Easy Survival Life Chapter 051 Farmland and Rice and… (R18)



Day 34. August 21, Wednesday.

We’re putting as much personnel to spare for preparations for rice cultivation.

「 Today, we’re making farmland and collect rice plant 」

I give instructions in the hideout after breakfast.

「 First is making farmland. Arisa, Karin, Tanaka, Muscle Takahashi, and Kageyama will till the land. Karin knows the specifics so follow her instructions 」

「 Uhyaa, it’s all boys over here! 」

Arisa’s surprised.

「 You need strength and stamina in making farmland. 」 I concluded that Arisa has the same strength as the boys. Do you not want that? 」

「 Oh, really? 」

I forced a smile, saying “There’s also another thing”

「 I also feel sorry that it’s just Karin over here 」

「 Meaning, I’m here to keep Karin from being excluded? 」

「 Correct 」

「 That’s cruel of you~ But I don’t mind, I’ll keep Karin safe! 」

I didn’t say it but it’s also to raise the morale of the boys.

Arisa’s inherent cheerfulness is popular with the boys.

It’s not love, but more of an idol existence.

If they’re with her, I’m sure that the boys will have their morale go up.

「 Gufufu, Nokotatma-dono, Niimi-dono, best regards 」

「 Tanaka, you’ve recovered now! You finally noticed that I’m better than Eri? Hey~ Hey~ 」

Arisa gave Tanaka a headlock for some reason.

Tanaka’s happy that his face is being pressed on her breasts.

Kageyama and Muscle, and Yoshi Okada muttered “I’m jealous.”

They got an erection.

「 Next, for rice plant collecting, this will be Mana, Eri, Yoshi Okada, and Hinako’s job 」

「 I don’t mind, but where do we find rice plants? 」

「 I’ll guide the way. I found a natural dry land rice plant 」

「 As expected of Shinomiya-san 」

Hinako clapped her hands.

I looked at her as I’m surprised from her response.

Then, Hinako looked down, blushing.

「 Dryland rice plant, what’s that? 」 Mana asked.

「 You see, it’s… 」

When I was about to answer, Eri came from the sides.

「 It meant a plantation 」

And said.

「 Do you know them? 」

「 It went on the Kanji test in the second year. It’s written as “Sufficient Plant,” right? Some write it as “Land Plant” So I remembered that. I looked up the meaning at that time 」

「 I see 」

We have that qualifying exam every year in our school.

It has Kanji, English, and other tests that I don’t know much about.

By the way, I get poor grades.

「 With that said, you’re all going to collect rice plants 」

「 「 「 「 Roger that! 」 」 」 」

「 Mana, if possible, can you ask your monkey army to renew the traps? The rabbit trap and falling rock trap were left alone 」

「 That’s not a problem 」

「 What do you mean? 」

「 The monkey army is voluntarily renewing the traps. I taught them how to process the caught rabbits so there’s no need to tell them now 」

Mana looked at Hinako.

「 I handed some rabbit hide to Hinako-chan the other day, right? Rita and the group peeled it off and took it here 」

「 They sure are amazing 」

I’m no match against the monkey army.

There’s also Rita who pissed at my face.

Back then, I thought that it was a shitty monkey, but now Rita’s doing a lot.

「 Then, please ask the monkey army to gather monkey as usual 」

「 Got it 」

Now the only people left are Sofia, Meiko, and Amane.

「 Sofia and Meiko, please continue doing handicrafts. Meiko can focus on her specialty, handicrafts, and Sofia can do whatever she wants depending on the situation inside the hideout. 」

「 Roger 」「 Certainly 」

「 Amane, we’re capturing a duck 」

「 Understood 」

Hearing my instructions to Amane, Eri speaks up in displeasure.

「 I have no experience in handling ducks though? 」

「 「 You don’t have to worry about processing ducks 」 」

Amane and I said in unison.

「 Amane’s processing the duck? 」

「 At least, I could make it edible 」

「 Are those skills you learned from your training combat too? 」

「 Yes 」

「 As expected of a combat pro 」

Eri nodded saying “Then there’s no problem”

「 There’s no problem in processing. But, we’re not capturing ducks for that 」

「 Really? 」

「 Actually, we’re releasing the ducklings to the farm. That way, they’ll eat the weeds and pests, and the farmland will be great even without chemicals. It’s the so-called duck farming 」

「 You can use ducks for that? That’s amazing 」

「 Hokage-kun sure knows a lot, 」 Karin said.

「 Those are just stuff linked to survival skills 」

「 What will we do with the duck after the crops are done? 」 Meiko asked.

I replied immediately.

「 We’ll eat them 」

「 「 「 「 Thought so 」 」 」 」

Eri muttered, “I kind of feel sorry for them”

That said, she won’t say “Don’t eat them”

She knows that this isn’t that kind of world.

「 Everyone, are there no objections with the roles? 」

Everyone nodded.

「 Good, let’s begin working! 」

We left our hideout in this bright and clear weather.

「 Ahn~ Ahn~ Aaah~ There! 」

A lewd voice echoes in the Asakura cave.

That’s Amane’s voice.

She’s naked, spreading her legs laying on a cold rock surface.

「 Doing it raw sure is amazing 」

I’m on top of Amane.

My penis is inside her pussy.

-We’re taking a short break now as we have plenty of time to catch ducks.

I swing my hips up and down, doing multiple thrusts with my penis.

My prided 20+cm long rod is relentlessly grinding her womb.

「 I want to have more fun but it’s almost time to cum 」

Amane holds her ears with her hand.

Then, she threw her hair disorderly.

「 Aaah, yes! Yes!! 」

Amane’s sticking out her tongue like a dog.

I sucked on her tongue and licked it.

「 I’m cumming inside 」

I say while swinging my hips intensely.

Amane nodded with a face of ecstasy.

「 「 Haa, haa, haa 」 」

We’re both breathing hot, and my time to ejaculate has come

Amane’s pussy tightened up at that moment.

She stretches her arms and legs and clings to me tightly.

I can sense that she won’t let go until I ejaculate.

「 Uuuu!!! 」

I ejaculated.

Plenty of semen pours deep inside her pussy.

The strength in my body, the fatigue that’s been building up, and all the hidden lust were drained away.

「 I can’t get enough 」

I exchanged kisses with the sweaty Amane and sucked on her breasts.

I pull out my penis while licking on her erect nipples.

I was fully erect earlier, but now It’s just a third of the size.

「 Phew 」

We stayed still for a while after ejaculating.

Then, intense drowsiness attacked me.

At the same time, all the lust in my body went away.

I reached sage mode.

「 We can’t go to sleep now, we still have to catch a duck 」

I stood up and put on my clothes.

Even I would say that I’m horrible, I didn’t give her a pillow talk.

Fortunately, Amane agrees with me.

「 You’re right 」

Amane said and followed me.

We put on the clothes that the Asakura sisters made that are on the ground.

She puts on her panty, skirt, shirt, and Kanto robe.

That goes for me, apart from the skirt, which is pants for me.

「 That was amazing, Shinomiya Hokage 」

「 Likewise 」

「 Well then, I’ll guide you to the ducks 」

「 Okay 」

I moved my gaze, saying “but first…”

I shifted my gaze from Amane’s face to her thighs.

「 Amane, legs 」

「 Legs? Oh 」

She noticed.

「 I’ve shown something clumsy 」

My semen’s dripping out of Amane’s thighs

Most of it is absorbed in her vagina but some have spilled out

Amane scooped it with her fingers and licked it off.

「 Let’s go 」

「 Yeah 」

We’ve caught our breaths now so let’s go get some ducks!