Easy Survival Life Chapter 008 Sumeragi Brothers



The Sumeragi brothers show me a vulgar smile

They’re not hostile, but it’s a condescending look.

「 We thought that it was a signal for rescue but it looks like it was Ninja’s smoke bomb. Oh well, we get to meet up with Mana and Arisa so it turned all right in the end

Sumeragi Reito, the fresh-looking Ikemen, said.

He’s the elder brother of the siblings.

「 To think that you have a smoke bomb in your bag, you’re a pervert 」

And that was the younger of the brothers, Byakuya.

Compared to the fresh look of his brother, he’s the wild type.

They’re twins so they have the same face, but their impression is way too different.

「 Isn’t that great, Hokage? There are more people. Furthermore, having Reito is reassuring 」

Mana says happily.

Arisa also shows the same kind of smile.

Karin and Eri show a complicated face.

「 Come join us. It’s better to have more people, right? 」

Reito said.

Then, the followers say “As expected of Reito-sama”

Taking a second look, they have a group of followers with them.

It’s the bullied guy from the Otaku group, Tanaka Mantarou.

He’s a small guy with glasses, he’s a timid guy.

「 Sure, I agree to have more people but what kind of plan do you have? I’ll decide once I know your plans when we’re together. If it doesn’t satisfy me then I don’t think I’ll follow 」

「 What did you say?! Don’t get cocky?! 」

Byakuya barks.

He’s got such a short temper.

Reito called Byakuya down.

「 I see. Hokage, you want to act on your own? 」

「 Correct 」

「 Then you don’t have to come with us. Go do whatever you want with this cave. If you changed your mind, you can come and join us. We’re on the northeast hill. We’re going to copy your smoke bomb and make smoke there. I’m sure that the helicopter will come soon 」

Reito talks fast.

He thinks that he should conclude the story as soon as possible.

「 Will there be a helicopter arriving? 」

「 They can’t contact us so they should be searching for us desperately. My smartphone is a special one and so they should be able to know wherever we are. It’s got a special signal after all. It’s a countermeasure against kidnapping. That’s why I’m sure that a helicopter rescue will come even if there’s no signal 」

「 I see 」

Reito thinks that we’re still on Earth.

If he’s right, then a helicopter will come.

However, if it’s as I guessed, no helicopter will come to us.

「 See you Hokage. Let’s go, Mana 」

Reito’s group heads back northeast.

However, Mana and the girls aren’t coming with them. So they stopped.

「 What’s wrong girls? 」

「 Sorry, Reito. I’m staying with Hokage. 」

「 Hey, Mana?! What do you mean by that?! 」

Byakuya barks for some reason.

「 I feel sorry to leave Hokage alone. Besides, we already worked hard together 」

Arisa agreed.

「 Besides, I’m going fishing tomorrow! I’m actually looking forward to that! 」

「 I will also follow Hokage-kun for now. Sorry, Reito-kun, Byakuya-kun 」

「 I have the same opinion. I hope you don’t take this wrong Reito 」

Mana’s group sticks with me.

Why would they stick with me? That’s something I don’t know.

I don’t know, but it seems like I’ve gained their faith after all the actions we’ve done.

And that makes me genuinely happy.

「 Are you girls sane? 」

As expected, Reito couldn’t hide his surprise.

His eyes keep on snapping as he looks at Mana’s face.

「 Besides, if we stay in this cave, Reito won’t abandon us, right? 」

Mana smiled.

「 Abandon? Me? 」

「 Yes. If Hokage’s the only one here, the helicopter might not wait for him. But if we’re with him, Reito will never leave us. Leaving women while you return home alive? That’s not worthy of the emperors of the Sumeragi group, right? 」

「 Guh 」

Reito bites his lips.

It looks like he’s going to abandon me as soon as the helicopter came.

Not that I care either way.

「 Okay. Do as you please 」

I’m the one who should be upset and yet Reito’s the one making that face.

He withdrew right away then head northeast.

「 Aniki? Are you sure?! Ninja’s taking away the great girls 」

「 He didn’t. I’m just letting them stay with him for now. Besides, we have more women with us. Furthermore, they’re much more obedient than the high-handed Mana 」

「 Right. Ehehe. I’m going to bang them once we return 」

I hear the whispers of the Sumeragi brothers in the forest.

Especially Byakuya’s vulgar laugh.

「 We’re in this forest and they all think is sex, unbelievable 」

Karin speaks with a fed-up tone.

「 Once you unmask them, they’re nothing but brutes. You know about my senior in my part-time work got raped in her workplace? That’s how men are 」

Arisa says “That was really horrible.”

「 Putting that aside, why don’t we eat mushrooms? Hokage-kun harvested a lot 」

Eri shows the contents of her bag.

「 To think that you’d bring up mushrooms at times like this, that’s lewd. Eri! 」

Arisa laughs.

Eri and Karin goes “the worst”

Mana and I show a bitter smile.

「 Hokage, we chose you. Not Reito, you 」

Mana bumps her fist on my chest with a serious face.

「 Don’t make us regret that choice, okay? 」

The other three show me a serious face too.

「 Leave it to me 」

I nodded and speak reassuringly.