Easy Survival Life Chapter 032 Goodbye Virginity (R18)



My lust is ordinary.

Therefore, my actions related to my lust is ordinary too.

Meaning, if you ask me, I’m quite prepared when it comes to studying.

I watched porn just like everyone else, masturbated, just like everyone else.

I also repeatedly watched male actors explain how to prepare for your first sex.

Of course, I know that foreplay is important and that I have to be gentle with the clitoris.

Even so, going across the first sex is quite difficult.

「 Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! 」

「 It hurts? Does it not feel good? 」

「 No! It hurts! It really hurts! 」

The foreplay is flawless.

That’s what a famous male actor explained.

I mimicked the techniques in the videos on Meiko and she’s intoxicated.

She lets out lewd voices, drooled, and her pussy’s dripping wet.

I tried to insert my finger on her wet pussy.

It’s slippery like there was lotion, my finger got sucked in.

This wasn’t all because of my foreplay.

「 Shinomiya-kun put it in already 」

Therefore, Meiko also asked me to put it in already.

She asks me to poke her with my penis that she made it erect with her hands and mouth.

Therefore, I answered her request.

Making her lie down on the rock as a bed is harsh so I’m going to put it in while standing.

I’ll make her lean on the wall, lift her left leg, and then shove my penis in.

Of course, I have a condom on me.

There were no setbacks here either.

I practiced more than ten times for this day.

Putting on a condom is child’s play.

Putting it inside has a 100 score.

However, I scored 0 as soon as I put it inside.

「 Ouch, ouch, it hurts 」

Meiko was in pain.

This wasn’t a problem of technique.

「 Sorry if it was too big 」

My penis is big.

My penis when fully erect is clearly bigger than others.

The average size of a male penis is 15cm.

On the other hand, mine’s over 20cm.

Also, it’s thick.

Therefore, my condom size is L.

Up until now, I felt pride in my penis.

I thought that since it’s better than anyone, it’s better in sex.

That’s not true. My penis is the worst.

It’s too big, and so it’s got poor compatibility with Meiko, a virgin.

No matter how much I work hard, the pain from being too big won’t be avoided.

「 Should I warm it up with my fingers? 」

「 Sorry, Shinomiya-kun 」

「 No, it’s my fault for being too big 」

We took a break.

I tried to loosen up Meiko’s pussy as it’s starting to dry up.

I moved my finger inside and made it wet.

「 Aaah! Shinomiya-kun! More! Aaaah! 」

Each time I move my middle finger, she leaks out a lewd voice.

「 Next 」

I put my index finger together with my middle finger.

At this point, I understood that vaginas have intense clamps.

It’s only two fingers, and yet, she’s tightening up real hard.

「 Yes! Yes! Yes! Amazing! 」

But, my index finger went in without problems.

Meiko’s quite aroused that she’s clinging hard to me, drooling.

Her breaths are hot, her face is flushed.

「 Okay, I’m putting three fingers in 」

The third one was hard.

「 Uuwaa 」

「 Does it hurt? Or does it feel good? 」

「 B-Both 」

She can feel pleasure while also in pain.

However, it gradually turns to pleasure.

If I attack her persistently, the pain will soon be gone.

「 Maybe we can do it now? 」

I tried challenging it again.

First, to restore life to my penis that’s lost its strength.

Meiko squatted and sucked it off.

It got revived in no time so let’s go insert it

「 Ouch 」

「 I guess we still can’t? 」

「 No, I can endure this now 」

「 Ahahaha 」

Is sex something you endure?

I had such questions, but I just resumed moving.

I move my hips slowly, asking her multiple times if she’s okay or I’ll stop.

「 It’s getting better, slowly 」

At first, the pain was stronger, but it gradually goes away.

There’s blood from the torn hymen but the pain has disappeared.

As a result of holding out, Meiko’s gasping from my penis now.

Then, the time until ejaculation was short.

Meiko’s pussy is too tight that I can’t hold back.

Such light thoughts of wanting to stick it in for longer have disappeared.

After swinging my hips a bit harder, I ejaculated right away.

The tip of the condom is packed with my semen.

「 Thank you, Shinomiya-kun. You were gentle 」

「 Me too, thanks for making me graduate from my virginity 」

The sweaty Meiko sits down on the rock near the lake.

「 We should toss it out somewhere. 」

I placed the condom filled with my semen on Meikoi’s shoulders.

「 We should hide this somewhere and then toss it on the sea later 」

Meiko took the condom and tied it on a ring.

I asked her why is she tying it up, she replied “to make sure the semen doesn’t spill out”

What a thoughtful woman. I thought.

「 We still have more condoms so if you feel like it, just invite me 」

「 Yeah, I’ll ask you when I feel horny 」

We stood up, then put on our clothes

「 Wait 」

Meiko stopped me.

She beckoned me.

「 Hmm? 」

When I approached her, Meiko put my penis in her mouth.

She’s giving me cleanup fellatio.

「 Ngu, ngu, ngu… 」

She squeezes the residue semen.

「 Now that’s good 」

She kissed my glans in the end and that’s the end of my deed with Meiko.

(Now I’m no longer a virgin)

I put on the cloth and go back to where I was before.

Fortunately, everyone’s still asleep, and they haven’t discovered that we had sex.

(That was longer than expected)

The scenery of the hideout has changed.

The color of the sea changed from dark black to deep blue.

The sun is about to rise.

「 I’m already tired at this point, it would be hard to work later 」

I laid down once again since there’s only a few time left to sleep,