don’t mind showing information. The sea.

「 W-What’s this?! 」

「 Hiiiiiiiiii!!! 」

As soon as we reached the coast, the two paled.

「 Sorry but I don’t trust you two at all 」

The girls in that place are ready for battle.

There are five of them, Hinako and Karin aren’t here.

The girls all hold spears.

I had them assume combat mode in case the enemies discover our hideout.

This is just for the final and final resort.

「 I won’t go easy even if you’re just a creepy otaku 」

Arisa glares with her spear pointed at them.

That was enough to make Tanaka Mantarou piss himself.

His low-profile partner looks like he’s about to shit himself.

「 Well then, why don’t we begin the interrogation? 」

The girls surround Tanaka and the other and they started asking them.

Tanaka Mantarou’s claim is that “We’re deserters”

Before we could confirm that, he started talking about the details about the Sumeragi team.

According to him, the Sumeragi team currently has 200 people in them.

Most of the students have gathered due to the beacon Reito told them to make.

The gender ratio is 6 men to 4 women, meaning, about 80 of the group is women.

The team leader is Sumeragi Byakuya. The younger brother of the two.

Byakuya’s status in the team is of a god, they can’t defy him.

Byakuya’s established the hierarchy system for each group.

The classes go from 1st to 5th ranks, and Byakuya decides who has what ranks.

For boys, Byakuya’s deciding with his personal preference, and the skill level, so the two are 5th ranks.

As for the girls, he simply sorts them with their appearances.

The first to third rank men have the right to have sex with women.

First ranked men can take three ranks two women in a day.

The Second rank can take two ranked 3 women per day.

The third-ranked can take one ranked-four woman per day.

Byakuya’s the only one who can take the first ranked.

Men ranked four and above are treated as slaves.

According to Tanaka, those who were fighting the tiger are rank 5.

Even if they’re both slaves, the fourth has hopes of promotion but the fifth has none.

That’s why the rank-fours work the threes hard until they sweat.

The threes fear becoming demoted.

Of course, there were also people in opposition to this system.

The first one to object is Byakuya’s sibling. Sumeragi Reito.

Even if he approves of the hierarchical system, he has an objection to the treatment of the women.

「 To think that they disrespect the will of the women, it’s outrageous 」

Or so Reito said.

Then, Byakuya retorted.

「 Then, let’s do a vote 」

The boys took a vote on how to treat the women.

The winner of the vote will become the leader, they agreed.

It looks like Byakuya didn’t forcibly take down Reito.

「 This is the will of the people, brother 」

The voting resulted in Byakuya’s overwhelming victory.

The majority of the boys wanted Byakuya’s policy to happen.

No wonder.

After all, everyone was within four ranks.

Those who work hard could get promoted and fuck a woman every day.

It’s too attractive of an offer for high school boys with overflowing lust.

That’s how Byakuya became their God in six days.

The members at that time were 130 people, and 80% were men.

Meaning, there were about 30 women.

Although, after the 6th night, the members increased to 200.

The people moving around joined with the Sumeragi brothers in the hill in the north.

It was the teachers leading that group.

The teachers gathered and moved while recovering the students.

A lot of girls were in that group.

The teachers showed a new opposition group.

From Tanaka’s view, the opposing teachers were split into two kinds.

Those who are pure, wanting to respect women like Reito.

Then, the bastards who want to stand on top.

Both the good and evil insisted that the teachers should be the leader.

The teachers raised their objection the next day, meaning, yesterday.

However, there was no democratic election in that one.

「 Fight me and win, then I’ll let you 」

Byakuya chose the combat method of conclusion.

That remark had the majority of the teachers flinch.

Byakuya’s muscular, he knows martial arts, and he’s extremely strong.

There’s no chance of winning if it turns into a fight.

「 Then, I challenge you 」

Then, the PE teacher, Nakazaki challenged him.

Nakazaki’s a former soldier, and according to Tanaka, he’s a vulgar one.

Nakazaki’s group is the only third rank among the group that merged together.

Men start at fourth, so it’s clear that Byakuya’s pleased with him.

Even so, he wasn’t satisfied.

Or rather, he’s making light of the student, thinking that he won’t lose.

「 You were an outstanding talent in management, what a disappointment, Sensei 」

In the end, Nakazaki lost.

Nakazaki’s miscalculation is that the fight was barehanded.

The truth is, weapons were allowed, and so Byakuya shot him in the chest and he died.

Yes, the Sumeragi brothers own a gun.

Being the son of the Sumeragi group, he’s approved to own a gun.

Therefore, he shot Nakasaki to death before the fight began.

He shot someone to death without hesitation.

That shock made nobody oppose him anymore.

「 If that’s the case, why don’t they just leave? 」

Arisa asks.

「 It won’t be that easy 」

I replied.

「 Not many people can live on their own in this place 」

This is the least difficult world to me, but it’s different from ordinary people.

For modern people without knowledge, this is the harshest and the most extreme level.

It would be hard to leave the team and continue living.

And anyone who can live without the team is treated well.

With that kind of special environment, Byakuya’s rule goes smoothly.

「 Besides, we’re banned from leaving. Byakuya-Uji still holds a grudge that Asakura-dono left out, and so he bans everyone from leaving ever since he became leader. Therefore, anyone who tries to leave and got exposed are punished 」

Meiko’s body trembled.

She and her sister, Hinako, were almost raped by Byakuya and his followers.

She even received sexual harassment such as touching her breasts above her clothes.

「 How were you able to escape? 」

「 Kageyama Hakumei-dono and I escaped while Byakuya-uji was in the middle of a fight with Nakasaki. Since the situation won’t change even if one of them wins, it’s better to escape 」

「 If we didn’t escape, we’d die sooner or later. The duties of the fifth rank are too dangerous 」

His story makes sense.

If they’re lying, then they’d make a better story.

For that reason, it’s quite real, and I agree with that.

「 Okay. We welcome you boys 」

Tanaka Mantarou and Kageyama Hakumei joined as allies unexpectedly.