Easy Survival Life Chapter 031 This fellow’s useless.



Our team now has the members of the manga club added.

That said, the only members were Tanaka Mantarou and Kageyama Hakumei.

Tanaka’s the chairman and Kageyama, the second year, is the vice president.

「 Eeei! Fire! Become my strength! 」

「 Come on! Come on!! 」

The first thing for our new members to do-

「 So that’s why you were at that rank 」

-Unfortunately, they were incompetents.

It’s already past 8 in the evening.

After finishing our dinner, I’m teaching the two technical skills.

We started by making a fire, which anyone in my team can do, but…

「 I guess that’s about one hour already? 」

Eri speaks out of boredom.

「 They sure are bad at it 」

Mana’s dumbfounded.

「 We only had Hokage as our guy so this just looks really bad 」

Karin seems to be disappointed.

「 We’re going up early tomorrow so we should go to sleep already 」

Arisa jumped to the bed first.

No matter how long they tried, no fire came out.

Right now, we’re using tools to make fire.

A piece of wood that stretches horizontally, with strings attached to both ends, and fixed to a stick in the center.

There is a circular piece of wood underneath a horizontal piece of wood that serves as a handle

When you move the handle up and down, the stick moves in a circular motion.

This fire starter method is called “Bow Drill”

This method is simple enough that anyone can use it.

Even Hinako, who’s not skilled at it, can make a fire in a few minutes.

After all, all you have to do is set it on a board with a fire vent and move the handle up and down.

But, Tanaka and Kageyama were unable to finish such a simple task.

They’re so bad that I could say that a kindergartener would be better than them

「 Tanaka-kun and Kageyama-kun, are you interested in handicrafts? Maybe you’re suited for that instead 」

Meiko suggested as she can’t watch anymore.

That was a cruel opinion, I thought.

「 Handicrafts? You mean knitting and such? 」

「 Yes, that’s right, but we have to make clothes first 」

「 Leave it to me! I’ll show my usefulness this time! 」

「 I’ll do my best 」

It’s good that they’re enthusiastic about it.

But, even if they were able to do it, it’s still bad.

「 T-This is hard… 」

Making cloth in this world isn’t simple.

Skill is necessary for making cloth but it’s hard to acquire.

It’s not something that could be done by people who can’t even make fire.


「 W-What speed is that?! 」

「 I can’t even see her hands! 」

Meiko and Hinako’s speed is just abnormal.

They manufacture with the speed that you can call them a human sewing machine.

They have the skills of a master, and so watching them will only give you hopelessness.

Even I who had experience in knitting had my breath taken away by them.

「 For now, master how to make fire. You’ll have to train every day after dinner! 」

Making fire is a skill that’s necessary to survive in this world.

If possible, the ideal method would be the analog method, not the bow drill.

「 Kageyama-dono, we’re finally able to live a normal human life 」

「 That’s right! Kaichou! 」

Their enthusiasm is truly amazing.

Just their enthusiasm.

「 Hokage’s training paid off 」

Karin smiled.

「 I’d rather have the skill to work quickly than to grow 」

I sighed loudly.

「 That’s enough for today. We should sleep 」

I had two finish up and sleep for tomorrow.

Poke. Poke. Poke. Poke.

Someone’s poking my cheeks while I’m sleeping.

「 It’s not morning, yet, is it? 」

I sit down and open my eyes, wondering what’s going on.

It was Meiko who woke me up.

「 Can you come with me? 」

She speaks like she’s asking, but the reality is she’s forcing me.

Meiko’s already grabbing my wrist and standing up.

「 I knew it, it’s not morning yet 」

The ocean behind is still dyed in darkness.

「 「 「 Zzzzz 」 」 」

Everyone else is asleep.

Tanaka and Kageyama are lying a bit far across the girls.

I think they’re okay but still, it doesn’t hurt to be cautious.

「 Come with me 」

Meiko pulls me to the back of the hideout.

As we proceed, the darkness intensifies, and our night vision became less and less useful.

However, after some distance, we reached light again.

It’s the lake.

The outskirts of the emerald green lake are bright.

The moonlight hits the water surface and it shines on the surroundings.

I could enjoy this mystical scenery before me.

But, let’s get to the main issue at hand.

Even I know that there’s business here.

「 Shinomiya-kun, did you see that today? 」

Meiko sits near the lake and brings out the question.

She didn’t go with the roundabout method but went with the straight ball.

She doesn’t say what it is because she’s embarrassed.

「 Sorry 」

I saw it.

Her, masturbating.

「 Apologies aside, I don’t think I can find any excuse for that 」

「 It’s okay. I’m not angry 」

「 Really? 」

「 No, I actually am 」

Hey, which one?! I retorted.

「 I’m angry, but I think that I can’t do anything about it. It’s my fault for doing it in a place where you can watch from above. That’s why it’s not about whether I’m angry or not, I hardly have the motive to have it 」

「 I see. So you woke me up to check on that? 」

「 That’s one of it, but there’s another. I wasn’t able to cum because of Shinomiya-kun 」

Meiko shortened the distance.

Then, she coiled her arms around my neck.

She approached my face and whispered to my ears.

「 Make me cum 」

「 You mean, using my fingers or tongue? 」

「 That’s not all. This thing too 」

Meiko’s right arm caress my body.

From the nape to my chest, then going below, until it reached my crotch.

Though it’s simple clothing, it’s hard not to get erect from this situation.

「 Sex? 」

「 Yes. You don’t mind, do you? Let’s feel good together 」

This is the second time I’m asked for sex in my life.

And it’s another beauty.


「 We can’t have sex. We don’t have a condom 」

No matter how much they plead, I can’t allow that.

It’s impossible to have sex without a condom right now.

Therefore, that’s the only answer I can give when asked for sex.

I thought.

「 I do 」

「 Huh? 」

Meiko takes a condom out of nowhere.

It’s a Yoshimoto brand L-size 0.01 ultra-thin condom.

「 Why do you have a condom? 」

「 It was in Shinomiya-kun’s wallet 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Hinako found it by accident during laundry. Shinomiya-kun, you had this in your wallet, right? When you took it out, this fell. I returned the wallet in secret, but I took this, just in case there was a need 」

Right, I had a condom in ready.

Despite being a virgin that is.

Well, it’s because I am a virgin.

Who knows when I would lose my virginity.

That’s why I had it close to me, just in case.

I had it in my wallet with great care.

I had no luck, and so I forgot about it.

「 So, we can do it, right? 」

Meiko takes off my clothes.

I had no more reason, nor intention to refuse.