Isekai Taneuma Chapter 17 Turna 1 Artesia 1


Correction, I made a mistake, this isn’t chapter 37, it’s 17. I wasted a whole day just for the wrong chapter lol

I woke up from some piercing cry.

It’s Oda Umi

My child with Yukari cries a lot.

「Yes, here, your mother’s here」

Yukari shakes Umi lightly.

Her figure as she rocks the cradle is charming.

Her breasts swaying delicately is great.

「Sorry, you woke up」

「It’s okay. Putting that aside」

I said, and greeted Yukari.

For someone already working, a contact is kind enough.

We can check on each other’s plans.

「What’s your schedule today?」

「I’m taking it easy. I still have money, what about you?」

I think that the Japan’s familiarization of working when you no longer have money is cool.

「As for me, it’s the usual until evening, then Turna will examine my skills」

I told Yukari about each and every skills I have.

I no longer keep anything a secret from Yukari if possible. Other than the cheating part.

「Skill efficiency checking…」

As expected of Yukari.

The efficiency test today is a great one, it’s where I use pleasure increase as Turna investigate the difference when I’m using it to not.

The plan is to enjoy this 14-year-old lewd pussy while investigating my skill.

Pleasure Increase (L)

Pleasure Increase (M)

Pleasure increase (S)

Pleasure Increase (S, M)

Pleasure increase (S, L)

Pleasure increase (M, L)

Pleasure Increase (S, M, L)

That’s the 8 patterns for the play.

It’s Turna’s suggestion on using the skills to know the numerical value of pleasure of the skills. It’s a serious task.

Now then, I will be using this one skill to spend on my family duty

No, I want to.

That skill is cooking talent.

This is a strong skill.

It’s a skill that you can only use at home, but, the food I cook becomes 1.2x delicous.

Yukari claims that it’s 1.3x more, well, I think it’s about that.

With this, I can make the ingredients in this world edible.

I think that we still need to discover more ingredients before we reach satiation on delicious food in the world.

Now then, with that cooking skill…

There’s no need to polish it up from 1-10.

I mean, I’m using it when I’m just sprinkling salt on sunny-side up eggs.

Yet, Yukari’s work uses the orc’s bacon, and orc’s hen eggs, making a bacon and egg combo.

I dissolved the Orc-san’s miso-like vegetable soup.

I mix in some fresh biled barley and rice.

Then, that’s the end of my family duty.

I place the meals on the plates before Yukari gives her breast milk in the living room.

「Thank you as always, Dear」

「If you’re that grateful, then lemme get some of those milk」

「No, it’s embarrassing」

It’s embarrassing yet she shows it, then, she pats her beloved daughter’s head.

「Oh right, I was asked to pass a message. Nana said that she hasn’t met Ogawa-kun and the other four. They’ll take time」

「Sure, What is it about?」

「I don’t know, but it seems serious. Do you know something?」

Nothing, really.

「Dunno. I mean, we never met for a year already」

「You’ll make Nana cry」

「What do you mean?」

Yukari laughed as I look confused.

What? I don’t get it?

I’ll use mind reading.

(I thought you’d do that. Go on, see what I’m thinking. I thought you’d do that. Go on, see what I’m thinking)

Yukari repeats the same thought.

Since mind reading can only see their surface thoughts, those who know about it can deal with it.

「Well, I can find out once I see them」

「Then, is tonight okay?」


「There’s two children too. Fufu, Umi will make friends」

「As long as they’re not boys」

「They are, got complains?」

Fathers do have a complicated state of mind.

Hmmm, well, they’re still toddlers so it’s okay.

「I guess not」

Yukari’s consciousness is focused on her beloved daughter so the response was sloppy.

I got no problems since I can take it easy this morning.

I asked Chris about it and so my worktime is at 0900 to 1700.

Of course, clocks are expensive so we just use approximation.

And so, we can take it easy like this.

Well, it’s still no difference from the black companies with no holidays.

The rich sound of wheels on the carriage I’m in rolling on the stone road reaches my ears.

