Tales of a Seductress – The Lost Chapter

This is a special Chapter 80 I released to my Inkstone readers, I changed a few words to make it fit for you guys. I thought TOAS fans may get a kick out of it, so here it is. You can also consider this the official announcement for the PDF. I’m just working on the final touches. It’ll be out on 11/14/18. The current goals are $100 gets it back to being released once a week here and on inkstone. $200 gets twice a week, and the max is $300 for three times a week. Naturally, I’m looking for those sales by 12/1/2018. If you just see it as a sale, I’m asking for 20-60 sales to increase the writing speed for Enchantress from the current rate of about twice a month. If it doesn’t sell? Well… I’ll have more time for PoC… and this story will still get releases, just slower.


I reached out and grabbed Min’s shaft, my hand working steadily up and down his cock. It was warm and hard between my fingers, and I loved the elasticity and feel. Well, I had created this cock myself with the help of Pratter and Sandor. This cock would feel exactly the way I wanted it to feel, and I made it feel exactly to my tastes. Just imaging the hard thing plunging into me already excited me. It was big, but not too big. It was hard, but no too hard. It was the perfect dick for my pussy.

“You know, Min, I’ve been thinking a bit.” I sighed as my fingers worked over his cock.

“Mm? Vesse?” Min asked cautiously.

I moved myself, swinging my leg up over Min and mounting him. His perfect cock was now sticking right up under my pussy, waiting to impale me. I lowered my hips until just the head touched, but didn’t slam it home. Instead, I teased the top of his cock with my pussy, squatting just enough so that it touched me, but didn’t penetrate. A wet strain of lust, although I couldn’t tell if it was his or mine, reached from his cock tip to my pussy lips. It was a visible conformation of how perfect our parts fit together.

“I realized…” I continued. “That a lot of people don’t tend to read author’s notes or my other posts and thus don’t know any information about this story.”

“Re-really?” Min was breathing hard, the teasing being too much for him, especially as I started playing with his nipples, on top of two clearly feminine mounds.

“Mm… so I reckon a lot of readers don’t know a lot of important details about my Tales as a Seductress.” I sigh, squeezing his nipples tightly in the way he liked and eliciting a pleasing gasp.

“Such as?” Min’s face scrunched, fighting the pleasure my body was giving him.

“For example, the pdf of this story will release on 11/14/2018, and the sales will influence the release of Tales of an Enchantress.”

“Vesse sell readers short, most know that.” Min blushed.

I finally dropped my hips down, letting that perfect cock slam into me. The warmth of it slid deep into my womb, and the feel was incredible enough my pussy trembled slightly in a mini-orgasm. That’s what I got for being so teasing. In the end, I was the one who was most aroused. However, Min was flushed and breathing hard as well, so clearly it was doing it for him.

“I’m not so sure they’re aware of the blog whatsawhizzer.wordpress.com, where the author translated Arifureta, wrote Requiem to the Stars and Time and Place, and don’t even get me started on his continuing series, Power of Creation and the World of Women, two very erotic and very different novels. Both have completed volumes that can be downloaded for free for all Patreon supporters.”

“Of course, Vesse… aaaaa… it’s tight.”

“Mmm, I’m not tight. Min is just too big.” I tease as I rise my hips up and down, feeling his cock slid up and down inside me. “Either way, patreon support gets people early access to released chapters, full colored illustrations, re-edited pdfs, and some exclusive patreon-only content.”

“Most reader, only want the one novel they like…” Min shrugged, his mouth open as he panted in pleasure.

“Ah, it’s because they want to see me fucking my sexy wife.” I chuckle, picking up the pace until each time my hips drop I can hear the wet sound of it sliding in.

“Ahnn… t-tease!” Min cried out. “T-tell them… important things about tales.”

“Ah… I guess I should tell them some things. For example, this next chapter will be the last chapter of Tales of a Seductress.”

Min gasps. “Th-then, no more us?”

