Easy Survival Life Chapter 044 Reason of Displeasure



After sending off Mizuno, I started the scheduled skill measurement.

The first was setting a fire.

I’ll teach them the tailspin and bow drill method and make them set fire.

We’re starting with the simple bow drill method, and then after that, the tailspin method.

「 Muscle! 」

「 Oh! Takahashi-kun’s the first one to finish, it’s surprising 」

「 Thanks, Eri-san. Muscle! 」

Surprisingly, Muscle Takahashi’s excellent in setting fire.

As expected of a rank three in Sumeragi’s team. He’s not just muscle.

「 It’s on fire! 」

A little later than Takahashi, Sofia also ignited hers.

She’s slower than anyone in bow drill, but she was faster in a tailspin.

「 Now Amane and Yoshi Okada are left 」

Karin mutters like it’s unexpected.

We all agree with her.

「 Yoshi Okada’s in the bottom ranks so I get it, but… 」

I’m surprised that Amane’s finding it hard.

To think that Amane’s not skilled in starting a fire.

「 There’s no fire starting in their guerrilla warfare training it seems 」

「 There was, but I was just useless in anything but combat. Putting that aside, shut up distractions 」

Amane’s visibly irritated.

She’s gritting her teeth, moving the stick desperately.

However, the stick point shows no signs of igniting.

Even if she blows it to bring it to life, there’s still no change.

「 I’ve been the one setting the fire on so far 」

Sofia said.

Now I get why she’s fast at starting a fire using the tailspin method.

「 I’ve done it! Over 」

Yoshi Okada’s third.

He’s happy, but you can’t call it fast even as flattery.

He’s just better compared to Tanaka and Kageyama, who are both 5th ranked when it comes to lighting up their first fire.

「 That’s enough. Yoshi Okada and Amane need more devotion. You two will train again after dinner tonight 」

「 I failed so I can’t disagree with that 」

Amane is clearly frustrated.

She’s feeling disappointed, hanging her head, and hiding her face with her long black hair.

After that, the skill check went smoothly it ended without problems.

「 I can now see your skills 」

Muscle Takahashi’s comprehensively skilled.

Contrary to his outward appearance, his fingers are dexterous that he’s perfect at making fire and traps.

On the other hand, he’s bad at skills where you do the same thing over and over.

The monotone work that Tanaka’s doing.

He’s done poorly in making earthenware and bronze.

But, it’s best to expect his muscles to do transport work.

Then, Sofia’s an all-rounder compared to Takahashi.

While she doesn’t have any outstanding skills, she can handle any task.

She’s also very intelligent. Perhaps that’s because she’s the daughter of the world’s leading CEO.

No matter what work you ask her to do, she won’t have any hardships as she has the fundamental knowledge.

While these two are excellent, the other two were less than flattering.

Yoshi Okada’s horrible.

It’s like watching Tanaka on his first day in our group.

He’s bad at anything, that he has no specialty at all.

Tanaka’s even appraising Yoshi Okada as “Someone like me”

Then, lastly, Amane.

When it comes to skills, she’s worse than Yoshi Okada.

She’s bad at everything else other than combat.

She’s bad at starting a fire, bad at production work, and even bad at making traps.

Even so, if you compare Yoshi Okada and Amane, then Amane’s clearly better.

After all, Amane’s combat skills are flawless.

For example, when hunting, she doesn’t need traps.

She foresees the animal movements and she hunts them down easily by wrapping them around.

Therefore, even if she’s bad at making traps, it doesn’t affect her results in hunting.

And for that reason, Amane can be counted as a success, as long as she can start a fire.

After a long day of skill testing, it was time for dinner at the hideout.

「 Shinomiya-dono, can you entrust Yoshi Okada to me? 」

Tanaka said.

「 I was planning on sending him on a one-to-one lesson with Karen but sure, I’ll let you do it Tanaka 」

「 I prefer to be with Karin-oneesama, over 」

Yoshi Okada raised his hand.

That “Karin-oneesama” was just his way of expressing a joke, probably.

But unfortunately, it didn’t click with the people here.