I wait while listening to Yukari’s gossips.

「Then, it’s about time I go」

「Yeah, work hard」

「I’m going」

「Take care」

Yukari waves her hand while carrying her beloved daughter.

If I work, then I can come back here. There’s no other choice.

The workplace is one conspicuously luxurious building on the stone road area.

This is one of the villas the royal family owns, Chris brought it and remodeled to her tastes.

I sense 23 people who holds skills in that mansion.

The girls have been freed from the prison and live her in peace.

Well, they’re not really free.

The carriage stops at the palatial residence.


「No prob」

After getting off with a thanks, the coachman heads to his next job.

Then, the gate opens.

Inside the gate are some pregnant women basking in the sun and maids standing on their side.

The ladies in the pen are being taken care of, then that means that those in their stomach will sell high.

Well, I don’t feel bad when I see women I’ve embraced treated nicely.

At that moment, someone called me from a blind spot.


Sharp ears and snow white skin.

An elf characteristic, and her blonde, or should I say yellowish hair sways along with the cold air.

「Artesia, good morning」

「To think that I’d meet Takuma right in the morning, this is good fortune」

Artesia’s the most important person in this mansion.

She’s not just escorted by maids but also guards.

Well, it’s just lv1 soldiers though.

Artesia who can’t see with her eyes stretch out her hands to look for me.

I take her hand and pull her, then Artesia happily jumped to my chest.

Other than reporting that the king of the forest on the west subjugated the orc heroes, she’s fawning on me like this.

As for me, it’s a complete abandonment.

Well, it’s just a coincidental encounter, and I feel bad giving out thanks that my friend got defeated.

Well, I won’t throw water on those happy about it.

「It’s Artesia’s turn today?」

「That’s right. I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to conceive last time」

「I guess the volume wasn’t enough?」

「That’s funny」

Artesia’s laughing happily.

「The daytime is for me, and it seems that he sun is still up」

「Okay. It’s getting cold so try not to get colds」


Then, someone’s pulling me from the back after we’re done talking.

It’s the new face coming here lately.


A girl with thin blue hair.

She’s kept in here, but she hasn’t reached her first menstruation yet so she’s not related to my job.

Turna’s objective is to secure all the women who holds natural skills, and so even those can’t give birth yet are still bought.

「Carry me」

「Sure thing」

She’s unhappy unless I carry her so I hold her tight and lifted her.

By the way, this is our relationship, I donate a lot of sweets.

Giving food is the basics of constructing mutual trust.

I learned that from Ikemen?

I pat Milk’s head as I head to my worksite.

There were women who called me and women who waved at me.

It’s peaceful in here.

I put down Milk before I head to my workroom, then she went off her way without saying anything.

She’ll probably find another warm person to carry her.

The girls favor her too.

Entering the room, I find a white tone luxurious room.

Looks like it’s not just a noble lady I’m dealing with but a royalty.

Depending on the situation, it might be welcoming a VIP from a different country.

And so, the top-class room and the top-class bed is used by someone…

Turna Milanjol

A 14-year-old pervert.

With her 『Genius +』 skill, she’s Chris’ adviser.

Recently, her chest is sore from receiving too much pleasure.

I think that it’s the pain from growth due to receiving pleasure, but the person herself claims that it’s an adverse effect from too much pleasure. It looks interesting so I’ll leave her be.

Turna’s knight lodging house, has everyone start their actions right at the dawn, and Turna’s the only one left waking up late, then she moves here, and sleeps again.

I sat next to her and shook her belly. Then Turna opened her eyes.

Each time she lies down like that, I want to do the same.

「Good morning」


「Then, let’s begin our work. It’s Turna’s turn first Please get me pregnant」

「Leave that to me」

Turna’s used to this, and so she’s naked on her lower half.

She’s not wearing shorts for the sake of shortening the time.

I lie down and give Turna a passionate kiss.

That alone had her nectar dripping already.

The sounds of saliva mixing echoes.

Then, I hear the maid on the side leaking out a seductive voice.