I chuckle. “Of course not. Naturally, my Min and I will return in the sequel, Tales of an Enchantress. A story currently being written and released on machineslicedbread.xyz.”

“Ho-how many chapters so far?”

“Nearly 50! Ahh… Min, right there… move your hips, ahhhh… right there!” I let out a cry as he started to hit me in the right spot.

He thrust his hips up into me roughly and a moment later I started cumming.

As I panted and moaned, my devilish Min kept up the thrusting past my tolerance. I could barely talk, my voice coming out in a panting high-pitched moan. “Ahh… I can’t get enough of Min! If readers want… want Min too… they should know about Min’s story, a-a- a – aaahhhhh… a short side series following Min’s origin and point of view through Tales of a Seductress!”

“Vesse, C-cumming!”

“Cum! Cum in me, Min!” I shouted lustfully, my tits bouncing up and down as I rode him as hard as I could.

“I-is that all Vesse say?” Min demanded, his eyes flashing mischievously.

“No… I have more… oh.. it’s too good, you’re driving me crazy with your cock, I can’t stop cumming!” I cry out, my mind turning to mush.

“Must say it or Min won’t stop!”

“Ahn… Mi-min is teasing too much, I’m really going crazy, but it’s the most important part!” I cry out as I pant, erotic explosions shooting through my body as I leak all over Min’s cock, my pussy clamping down in perpetually orgasm as Min penetrates me over and over again. “The TOAS PDF includes the complete book, edited and formatted for ease of reading in a phone friendly pdf. It costs $5 to buy the book or it is free for all Patreon supporters of $1 or more! MSB always had some formatting issues, so it’s a much different experience on pdf.”

“But what about future release!” Min demands just as he grabs my ass tightly, pulling it down until he penetrates me at the maximum level.

A moment later I feel gobs of warm stuff shoot into me. It was Min’s lust, magically converted into semen. It started filling up my womb, and for a second my eyes rolled up in my head. Min had to pinch my thigh before I could focus again.

“Un… I feel it! I feel Min inside me!” I cried until he pinched even harder and I shook out of it. “Tales was released on inkstone to drive up interest for the pdf. Now that the PDF release time in imminent, the sales success will dictate how quickly Tales of an Enchantress is finished and ultimately whether it’s worth the author’s time to release it on inkstone at all.”

“So, if they don’t pay, he stop writing? What Bastard!”

“No, Min… ahn… it’s so warm, I can feel it growing soft…” I relaxed, finally regaining my faculties. “Tales of an Enchantress already has 40 chapters out and will continue to release on machinslicedbread.xyz no matter what. However, if you want to read the completed book as a pdf, if you want to see TOAE and Min’s story released on inkstone, or if you want TOAE increased in release speed (right now, it’s been about twice a month), then you might want to consider dropping $1-$5 to support the author. He has many writing responsibilities, and so TOAS must prove to be financially worth his time.”

With that, I lean over and take Min’s lips, tasting my sweet and beautiful wife. Our tongues combine for a few minutes while our sweaty bodies heave against each other, the sweet smell of sex wafting from the pair of us. When we finally separated, Min gave a coquettish smile.

“Basically, author greedy, want money?” Min summarized.



“So, the TOAS pdf will release on 11/14/18. Patreon supporters will not only get that book, but access to all other Patreon content including previous finished pdfs. Patreon will have various fundraising goals dictating whether TOAE will be released on Inkstone (Raise $100, TOAE once a week), Whether TOAE will pick up releases to twice a week ($200), or three times a week ($300). Basically, if there is a total of $300 increase in Patreon and paypal pdf purchases between 11/7/18 and 12/1/18 (that’s just 60 people buying TOAS at its retail price guys), then you will get the max releases of TOAE until this book is finished. Please support the release at patreon.com/whatsawhizzer or visit the TOAS Table of Contents on Machineslicedbread.xyz to buy directly.”

“Sound good. What next?”

“How about I do Min next!”

“Vesse is tease…”