Easy Survival Life Chapter 036 Shark Arrives (R18)



She touched it for a moment then stopped right away.

「 Arisa-san shouldn’t see it, right? 」

「 It should be okay. We’re far from her, and she can only see Hinako’s back from there. 」

「 Then that’s okay, but… 」

「 Putting that aside, Hinako, you’re good at this 」

「 Does it feel good? 」

「 Honestly, it’s irresistible 」

Hinako’s giving me a handjob.

I’m padding the oar and she’s stroking my penis.

We’re doing group work, heading to our destination on our boat.

Somehow, the speed of this boat is much slower than earlier. It’s clearly slow. Don’t mind it.

「 Can you get a little bit more intense? 」

「 O-Okay 」

Hinako takes off her left hand and switched to her right hand.

Her right hand is much stronger and it’s much faster at stroking.

The pleasure going through my penis is also getting intense.

「 Well then, we’ve arrived at our destination, but… 」

We arrived at our freediving point at the perfect timing.

What’s left is to gather some turban shells and ear shells without stint.

But, before that.

「 We can’t go through like this. Do you know why? 」

「 I know 」

Our gaze turns to my erect penis.

「 So, you know what to do next, right? 」

「 Yes 」

Hinako’s right-hand gets even more intense.

「 Yes, that. You’re doing good 」

I lay down the oar.

With both my hands-free, I start my attack.

I stretched out my hand and brought it closer to Hinako’s mouth.

Then, I inserted my finger in her mouth.

I didn’t say anything yet she knows what I want.

「 Hmm, hmmm 」

Hinako licks my middle and index finger.

Then, I touched her nipple with the fingers smeared with her saliva.

Hinako’s nipples are very small.

Even so, it’s sensitive, that a simple brush made her gasp.

「 You can’t do that, Shinomiya-san 」

「 It would be a waste if I’m the only one feeling pleasure, right? 」

「 But, uhm…thank you..ahn! 」

Hinako goes for my penis, and I attack her nipples.

Noticing that I’m about to ejaculate in a flash, I moved to the next stage.

「 We can’t get the boat dirty, right? 」

「 You mean? 」

I look at Hinako’s mouth.

She half-opened her mouth and show a glimpse of her cute tongue.

「 It means using your mouth 」

「 O-Okay 」

Hinako slowly changed pose.

She slowly switched on all fours and approached my penis with her face.

Then, she holds my erect penis in her mouth.

「 It’s coming out soon 」

「 Fua, fuahii 」

I guide Hinako’s back of her head with my left hand.

I stroke my penis with my right hand while in that state.

「 Oooh! Ooooh!! 」

As expected, my right-hand gets the catch more than anyone else.

I give it a light stroke and my semen blows out.

「 Cumming! Ugh 」

I released semen on Hinako’s mouth.

I looked at the heavens with a look of ascension in my face and my mouth agape like a goldfish short of oxygen.

The overwhelming pleasure…this is how it feels to ejaculate inside the mouth.

「 Ngu, ngugugu, nguu 」

Hinako who’s freed from my penis looked at me with her cheeks filled up.

It seems that she’s waiting for me to decide on what to do with the semen in her mouth.

「 We have the sea below us you know? 」

「 !! 」

「 You want to spit it out of the sea? 」

Hinako shakes her head.

「 Then, you know what to do, right? 」

Hinako nods, and then drank my semen.

The woman drinks the semen I let out.

That appearance is something I’d watch over and over again.

「 Shinomiya-san, uhm, about this… 」

「 I know. I won’t tell anyone. It’s our secret 」

「 Y-Yes! 」

「 That felt amazing. Thank you 」

「 Me too, thank you 」

「 If you’d like, then can I ask you to take care of it again next time? 」

「 I-If you’re okay with me, then sure 」

Hinako looks down bashfully.

That appearance is so cute that my withered penis revived.

However, we can’t take it easy anymore.