That was cute, but that was a mistake on her side, and so she stopped it right away.

Turna’s brows wrinkled.

She’s just a maid, and so she’s not allowed to be aroused from her Master, Turna’s affair.

It’s a scene where Turna gets scary…

Then, Turna stopped kissing me and dropped her shoulders.

Looks like it got her in a bad mood.

Maybe she had a nightmare?

Turna today is a scary master.

The made is no longer showing that lewd expression from earlier.

Turna’s on a cold mood right now.

However, my penis is at it’s limit. It’s not willing to wait for Turna to warm up.

I grab Turna’s legs, and expose her lewd mature pussy.

It’s wet.

「Please wait. I have to scold her」

「Later. I’ll use my skill now」

「Hiii, hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii」

「Not yet」

Turna’s face turned red.

After seeing that, I used my skills. I’m going all out.

But, it’s meaningless to use the pleasure increase if you can no longer move from it. However, Turna changes in this case.

She imagines it on her own, rises up, convulses, and reaches climax on her own.

「Aah, I can sense that you already activated it」


Turna accepts the swing of pleasure.

Then, her trembling grows stronger.

「Hii, hiii, you’re not doing anything yet I’m cumming! Thrust inside me while I’m like this! Hmmm! Nooo, I’m looking forward to it yet I’m cumming again! Aaaahn!」

Then, Turna who tries to cover her mouth while in climax shakes her hips.

I can’t stimulate her clitoris as she’ll be unable to recover until evening.

「Hyaaau, Hyau, Turna’s no more. I can’t think of anything else..Nnnnnnn!!!!」

Her overflowing love nectar naturally creates a large stain on the sheets.

I hear her liquids squirt out each time she moves her waist.

Then, I release semen deep inside her.

That’s a fair amount.

「That felt great」

「Hii, higuu, it was the best. Uuuuu, turn off your skill now already! Aaaaaahn! I’m cumming!!!!」

Turna squirts as I pulled out my penis.

That burst of liquid splashed on me.

The person who stained me right in the morning is half-awake right now.

Her eyes show no light.

「Maid-san, I’ll leave the cleaning to you」

「Yes, thank you very much」

「I’ll borrow one」

「Okay, time to clean up」

Turna’s twitching.

I’m always called in by the usual.

I’ve been sleeping with Turna recently.

Now then, let’s go to our next job.

The customer is always right.

The first guest for today is a viscount’s wife.

Where did the soft and flabby body go? This woman’s body now brings out slender charm.

She’s more or less a slim ruin, that her skin still shows the remainders.

She’s hiding it in embarrassment but, the belly is on third stage.

Well, I can still do that.

「You remembered me」

「Yes, your voice hasn’t changed after all」

It’s disappointing so don’t let out that thick voice. It wilts me.

「Your child is quite excellent. It’s a girl with cooking talent and charm enchanced. When she grows bigger, you know?」

Am I going to infinitely amplify skills? I mean, am I going to keep swinging my hips until I’m too old? I wouldn’t want that.

Using appraisal on the viscount’s woman, she sure has cooking talent and charm enhanced.

I got through 50% of them choosing two skills for the child.

The maid takes off her clothes and I fixed on embracing the viscount’s lady with my tool.

「Haa, haa, gugyufufufufu」

「Sorry, but please shut up. You’ll make it wither」

「I-I’m sorry」

「Put on a gag」

The maid puts on a tool to not let the viscount’s lady shut up.

The lady accepted it with a smile.

Her personality’s okay, she also looks moderate, but it’s just her voice that brings everything down.

Our customer is secured on a wooden sledge.

There’s only a few exceptions. It’s simply a customer preference.

If they shiver in pleasure in that posture, and they lose their consciousness, I could still swing my hips without problem and end it right away.

One of the maids will rub lubricant in the vagina.

Then, I could begin even without caressing them.

「Fugofugo.」 fufufufufufuuuuuugogogogogo」

My hips go raging.

I move left and right, and get her vagina convulsing.

