Easy Survival Life Chapter 007 A secret for the two of us (R18)



After the threat of the tiger went away, we’ve secured the cave.

Furthermore, the thread of tension we’re in cuts off.

Then, those that we forgot come back after waiting.

「 I’m hungry! 」

Arisa hangs her head as we’re inside the cave.

Everyone’s attacked by hunger, including me.

Our stomachs are growling.

「 Actually, I don’t want to move as soon as it’s dark but our hunger is unbearable. It can’t be helped, let’s look for food! 」

「 Ooh! Are we going to the river and start fishing? 」

Arisa makes a reeling gesture.

「 Making a rod takes time and so we have to eat mushrooms for tonight 」

「 Ugh, mushrooms? 」

「 It’s better than nothing, right? 」

「 Well, true, but still… 」

Arisa hangs her head again.

「 But, are mushrooms okay? There are poisonous mushrooms, right? 」

Karin asks.

「 You don’t have to worry about that. Knowing mushrooms is the basics of survival, I can see which are edible and which are poisonous. I’ve marked some while we’re walking so we just have to gather them 」

「 That’s reliable of you Hokage. Then, is it okay if we just gather twigs? We’ll need to set fire 」

Karin’s quite smart.

It helps to have people like her.

「 That would be a huge help. Although, I want someone to come with me 」

「 I’ll come with Hokage-kun 」

Eri raised her hand.

The other girls had no objections nor complaints.

「 We will be gathering nearby twigs

「 And if you have some time, get some mushrooms too. I’ll check if they’re okay or not later 」

Eri and I and the other three split our work.

Naturally, I have lights in my survival goods.

Though it’s small, it has an average luminance like the car headlights, furthermore, it’s long-lasting as it uses LED.

I used that to find ingredients in the forest dominated by the night.

「 There it is. Found one here too. This mushroom is elastic and delicious 」

I picked the edible mushrooms indiscriminately.

Then, I tossed it all to Eri’s bag.

We left the stuff in her bag back at the cave.

「 Hey, Hokage-kun 」

「 What? 」

「 Why do you use twigs on an open-fire? 」

「 Hmm, what do you mean? 」

「 Couldn’t we just use our textbooks? I mean, we also have a lighter 」

Eri and I both have lighters.

Mine is the pistol-look lighter used for setting a fire.

Eri’s got the ordinary lighter.

She carries it around just in case the sugar daddy she’s entertaining is a smoker.

「 You need to save up your stuff if you want to lengthen your survival 」

That said, I think we’re going to use a lighter for today.

I can use fire plow but it’ll take time since I’m still an amateur.

Therefore, we’ll use lighter for tonight and try using the primitive methods tomorrow.

「 There’s also the problem of time. This should be good enough 」

I harvested enough mushrooms for everyone’s stomachs.

I can still toss more into the bag but I’ll keep it to this much for now.

「 What’s left is for us to return to the cave with this 」

I stood up and head back to the cave.

「 Wait, Hogake-kun 」

Eri stopped me.

She puts down the bag and sticks her body to me.

「 W-What? 」

I can’t move.

When I noticed, my back is leaning on a tree,

「 Hogake-kun, do you remember when we took photos around the river? 」

Eri leans to me while asking.

「 That was just earlier, so yes. What about it? 」

「 When Arisa’s chest hits your face, you got erect, right? 」

「 Ugh 」

She’s right.

It’s embarrassing to say but I got an erection.

I never thought that Eri would see that.

「 I-I-I didn’t… 」

「 You don’t have to hide it. You’re a guy after all 」

Eri touches my pants.

She slowly unhooks the belt and lowers it down.

My briefs are exposed, then she pulled it down too.

My half-erect penis shows itself.

「 H-hey, what are you doing? 」

「 Currently, we have to depend on Hogake-kun to survive. Therefore, if Hokage-kun’s lust starts rampaging and started raping us, we have to accept it 」

「 T-That won’t happen 」

Eri holds my penis with her right hand.

I leaked out a groan of pleasure.

It’s my first time having a woman touch my penis.

Yes. I’m a virgin.

「 I trust you, but nobody knows what can happen in this place 」

Eri starts stroking my penis with a serious look on her face.

The stimulation is weaker compared to my hand but it’s much better.

My half-erect penis turned full-erect in no time.

「 And so I’ll extract it with my hand to make sure that you don’t rampage 」

「 Huh, no, but… 」

「 You don’t have to hold back. Just think of it as my way of thanks 」

「 Okay 」

I have no reason to refuse anyway.

Eri’s handjob is melting my hand.

I stopped thinking.

「 You do this when you date your sugar daddies? 」

「 Nope. I only touch them on top of their pants 」

「 This is amazing, considering that you’re not used to this 」

「 Hey! I’m telling you, it’s my first time touching a man’s penis. I’m not a slut like you think, Hokage-kun 」

「 No, I don’t think that you’re a slut 」

My sensitivity’s rising while we’re talking.

I have a long experience with masturbating and so I know when it’s coming.

「 Shit, I’m about to cum 」

「 Sure you can, but don’t smear it on my face or clothes. We can’t wash our clothes 」

「 I know 」

As soon as I saw Eri’s face, it’s rising up already.

She has such a cute face that my ejaculation came earlier than expected.

「 Shit! 」

My ejaculation’s coming sooner.

My thoughts go around as my semen waits for its release.

It’s gonna smear Eri’s face or clothes if this goes on.

This will become a big problem as soon as we get back to the cave.

That said, it would be hard to turn my penis to either side.

I can turn it to an angle in a hurry but it’ll still smear Eri.

「 Eri, sorry! 」

I decided at that moment. I’m going to cum inside Eri’s mouth.

「 Ngu! Ngugu!!! 」

My swelling penis released semen inside Eri’s mouth.

I can feel a huge amount of semen leaking inside her warm mouth.

My penis pulsed and withers…

Eri glares at me bitterly.

Then, she spat the semen from her mouth to the ground.

「 Defiling my mouth. Hogake-kun, you’re much pushier than I thought 」

「 Sorry, I had no other way of avoiding your face or clothes 」

「 I think that was a good call. It hurt me a little bit though 」

Eri carries the bag and goes back to the cave.

I put on my pants in a hurry and followed her back.

「 It’s a secret between the two of us, okay? 」

「 I know. Still, thanks 」

「 I’m the one who should say that. Be sure to keep us safe from now on 」

「 Of course. I’ll keep you safe, even if it costs my life 」

I’m an easy man, I thought.

But, that thought disappeared as soon as we stepped in the cave.

「 Ninja’s back! Nin nin! 」

「 Seriously? Hokage’s managing Mana and the girls 」

There’s another group other than Mana in front of the cave.

It’s the top of the class caste, the Sumeragi brothers, and their followers.