Tales of a Seductress/Enchantress – A Guide

Well, given the length of this story I’ve found people forgetting what stuff does, myself included. So, here’s a quick guide of what Titles and Unique Skills do. I figure that normal skills are usually self explanatory. Clearly, I’ve written these novels by my teeth and occasionally things don’t work out as well as I hoped. Skill names, for example, has become a bit of a runaway train. I’m trying to rectify it this book with the introduction of arts which consolidate skills and advanced skills.

I’m still not sure how I want techniques to exist within the story. They still exist, I just haven’t been referring to them. I might need to make a list of all of her techniques, many of them haven’t been revealed after all the skill levels she gained between book 1 and book 2. However, I think a technique list will need to be added eventually. Also, let me know if you guys want/need a sexual position list.

I try to use the most common names for sex positions I can find, but even so, some positions end up kind of abstract. A time will come when she starts adding more positions and referring to previous ones, so let me know if I need to add positions to this list. It will definitely be a page NSFW, and as I’m not an artist, it’ll likely involve “borrowing” images. Let me know if you want it.

Warning: This list assumes you’re up to date with Tales releases. It may contain spoilers. 


Gang Banger: 5 Endurance 10 Damage Resistance 50% experience with two or more holes.
Lesbian Lover:  5 Endurance 10 Charm Resistance 2X Experience With Women
Solo Player:  5 Wisdom 10 Mental Resistance 25% Experience When Using Toys
Town Bicycle:  5 Endurance 10 Disease Resistance 10% extra experience per sexual partner beyond two in one day.
Rough Rider:  5 Strength 10 Pain Resistance 50% Experience when climax with anal sex.
Dragon Layer: 5 Wisdom 10 Damage Resistance 2X Experience with Dragons and Lower Lizards.
God Killer: 5 All Stats 10 All Resistance 50% Extra Experience
The Reborn: 50 Charisma 100 Mental Resistance 2X Experience on Beguiled Targets

Unique Skills:

Absorb (Active) During sexual intercourse, you can absorb a part of your partner’s lifeforce. Lifeforce can be used to restore mana, heal wounds, gain experience, and increase overall health.
All Nighter (Active) Restores some stamina to yourself or sexual partner using spell points. Only works during intercourse.
BDSM (Passive) Replaces (Masochist): allows you to ignore, redirect, or convert 75% of all pain into pleasure.
Beautification (Human, Passive) Increases level of attractiveness towards humans and demi-humans. Can only be set towards one species at a time.
Below the Belt (Passive)  Skills and spells activated during sex cannot be detected. Both castor and target must be engaged in intercourse with each other.
Black Widow (Active) Can only activate while engaging in intercourse. The person will acquire a counter. Death will occur in 14 days.
Cat’s Meow (Active) Repairs damage to any area you can lick.
Celestial Whip (Active) Summons a powerful otherworldly whip. Scaled to your level. Consumes sp continuously.
Charmless (Passive) Cannot be charmed.
Control (Passive) Your commands are more likely to be obeyed. You can ignore other’s commands at will.
Dreamer (Passive) Remain in control of your dreams. Easy lucid dreaming. Can earn experience in lucid dreaming equal to challenge.
Dream Walker (Active) Wake up and sleep at will.
Enhanced Positions (Passive) Add a multiple to experience gained based on the number of positions. Limit 3X
Eye of the Beholder (Active) You become more attractive to the target.
Fragant Passage (Passive) Always emit a pleasing smell.
Frenzy (Active) Releases a pheromone which bewilders and sexually excites everyone in range, inciting nonspecific sexual engagement. Can be used once a day.
Freshen Up (Active) Uses SP to clean butt and pussy. Improves smell and cleanliness. See Immaculate.
Fuck Buddy (Min, Passive) Select one person. Gain more experience with that person. Can only change selection once a day.
Fusion (Passive) You can breed with any species successfully.
Immaculate (Active) Replaces (Freshen Up): Can Clean Entire Body of all dirt and debris.
Lifebringer (Passive) Potions made by you with semen are more potent and have higher grades.
Limit Break (Active) Break the limits of your abilities. There is a price.
Lover’s Breath (Passive) Can go without breath during sexual activities. (30 minutes maximum)
Lover’s Trust (passive) During sexual intercourse, a lover is more likely to believe what you say.
Magical Accentuation (Active) Use mana to temporarily increase Charisma. Proportional to amount of mana used.
Many Titled (Passive) Can set a secondary title. The effects are half of the primary title. See Title Holder.
Masochist (Passive) 50% of all pain is converted to pleasure. See BDSM.
Mental Fortitude (Passive) Large Increase in mental resistance to embarrassing, debasing, and degrading events.
Monster Tamer (Active) Tame a monster. Chance is based on level of monster and level of charm.
Pheromone (Active) Releases a pheromone that can attract monsters and the opposite sex. Sexual stimulation increases during this period. Duration and strength dependent on level.
Phoenix Down (Active) Restores a lover to perfect health during intercourse.
Phoenix Rises (Passive) Rise from the ashes. (Appears to be one use only)
Possession (Active) Perform ritual during sex. Upon completion of the ritual, assume complete ownership of target. Their life is in castor’s hands. Target must give knowing consent to ritual.
Princess Kiss (Active) Kissing a target on the lips removes all status misalignments from target.
Rejuvenation (Active) Increase the targets seed quantity.
Restoration (Passive) Wounds heal twice as fast.
Rock a Bye (Active) 80% chance of putting partner to sleep during sex, consumes stamina.
Sanctuary (Active) Claim a home as a seductress. All abilities are enhanced. Leveling is increased 2X within home. Can only select a home once a year. Must reside in sanctuary one month a year.
Seduction (Active) Increases a target’s affection and loyalty, effects can be stacked.
Sex Paralysis (Active) Activating during sex will prevent other party from moving for duration of sex.
Sexual Experience (Passive) You can gain experience through sexual intercourse. New partners provide an experience bonus.
Sexual Saint (Passive) Endurance boosts x5 during sexual intercourse.
Stalker (Active) Watch a previous sexual partner. Can only use for 30 minutes once a day.
STD Immunity (Passive) Immune to all sexually transmitted diseases.
Title Holder (Passive) Replaces (Many Titled): Allows Three Titles to be set.
Voyeur (Passive) Watching sexual participants is the same as engaging in sex. Can use all abilities as if in sexual intercourse, including a reduced experience gain.