Easy Survival Life Chapter 045 Amane’s Loyalty



He left today so it’s natural that Mizuno’s not back tonight.

I have no way of checking his well-being, that’s the harshness of this world.

God only knows if Mizuno swam through safely.

26th day. August 13, Tuesday.

This day is different from the usual.


「 Eating Eri-dono’s food makes me happy! 」

Tanaka who shouts that line without getting tired is now quiet.

He’s just eating without saying anything. He was looking down.

Tanaka’s eyes are swelling red. He clearly cried.

「 Hokage-kun, how’s the breakfast today? 」

「 Delicious as usual. It’s great 」

「 Thanks 」

Eri doesn’t have the energy either.

She shows a happy smile usually, but she’s looking blank today.

She talks to me because she’s feeling awkward with the silence.

Everyone knew, including the four newcomers.

Eri rejected Tanaka and Tanaka cried.

I don’t know the exact details of what happened.

However, I’m sure that she turned him down.

「 Don’t make such a face! You’re just broken-hearted 」

Arisa tries to console Tanaka.

「 W-Why would you say that? What do you understand, Nikotama-dono 」

Tanaka’s voice is trembling, tears gather in his eyes.

Arisa grabs Tanaka’s shoulder saying “Being so hesitant isn’t manly”

「 Tanaka, you can take a rest today. If you want, tomorrow too 」

I’m being considerate.

「 I’m okay 」

「 Sure 」

Tanaka’s work is inside the hideout.

He smashes shells and makes olive oil, all the various work.

And, Eri’s work is mostly inside the hideout too.

I can imagine the atmosphere becoming awkward.

Yesterday, he mentioned that he’ll look after Yoshi Okada.

With how things are going, I think that I should rely on Karin.

「 Well then, we’re done with our skill test, so we’re going to start working from now on 」

I instructed them the task I planned yesterday.

Mana’s in charge of ingredient procurement, Arisa’s fishing, Eri’s cooking, and making preserved foods today.

Tanaka will train Yoshi Okada, and Kageyama’s going to do scouting.

As for Sofia and the group.

「 I’ll have you learn handicrafts 」

「 Handicrafts? 」

「 Yes. It’s Meiko and Hinako’s specialty right now but I want Sofia to be working on it too. Hinako will be your tutor. Do you mind? 」

「 N-No, not at all! 」

Hinako replies cheerfully.

Though you can feel that she’s shy and nervous, she can talk normally.

「 Certainly. Please take care of me, Hinako-san 」

Sofia also agreed.

But, for some reason, Amane also nodded.

「 Shinomiya-kun, what about me? 」

Meiko asks.

「 Meiko, you’ll rest for four days 」

「 I’m the only one resting? 」

「 It’s a comprehensive judgment on my side, but do you have any complaints? 」

I won’t say that she’s taking a rest because she’s on her period.

It’s crucial that you don’t touch the topic.

Karin taught me.

「 I feel awkward that I’m the only one resting 」

「 Then, do some cleaning. Dump off the leftovers to the sea, and also, clean up the bathtub. You’re free to do what you want after that 」

「 Okay. Thanks, Shinomiya-kun 」

「 No, I actually should say sorry for not being considerate 」

Meiko smiled and said “That’s not true”

The other girls also smiled, saying “well done”

Seems like giving those instructions to girls on their period was the right choice.

「 What’s left is Muscle Takahashi and Amane, I’d like you two to hunt for animals. Amane’s going to hunt, and Takahashi will transport them. Wild boars are heavy but Takahashi sure can carry one 」

「 I can carry about five without problems! I don’t think I can carry more than that because of the size, rather than the weight, Muscle! 」

As expected of a bodybuilder. That’s reliable of him.

On the other hand, Amane;

「 I refuse 」

She refused, unexpectedly.

「 「 「 「 Eh? 」 」 」 」

We’re all confused.

「 Did you not hear me? I refuse 」

Amane’s tone is harsh, but she’s not angry.

I already know that’s her default mode.

「 Why do you refuse? Wait, are you? 」

I won’t ask her if she’s menstruating.

But, Amane should know what I’m trying to say.

In fact, she knew, and she shook her head.

「 Even so, I refuse 」

「 But why? 」

I’m not going to say okay right away.

I’m the leader in this place so she’ll have to follow me.

We already talked about that beforehand.

「 I’m Sofia-sama’s bodyguard. And so, I can’t go far from Sofia-sama

I see.

So that’s why she nodded when I gave Sofia her job.

I was thinking that she’s also going to learn handicrafts.

「 Can we do something about that? 」

「 I can only allow it if Sofia-sama’s safety is definite 」

That’s a problem.

I can understand her point.

I can’t just ask her to leave either.

That said, I can’t just have her working with Sofia.

Considering their skills, that’ll drop the labor effectiveness considerably.

「 Then, how about we do this? 」

Sofia broke the balance.

「 When Amane’s working outside, I swear not to leave the hideout. From handicrafts to cooking, I think that there are a lot of things I can do inside the hideout so I can contribute without going outside. I think that there should be no problems with Shinomiya-sama and Amane with that 」

I have no objection to that compromise.

「 I don’t mind. I plan on asking Sofia to do mainly handicrafts. Tanaka will be teaching Yoshi Okada, so someone has to cover the work Tanaka does in the hideout. I can entrust that to Sofia too 」

「 However, Sofia-sama 」

Amane’s still discontented.

「 Amane, I won’t allow further selfishness 」

Sofia speaks strictly.

「 I can understand how you feel, I am grateful and respectful that you maximize my security normally. However, going further than that in the current condition will be stubborn. If you join a village, you follow their laws. We’re now in Shinomiya-sama’s team so we need to find a compromise 」

「 Certainly 」

Amane glared sharply at me.

AS I was thinking of that, she bowed her head to me.

「 Shinomiya Hokage, I’m sorry for the tantrum 」

「 I don’t mind 」

「 I’ll take the duty of hunting. However, I just want one last thing 」

「 What is it? 」

「 I’ll entrust the wild boar and rabbits to Takahashi. Using traps on animals should yield enough. I don’t think he needs me to accompany him 」

「 I don’t mind, but, what will you do then, Amane? 」

「 Well, I’ll let you decide, Shinomiya Hokage. The animals I’ve confirmed to be inhabiting this island are wild birds, cattle, deer, horse, sheep, hippopotamus, cheetah, lion, tiger, and zebra. You can pick among them and I’ll hunt them 」

She just added cheetah and lions like it’s natural for her.

I almost fell off due to surprise.

「 Do you remember their locations? Which animals are in which locations 」

「 Of course. However, among them are animals who are unsettled. For example, deer and cheetah. Maybe I might not be able to hunt those today 」

「 I see. If that’s the case, you don’t have to hunt today, I’ll ask you to guide me. I’ll come with you so tell me which animals inhibit which locations 」

「 Certainly 」

That’s huge information.

Especially cattle and deer, also, horses and sheep are great.

They’re good ingredients, and they’re also useful for leather goods.

「 Any other objections? 」

「 「 「  …………  」 」 」

I nodded.

「 We’re on our 26th day. August 13, Tuesday. Our work begins! 」

「 「 「  Oooh!!!  」 」 」

I didn’t know yet…

THat, something unexpected will happen.