Her hole tightens up, grabbing my rod.

「Buuooooo! Buooooooo!!!」

That sounded like an orc war cry that it made me laugh.

That said, she’s tight. I can cum right away with this.

As a service, I slapped her ass.

I thrust in, slap, thrust, slap…

「Fugo! Fugofugogogo fugo!」

She even squirted, and the maids cleaned it up. Talented.

I rotate my hips and head to the finish line.

At that moment, the maid inserted her fingers on the anus,

That stimulus on the prostate gland that Turna did.

Then, the white liquid starts flying out.

The viscount’s woman trembles as she mumbles “Fugo, fugo”



「Why did you put your fingers in my ass?」

「I thought of showing my gratitude from the help earlier」

That’s gratitude? Then again, I think that she’ll never put sperm to waste.

「Don’t do that again. I don’t like that」

「I’m sorry for not knowing」

The maid bows her head.

Geez, my ass is still pure.

Artesia’s the last one.

I roll up Artesia’s white dress.

Then, she’s talking to Turna who has recovered to herself.

「We still have plenty of time, so I’d like to ask for a third one. Just to make sure that I get pregnant」


Artesia answered.

「You only did it once when I was conscious, right?」

「I think that having your beloved embrace you until you lose consciousness is happiness for women」

「I agree with Turna. I can somehow sense it even without losing consciousness」


The two are getting along before I noticed.

Well, I guess it’s just now.

They’re ero-friends.

The maid checks on Artesia’s genital area and puts away the lubricant.

Looks like she’s dripping wet.

When I thought of that, blood rushed down to my son.

My penis grew splendidly and I invaded Artesia’s pussy.


That’s a cute gasp, then I looked at her, feeling a bit sorry.

Artesia didn’t use her body strengthening. Elves are lewd.

「Oh, it gets bigger inside, hmmm」

The third princess of the elf country is a perverted elf who’s satisfied when I use all of my sexual skills. She’s transcended the perversion.

She’s the only woman who’s not straddling on the wood sledge but instead she’s sticking out her hips to search for pleasure.

「Takuma, do me as you please! Hmm! Ahn! Fuaaa! Fuaaaan! Nnnn」

Artesia’s gasps melts down.

Then soon enough, she starts shaking her head.

Looks like she reached climax as she receives my penis.

「You came already? This is long」

「Haa~ I mean, it feels too good, and I’m more sensitive now, thrust more!」

Oops, I stopped…

I swing my hips as asked.

「Yes! Yes1 More! More! Yes! Amazing! Aaah」

The leaking love nectar on where we’re connected is the proof that Artesia wants my semen.

I speed up my piston and then Artesia cums for the second time.

「Haa, hmmmm! Nnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahn~」

Her vagina tightens up.

Then, her hips she raised so far lowers down.

I ejaculate my first this night inside her loosened up vagina.

The intense ejaculation sends a numbing sensation from my hips to my head.

「I’m cumming deep inside you」

「Naaaaaaa~ Haa~ Haa!~」

This elf is lewd and pleasant, but there’s one weak point.

That’s her stamina.

Maybe it’s because of her small appetite, she’s satisfied from cumming twice, and she lets go of her consciousness as she receives my cum.

Her chest is moving from her disheveled breathing, but her consciousness is probably gone by now.

I thrust to check her reaction.


That’s a cute voice.

Where’s the pervert from earlier?

Still, what a beautiful back, and dripping wet pussy.

I draw the line of showing the unconditional love to customers.

「Turna wants to do it now too」

「Then, how about I cum inside Turna for remaining two」

「Please give us equal share」

「Roger that」

I came three times inside Artesia who turned to nothing but a hole.

Then, I played with Turna while checking the efficiency of my skills.

Let’s head home.

I played with Turna a lot that the sun’s no longer out.

A few minutes more and it’s complete darkness.

「I’m home」

「You’re late, the two are already here」

「Oh, sorry」

I see the two in the guest room.

When he saw me, Ikemen smiled and waved his hand.

