Isekai Taneuma Chapter 33 Re: Great Demon Invasion with Orc Heroes x4 Part 2



The orcs listen to the strategy carefully.

The high orcs have a high possibility of dying and can’t participate.

But still, they’re listening eagerly.

The girls are also listening, showing an earnest look.

Yukari abandons thinking, and I believe mainly about evacuating the women.

「 The operation will be tomorrow evening. That is the time where Makai and Abyssgald are closest. I pray for your fortunes 」

Demon Makyubire and Demon Orzebute accompanied the four brave heroes after the strategy meeting.

It’s a moment of silence.

They’re excited. They’re on the verge of boiling.

Nobody’s talking to anyone.

「 Everyone can return to Japan after the empire falls 」

「 That’s right. Furthermore, we’ll come back as humans 」

「 I need to apologize to Mother 」

「 Nanami didn’t do anything wrong. More importantly, let’s report about our relationship 」

「 Yeah, I love you Ka-chan 」

「 It’s hard to keep the gate open all the time 」

「 This will be fun because we’ve gotten stronger 」

「 You don’t have to think of the leftover food. Those with culinary skills can do something about it. Let’s have a feast! 」

「 I’ll make some. What does everyone want to eat? 」

「 I want roast Onigiri 」

「 I want something sweet 」

「 Tonkatsu 」

「 You just laughed, didn’t you? 」

「 Don’t say that 」

Everyone laughs together.

Then, Yukari sticks to my side.

「 What? 」

「 Err, am I the only one opposing? What about Takuma? 」

Oh, she called my name!

She’s in lovestruck age.

「 I’ve agreed so far but if Yukari’s against it then I too 」

「 Hmm, that’s not it 」

「 Either way, you’re thinking of the victims, aren’t you? 」

「 Well, that too 」

「 I’ll tell those I know clearly, is that no good? 」

「 Are you going? It’s tomorrow evening 」

「 Leave it to me, I’ll manage 」

Yukari thinks.

Then, she looks like she resigned herself.

「 Then, I’ll tell my teacher, priest Claude 」

「 Where is he? 」

「 He should be evacuated on the second floor of Christina-sama’s mansion, so he should be in contact of all the magicians 」

「 As expected of a high-spec old man 」

Yukari gets serious.

「 Also, I can’t find Izuha-chan. If she’s in the empire could you search for her? 」

This lie is for Yukari.

It’s a lie she must not see through.

「 Okay. I’ll evacuate her once I find her 」

「 Yeah, thanks. Also, go to the adventurer’s guild. No, never mind, teacher’s supposed to tell them over there 」

「 We’ll be in Japan together once this is done. What do you want to do? 」

「 Let’s see. I’d like to brag Umi to everyone I guess? They’d be surprised if I say that I’m married to Takuma 」

Yukari’s thinking shifted to what to do after returning.

「 Do we have to enter high school again? Or are we going to work? 」

People get in the loop of what Yukari said.

「 That makes me super worried too 」

「 You’re Ki-kun’s wife, aren’t you? 」

「 Haa, if there’s a better man, then I won’t be marrying him 」

What are you talking about while blushing?

Now then, I also need to talk about my future.

「 I can be a doctor since I can use recovery. A back-alley doctor that can cure any disease, I’d ask for a significant amount of reward, and I’ll live elegantly with Yukari. I need to pay back the money I received for support 」

「 Then, I’ll be a chef. I’m sure that I’ll thrive! 」

「 Then, I’ll be a bodybuilder? No thanks 」

Everyone’s laughing out of nowhere.

I should get out soon. I’ll have a word with Yukari first.

「 Then, I’ll send a message 」

「 Thanks 」

「 Yeah, I’ll be going 」

「 Take care 」

Yukari ignores the fact that she’s holding Umi and that there are people around us, she gave me a hot kiss with our tongues entwining.

Calm down my son, it’s not your time yet.

The cheer from the people around, well, they don’t feel bad at all.

I left her while feeling painful reluctance.

I left the orc village and head to Almeria’s transfer gate.

There’s a particular fact I didn’t notice when I came.

The weapon that fell from the Milanjol soldier.

It’s an ornamental sword.

I remember that the sword is stained with a drop of blood I don’t know the origin.

I concealed Izuha’s death to Yukari.

I thought that she doesn’t need unneeded painful memories in a world that will be gone soon. It’s definitely better to make her believe that she fled somewhere else.