「 Well then, why don’t we take a dip? 」

「 Yes! 」

We entered the sea equipped with our goggles.

As usual, the middle of the sea is beautiful, it’s got plenty of resources too.

In addition to turban shells and ear shells, it also got a lot of splendid Iwagaki oysters.

Hinako’s excited from seeing it that she gathers them happily.

We’re free to take it but we didn’t grab any of the oysters.

Oysters have a strong image of having some norovirus so we’re just being double cautious.

(You’re good at handicrafts, and you’re also a great diver)

Hinako’s confident statement said that she’s strong in the ocean.

If she’s not in charge of handicrafts, she will definitely be in charge of the sea.

I can see that she can dive into the sea smoothly.

(We should go back)

Hinako happily gives a hand sign in return.

Hinako follows obediently, and we go back to the surface.

At that moment, something surprised us.

「 「 !! 」 」

Hinako and I noticed it at the same time.


The being that approaches us…

(It’s a shark)

A shark is approaching us.

It’s going to us at a full speed.


Hinako spits out most of her breath.

She’s losing her mind from the surprise appearance of the shark.

Earlier, she had a lot of composure, but she’s about to drown now.

(This is bad)

I carried Hinako and swim to the surface.

「 Shark! The shark is coming! Shinomiya-kun! We have to run! 」

Hinako shouts as we surface to the sea.

She’s completely shaken up.

「 Calm down, it’s okay. Get up first. I’ll deal with the shark 」

「 No way?! It’s a shark! It’ll eat you 」

「 I’m telling you, it’s okay. Just get in the boat first 」

「 O-Okay, I understand 」

Anyway, Hinako gets on the boat

Then, I wait for the approaching shark.

(I knew it, it’s a sandbar shark)

There are various species of shark.

One of them is this gentle shark named sandbar shark.

They’re not attacking us as long as we don’t frighten it.

I played with the shark in the sea.

I’ve had several experiences with them so it’s not that hard.

We rub our cheeks together, I stroke its fins, and eventually, straddled her.

「 See? I told you it’s okay. 」

「 You’re riding a shark! It’s amazing! Shinomiya-kun! 」

「 If you face the sandbar shark imposingly then they’re not scary 」

I took the harpoon in the boat and then dive into the sea once again.

The shark sticking at the ship’s bottom is waiting.

(There we go)

I stabbed a fish with my harpoon.

At that moment, the shark reacted.

It noticed the smell of blood.

(Here, food)

I give the approaching shark a fish present.

The shark stuffed its mouth then rubbed its cheeks with mine.

Then, it disappeared into the sea.

「 Now that’s done 」

I get back up to the boat.

「 It’s tiring in the sea so let’s go back while we have time 」

「 ………… 」

Hinako’s staring at me, not saying anything.

「 Hm, what’s wrong? 」

「 Shinomiya-san… 」

「 W-What? Are you holding back your piss? If you do it on the sea nobody will notice- 」

「 That was so cool! 」

「 What? 」

「 Shinomiya-san in the sea is so cool! 」

Hinako’s face is blushing as she speaks.

Seems like playing with the shark had a great impact on her.

「 Thanks. But, I’m not a great guy. They often tell me that I’m a perv 」

「 But still, it’s cool. I think you’re wonderful 」

Hinako touches my withered penis.

It got erect in an instant from touching.

「 I’ll do this while we’re going back to the hideout on boat 」

Hinako strokes my penis.

I said nothing but “yeah,” with a face of trance.

Then, I stopped the boat when I’m about to ejaculate and Hinako held it in her mouth.

It’s the second ejaculation for today, and yet, the amount didn’t decline.

(Seems like my distance with Hinako shortened a lot)

Hinako’s able to talk to me normally now.

Though I’d say that she’s accustomed to me, she had the shy face so far.

And now…

(Now Arisa’s the only one left…)

Arisa’s the only girl who hasn’t squeezed me out.