「 Let’s wait until you can do minimum work before we start talking about luxuries 」

Meiko retorts coldly.

Mana and Arisa show a wry smile after that straight fireball.

I also thought “Try to be a bit kinder with him.”

Even so, Meiko’s quite thorny.

I know that she’s already quiet, but she’s much quieter this time.

And then when she just speaks up, it’s just a cold retort like now.

Even when we were checking their skills, she cools down the mood when she speaks.

「 Meiko, you feeling bad? 」

It worries me so I asked.

It’s clear to everyone that she’s displeased.

There should be a reason for that.

「 Not really 」

Meiko’s reply is cold.

「 Meiko’s a bit uneasy right now 」

Arisa says while smiling.

Seems like she knows.

As to why Meiko’s displeased.

「 Arisa, mind doing that in front of the boys? 」

Mana speaks straight.

「 Besides, we’re cooking right now 」

Eri states her displeasure.

「 What’s up? What’s going on? 」

I didn’t get what it meant.

No, it’s not just me.

The other boys don’t understand it either.

「 Let’s enjoy the meal for now. I’ll tell you later 」

Karin settled everyone down.

As expected, she also knows the reason why Meiko’s displeased.

I nodded to Karin and filled myself with Eri’s cooking.

「 Hokage, come here 」

After dinner. Karin called me.

「 I’ll be in charge of cleaning up 」

「 No, Tanaka-kun, you’ll come with me, will you? I want to talk to you 」

Eri called Tanaka.

「 Eri-dono?! Me?! Of course, I will! 」

Tanaka happily follows Eri and disappears inside the hideout.

I know the reason why Eri called Tanaka.

It’s to say that she doesn’t love him back.

「 Then I’ll take over the cleanup, over 」

「 I’ll also help out! Muscle! 」

「 Me too! 」

The other boys took the initiative and cleaned up

「 I’ll sleep 」

Meiko, the one in displeasure, goes to bed.

Seems like she won’t bathe either.

「 We’ll go take a bath. 」

Mana brings the other girls to the lake.

「 This place will do 」

Karin stopped in a deserted spot inside the hideout.

Usually, in this situation, we’d be making out already.

Kissing, taking off each other’s clothes, teasing, basking in pleasure.

However, that didn’t happen.

「 It’s about Meiko 」

Karin gets straight to the point.

「 She seems like she’s displeased, what happened? 」

「 It’s not that something happened, it’s not like someone did something either 」

「 Then, what’s going on? Why is she angry? 」

Karin looked straight into my eyes and said “Well, you see”

「 She’s menstruating 」

「 Huh? 」

After a moment of surprise. I muttered “Oh”

It was slow, but I got it.

「 It’s not just Meiko, but the other girls and me too, It’s part of our physiology. You get what menses means, right? 」

「 In a sense, yes. But I don’t know much about the details 」

「 It’s an individual difference when it comes. Eri and I are light so we don’t change much when menstruating. Mana’s a bit heavy, but she hates to be exposed that she’s menstruating so she pretends to be okay. The other girls are unknown, but I think that Sofia’s light too. Amane’s Sofia’s bodyguard, so I think that she hides, like Mana 」

Now, this is a huge oversight.

Menstruation doesn’t exist in men so I didn’t think of that until now.

「 Basically, women want to take a rest until it ends. But, it’s embarrassing to tell men that we’re menstruating, and it’s hard to ask for a rest in this world 」

「 True, I didn’t think of that. Sorry 」

「 No, you’re not at fault, Hokage-kun. Only women understand this problem. So, next time, I’ll tell you when someone’s menstruating. Unless it’s urgent, give them a break, okay? 」

「 Of course 」

Karin smiled, saying “thank you,” then she glanced around her surroundings.

Then, after confirming that nobody’s there, she touched my crotch.

「 Since we’re already here, want to squeeze it out? 」

I just learned about menstruation now.

After introducing a new idea, I’ve grown as a leader.

If you ask me that question in that kind of situation, it’s a problem.

–nope, not really.

「 Yeah, I want to cum in your mouth tonight 」

I accepted Karin’s kind offer and had the best fellatio.