Easy Survival Life Chapter 035 Diving Together



Near the entrance to the hideout.

Nobody else is with us-

「 I-I knew it, it’s embarrassing 」

「 Then, do you want to stop? I don’t mind either way 」

「 No, please continue. I’ll do my best 」

Hinako takes off her clothes timidly.

She removes the cord tied around her Kantoui, then she lowered her skirt.

Then, she takes off the panty she made, and the thin shirt of hers.

Her somewhat translucent and smooth skin appears.

「 P-Please don’t stare too much, my body looks sloppy 」

「 Really? I think that it’s tight in the right places 」

I take off my clothes too.

I don’t feel embarrassed like Hinako

I got naked in one go.

Interestingly, I’m not erect.

I look at Hinako’s naked body, and yet my penis is only in a half-erect state.

There are two reasons.

First is that ever since coming to this island, I gained experience.

Before, I know nothing about a woman’s body and I was a virgin, but now, I have a sexual experience. Just once though.

Furthermore, I do lewd acts with girls other than Arisa and Hinako.

They’re not just squeezing it out but I also make them feel good.

My erection sensor is no longer oversensitive thanks to those experiences.

That said, it doesn’t help me escape from getting an erection.

After all, I’m facing an extremely cute bob haired girl.

I heard from Meiko that she’s received confessions several times a month.

And that girl’s naked, if this is an ordinary situation then my erection sensor reacting is inevitable.

There’s another reason.

That is…

「 If you feel embarrassed in the sea then you’ll die. If you want to dive, then ready yourself

「 Y-Yes! 」

-What we’re doing is not a sexual act, but free diving.

Hinako’s request was to dive into the sea together.

She had goggles on her bag, we can dive if she puts that on.

She saw me diving recently, and so she felt envious.

「 Even so, it’s weird, isn’t it? 」

No matter how much I look at her body, I don’t get erect.

Usually, I would think that I want to lick those nipples and such.

Right now, I don’t even have the fragment of that thought.

「 What’s weird? 」

「 Huh?!! No, nothing? 」

「 Really? 」

「 A-Anyway, let’s dive to the sea! 」

「 Yes! 」

This world doesn’t have wet suits

We don’t have bathing suit either, and so when we dive, we’re going in naked

As expected, not even the Asakura sisters could make bathing suits.

「 I’ll ask you beforehand, are you okay with big bodies of water? 」

「 I’m okay! I have good grades in swimming! And I also did snorkeling in middle school so I can equalize the pressure in my ears! 」

「 Then that should be okay 」

I moved my gaze away from Hinako.

To the small boat floating near the hideout.

It’s a boat made from trees cut down before, and it could board three people in.

It’s a prototype of our goal of leaving the island someday.

「 Careful not to slip 」

To get on the boat anchored in the dead end, we need to get down a ladder.

「 There’s only one oar available 」

I noticed that we lack oars in the boat.

The intention was to row with two persons, but there’s only one prepared.

「 I’ll row 」

「 No, I’ll do it. Preserve your stamina 」

「 Thank you, Shinomiya-san 」

I row the oar from the left side and turned the boat.

Confirming that I’m facing the sea with my back, I move the oar to the right.

The boat slowly moved.

「 Hinako, can I step on you? 」

I asked as I begin rowing

「 Huh? You want to step on me? 」

「 Yeah. No special meaning on that. It’s just easier to row that way 」

There’s a simple trick to rowing oars, what’s important is to row with your whole body.

If you use just your arm, you’ll get fatigued immediately, but if you use your whole body, it won’t be that much.

Therefore, people who are good at oar rowing swing their body greatly while they row.

I want to row like that, but my feet slip.

Unable to put strength as my feet will slip, the boat has weak propelling force.

Therefore, if I can use Hinako as my stopper, then I can brace myself.

「 Okay 」

Hinako agreed.

「 If it hurts then just say it 」

I place my sole on top of her foot.

I knew it, it’s different than when I was rowing before.

「 It doesn’t hurt at all. Rather, it feels good 」

「 Getting a massage on the top of your feet feels good after all 」

We go to the sea at a nice speed on our boat.

The waves are calm so there’s no discomfort in moving.

「 Oh, Arisa’s over there 」

「 Oh, it’s true 」

I see Arisa from far away.

She’s sitting on a cliff that looks like a natural embankment stretching out to the ocean.

She’s holding the bamboo pole that Meiko and I improved.

「 Thanks to that bamboo pole, you can also fish in the sea 」

「 Before, we couldn’t fish them at all, it’s amazing 」

Arisa changed from river fishing to sea fishing.

The difference was primarily thanks to the length of the string.

I made the reel for the sea-fishing use rod.

Then, Meiko created a strong string for that.

「 She noticed us 」

「 This is somewhat embarrassing 」

「 She doesn’t mind at all 」

Arisa waves her hand.

「 Free Diving? That’s great! 」

I hear Arisa’s voice.

She shouts loudly.

She probably won’t hear us if I just reply with my normal voice.

「 I know right?!!!!! 」

I replied shoutingly too.

Hinako’s surprised as I shouted all of a sudden.

Her body twitches while saying “wawawawa”

「 Don’t flirt while naked out there!!!! 」

「 We’re not!!!! 」

That exchange was bad.

Although, it’s what I expected.

A scene of flirting in the boat.


When I thought of that, it’s already too late.

「 Shinomiya-san, uhm 」

「 Aah 」

Hinako and I looked at the same spot.

In there is my fully erect penis.

It got big in an instant.

「 Sorry, Arisa said something weird, so it reacted 」

「 No, it’s okay, it’s okay. Putting that aside, is that going to be okay, Shinomiya-san? 」

Hinako asks while blushing.

「 It’ll be fine, but this is somewhat embarrassing 」

「 Me too. It’s my first time seeing a man get big there 」

Hinako gazes at my erect penis.

My desperate attempt to calm it down backfired.

My delusions accelerated and it doesn’t show signs of calming down.

Then, I blurted out something stupid.

「 I-If you’re interested, then why don’t you touch it? 」

I remembered that line during Mana’s first hand-job on me.

After that, Mana did squeeze me out with her hand, but…

「 No, well, uhm 」

Hinako’s reaction is a little different.

She’s noticeably confused, she’s fidgeting.

It’s a natural reaction.


「 Can I touch it just for a bit? 」

She took my invitation.

「 S-Sure, j-just a little bit 」

「 O-Okay, just a bit 」

Hinako stretches out her hand and touched my penis.