Easy Survival Life Chapter 047 Knight in Shining Armor



With Sofia and the newcomers, three of them are war potential.

Sofia, Muscle Takahashi, are immediate assets, and Amane’s also substantial.

In Amane’s case, she can’t light up a fire, but she immediately mastered it.

She got the hang of it the night when we had sex, and she’s done it the next day.

As for the other various work, she gave up on that.

Her work is mostly hunting and scouting so there’s no need.

Yoshi Okada’s a hard one.

There are no results in Tanaka’s guidance because he’s still depressed after Eri rejected him.

Karin swapped in as the instructor, but still, nothing.

That said, Yoshi Okada’s also growing.

Everything is just below average, and he remembers a whole lot of the work itself.

Although, since all of them are below average, I can’t assign work to him yet.

At worst, he has to work as an underling of the monkey army.

「 Yoshi Okada, speaking of which, what’s that book you’re reading 」

Day 30. August 17, Saturday.

Today’s a holiday. I asked Yoshi Okada as he’s reading an ebook in the hideout.

We’re the only ones here, everyone else was free to enjoy their vacation.

「 Books related to boat design, over 」

「 You can make a boat design? 」

「 I only have the knowledge, but I want to make my own plan someday, over 」

「 So, can you make plans for a house too? 」

「 If writing a blueprint, then I can. over 」

「 That’s great. By the way, show me that ebook reader 」

「 Okay, over 」

I borrowed the ebook reader from Yoshi Okada.

It’s solar rechargeable so the battery is still max

「 How do you operate this? 」

It’s my first time touching an ebook reader.

Even I know that this device is a high-end product.

A normal one costs 10k or 20k, but this one costs over 500k.

Much more expensive than a large high-end TV.

Since I don’t know much about it, it means that it’s different from the cheap ones.

「 You flip it the same way with paper, over 」

Yoshi Okada didn’t mind the awkward movement.

If I was in his place, I would definitely be worried that my super-high-class item would break.

Seeing all the high-class items in his bag, this guy must be rich.

「 I see. I didn’t get anything at all 」

It was easy to use the tablet.

However, the contents of the books are all incoherent to me.

It contains a lot of difficult topics about design and words that make no sense to me.

I handed it back to him, saying thanks.

「 If you like design stuff, then maybe I should leave that work to you 」

「 You want me to do planning?! 」

Yoshi Okada’s excited.

「 ………… 」

I got silent.

His excitement wasn’t what surprised me.

I just thought that he wasn’t doing the usual.

Yoshi Okada noticed.

Embarrassed, but he ended his sentence with “Over”

「 It also means that the threat of the Sumeragi team will be away. We don’t need to be secretive about the hideout anymore. I thought that it might be a good idea to build a house as a vacation home so that we can build a fine sailing ship 」

We all are cheering for Yoshi Okada.

Tanaka’s also overflowing with inspiration.

Even if he doesn’t do it well, when motivated, you’d want to support them.

That’s why I assigned him to the planning job.

It’s already in the plans to make a house or a boat, so we need a plan.

Well, if it’s just a dugout, there’s no need to make a plan, but…

If Yoshi Okada can make plans, then I’d like to live in a raised-floor-style home.

It’s much saner than assembling wood based on guesswork.

「 Thank you very much! I’ll do my best, Over 」

「 Of course, you’ll still be trained for each task as before. We’ll train you in the morning and you can make blueprints in the afternoon. You probably consider those you don’t see a problem, but do make a plan for a raised house, in caution for mice and other harmful animals 」

「 Got it, over 」

Yoshi Okada’s planning skills are still unknown.

He’s happy that he’s being put to good use, so he doesn’t mind.

if would be better if he maintains that motivation with his planning work.

Unlike in Tanaka’s time, Yoshi Okada had no one of his kind.

Tanaka had his friend, Kageyama, who licks his wounds.

That’s a huge difference.

The situation where you clearly see that you’re at the bottom is distressing.

This is especially true for those who are motivated, like Yoshi Okada.