I don’t get it but let’s just copy him.

I also made eye contact with Nanami. Her cheeks turned red. Huh?

The four of us are happy with our reunion.

「It’s been a while. We haven’t met in a while so I came」

「Nana’s gotten more beautiful」

「Yuka’s turned mature now too. You’re filled with that apartment wife feel」

「What’s that?」

Apartment wife? Sounds good. She sure has that aura.

「Takuma, it’s been a while. Since slave days?」


「How’s your job?」

「Yeah, going well. I get tired swinging my hips every day. What about you?」

「After accompanying Ki-kun for three days while they rampage and rack up exp, I got to level 10. Thanks to that, I manifested my bow talents. With this, I can have Nanami ease up」

「Looks like you got more levels」

「You’ve been in level 9 for so long. I’m already in 20」

I ignore Yukari’s prided level.

Bow skills belong to the weapon group, a skill that makes others rejoice.

Archers have overwhelmingly high chance of survival among any soldiers.

「By the way, hear this. Ga-chan’s skill seems to be for the frontliners. Isn’t that dangerous?」

「I have the same opinion, that’s why I came here」

「Yes! What about Yuka? Is that safe? Or Dangerous?」

Yukari’s still a magician now, and so she knows about it.

I don’t know much about it though.

「Bows are a complex group, I can imagine them surviving for long if they’re skilled though」

「Skilled? I don’t even have a bow yet though」

Ikemen, sometimes you don’t think do you?

Nanami’s angry.

「Putting that aside, how’s the child?」

Well, I just came home.

「The wet nurse is taking care of her in that room」

「Then I’ll go take a look」

I’m not useful in conversations like that anyway.

I head to the room next door, finding Umi sleeping on the chest of a male wetnurse.

Nanami and Ikemen looks like they’re hiring babysitter.

I got not much income, i guess I’ll ask Chris about it next time.

Please give me my pay.

「Are you Umi-sama’s father?」


「Okay, here」

What a gentle mannered babysitter.

I took Umi.

Then, I sat down on a chair and pat her head.

Ikemen’s child looks like it has some Russian blood. Great.

「Looks like you love your child」

「I couldn’t possibly hate her」

I answered back with a wry smile.

I’m not good at answering questions like that. That ended the conversation, and the babysitter

I’m devoted to Umi. What an angel.

Well, I still hear the conversation next door.

「Then, you want to get stronger?」

「Yeah, Mirod kingdom just perished recently. And isn’t that country as huge as Almeria? I want to get stronger to become useful to everyone. Now that my skill manifested, I wanted to try」

「Ga-chan, if this goes to ruin, we’ll just run to another country. There’s no need for lovers’ suicide」

「I agree with nana. Getting strong in archery is meaningless if you die」

Yukari speaks cruelly without realizing it.

Ikemen slammed his head on the table when he heard that.

Right. The skill he obtained after working hard got denied.

「For now, how about you get to Ki-kun’s level? You can feel at ease if you do that」

「That’s a huge chunk of experience, right?」

「Yeah, that’s right」

「Somehow, I feel sorry for leeching off from them」

「You say that while people are dying in frontlines. You’re getting impudent」

Nanami accepts Yukari’s backing and goes for the offensive.

Yukari also looked at Ikemen’s attitude and she doesn’t go easy on people who don’t go to the frontlines.

Looks like they reached conclusion. I return to my seat while carrying Umi.

「I see, I guess I’m not suited for it」

「Yes, that’s right, stop it」

「But, I don’t have much earnings with my current job, it’s just a third of Nanami」

「I will support our family, don’t worry!」

「I’m also supporting Takuma, you don’t have to mind it」

That was an unforeseen attack.

Okay, I’ll ask Chris about my wage.

「Then, what’s your job again?」

「Guard. A gatekeeper for now. And the other day, I was guarding a carriage」

Oh, that? That surely has low wage.

Then, the women had a fun conversation where Ikemen and I fell silent.

Then, a sleep over.

Nothing BL happened, just so you know.