Therefore, let’s take measures before they torment themselves.

「 Well then, what’s left is… 」

I went out of the hideout and to the sea.

On the coast is a man gathering seashells.

The man with such a melancholic back is…

「 You’re still making a gloomy face 」

「 Shinomiya-dono 」


Tanaka Mantarou. 18.

The glasses guy, president of the manga club.

He fell for Eri, but she rejected him.

Since then, he’s been making that dark face.

He’s not venting it out on anyone, nor rampaging.

He just lost his cheerfulness.

「 Stop working and let’s talk 」

「 I want to be left alone, especially Shinomiya-dono 」

「 Why especially me? Let’s go talk, okay? 」

「 Gununu, it can’t be helped 」

Tanaka packs the seashells in his school bag and sat down.

I sat next to him.

「 What did Eri tell you? 」

I asked him bluntly.

Tanaka’s exchange was unclear to me.

Nobody asked, neither did I.

All I know is that Erica said “I rejected him clearly”

「 It’s got nothing to do with Shinomiya-dono 」

「 Sure, I don’t. But you see, it makes me worry if you keep making that gloomy face. I’m not trying to tell you to force yourself to act cheerful. It’s okay to feel down. You’ve been working hard. That’s why, if you really can’t talk about it then sure, but, if you have something you want to let out, then talk about it 」

「 ………… 」

If Tanaka abandoned his work because he’s broken-hearted, then I would be angry.

However, he’s been working hard without slack since his heartbreak.

Far from that, he’s working much more efficiently compared to before.

Putting the guidance on Yoshi Okada aside, he’s doing well in other work.

I’m not angry at Tanaka.

It’s my genuine emotion that wants to bring their spirit back.

「 Kageyama-dono and I are called the Otakus… 」

After a while of silence, Tanaka started speaking.

「 Falling for just a bit of kindness from women, isn’t that stupid? 」

「 Right 」

「 However, I never fell for a woman before 」

「 Are you gay? 」

Tanaka shouted, “No I’m not!”

「 Kageyama-dono and I are otakus, so we’re attracted not to 3D women, but to 2D. It may be disgusting, so I don’t think you have to understand. But, we’re that kind of people 」

「 I see 」

「 But, I fell in love with a 3D girl for the first time 」

「 And that’s Eri 」

「 Yes. Eri dono is an angel. Her looks and voice are cute, and when we’re working together, she listens to my stories. Even though it’s mostly anime and manga topics that she’s not interested in. I knew that it was not gonna bear fruit, I’m not worthy of it. Even so, I fell for Eri-dono 」

I didn’t talk.

I couldn’t come up with an appropriate response.

I listen to Tanaka in silence.

「 But, my thoughts are fruitless. As expected, Eri-dono rejected me. Shinomiya-dono already knows that 」

「 Yeah 」

「 There’s no helping about the rejection. It’s no wonder that she beat me before I could confess. Eri-dono and I are friends, allies, cannot become lovers. I’m okay with that. I know that. I can understand that. But still, isn’t that too much? 」

It’s finally the main issue.

It’s time for Tanaka to express his feelings.

「 Of all people, Eri-dono’s in love with Shinomiya-dono 」

「 Huh? But I don’t have that kind of relationship with Eri 」

「 It’s because Shinomiya-dono hasn’t realized it. Eri-dono clearly stated that she has romantic feelings for Shinomiya-dono.

Shinomiya-dono’s such a great leader, but you’re slow when it comes to women. Starting with Eri-dono and the other women are in love with Shinomiya-dono. Isn’t it too silly that you haven’t noticed it! And I get to see that every day! Eri-dono’s making that face of a woman to Shinomiya-dono, and never to me. It’s not that you’re at fault, Shinomiya-dono. Eri-dono’s not at fault either. But it’s impossible to change the situation with my feelings! Of course! 」

Tanaka rambles his anger.

His face is flushed, showing his veins.

「 No, well, uhm 」

It’s all too surprising that I couldn’t talk.