And, I’m thinking of how I should bring this sword back to Turna.

I should bring this to her. Is my judgment wrong?

I take the sword and used cleansing on it.

Then, I traveled to the transfer gate and flew to the empire.

There were no soldiers at night as one would expect.

The pure white image of the Philistine empire turns dark.

I continue walking while dealing with the wyverns on the way.

Then, when I entered Chris’ safe house, Turna’s at the entrance.

It wasn’t my imagination, she was lacking in spirit.

Turna speaks out first.

「 Could you show me the sword in your hand? 」

I hand it over without saying anything.

Turna looks at every nook and cranny, then she sighed.

「 Where did you find this? 」

「 It was at the passage connecting the royal palace and the red gate. It was on the side of a Milanjol knight 」

「 Is he dead? 」

「 All I could see were the bones 」

Turna scratches her head.

I’m just waiting for her to say anything.

After a while, Turna speaks.

「 My brother and his subordinates served the palace. He’s fulfilled his duty of luring the demons and lesser demons magnificently. Perhaps, his last moment was gallant. Father was able to get away as a result 」

I didn’t reply.

Turna enters Chris’ room without sighing.

I follow along. Greydia who’s standing in front of the door read the situation and opened the door.

Turna stands beside Chris’ holding the sword.

「 Oh, Turna didn’t wait for the report at the entrance? 」

「 It seems that Takuma found it by chance. This is an expected outcome 」

「 Turna, you don’t need to talk further. You can take a rest for tonight 」

「 Yes, princess 」

The sword falls from Turna’s hands, and she enters Chris’ bed.

「 I’m always grateful to Milanjol’s loyalty. I’m sorry but, can we do it for a later day Takuma? I’m busy today 」

I close the distance with Chris.

Then, Chris reacts.

「 Takuma, please, listen to what I say for today 」

Those were some sharp words.

But, well, I can’t withdraw.

I stick one of my knees and draw her chin.

「 Tomorrow evening, there will be a great demon invasion in the Philistine empire. Please escape to a safe country 」

This act should be perfect. And I did say it correctly.

But, her reaction was silent.

Turna’s the first to speak.

「 The demons are attacking 」

「 Yes, Demon Makyubire and Orzebute, and their subordinates. Then, my friends, four orc heroes will attack this empire 」

Chris made a loud voice I’ve never heard before.

「 Demon Orz? 」

「 It’s the Orz who slaughtered the king in betrayal and was handed down in the legends? We’re turning them to enemies too, can we stop them? 」

「 Impossible 」

「 Then, should we tell the empire? 」

It’s hard to explain this.

I tell the process of orc’s evolution. I also told them that they want to return to being humans. Lastly, that they want to return to their country.

「 Then, if the damage on the empire is small, another country will get attacked. I heard that when Orz commences an attack, interference magic is set up so you can’t use transfer magic. It’s impossible to recover if we don’t hurry 」

「 You’re right. 」 Then, let’s move right away. Let’s pull out those we can’t lose for the sake of the empire and the human race. Don’t bring gold in the line 」

「 Ha! 」

The two begins discussing this and that.

The death of Turna’s brother isn’t in her head anymore. I’m just glad to look at them.

Early in the morning, we started moving after it became bright.

It’s a friendly impression operation.

「 Kaaaaaaa, the elders are always forced to do the unreasonable, don’t you think so, boy? 」

「 Go for it! You’re shining Sage! 」

「 Kaaaaaaa, aren’t you quite fit? What’s so good with that kind of man? Good girls always like strange guys 」

Yukari’s teacher transports the armed state of Almeria people.

Once he evacuated the armed state, the combatants jumped to Almeria to exterminate demons. It’s said that the non-combatants returned after that.

The soldiers stopped the propaganda on the side, they look uneasy.

Then, Nunnally and Rose came.

「 Takuma! 」

「 Nunnally’s cute too today 」

「 Thanks, is Takuma going too? 」

「 I won’t go. I’ll take it easy here 」

「 I see, then do your best 」

Just what on earth would I have to do my best for? Chris and Turna appear to evacuate the Almerians without telling the facts.

Nunnally and Rose leaped together with the armed state. Rose hand is holding Nunnally’s.

Then, transfer. Transfer. Transfer.

The sage’s four-digit mana disappeared, then the disciple begins to use transfer.

Transfer. Transfer. Transfer.

Apparently, those escaping are mostly from royalty aristocrats or magicians.

「 Kaaaaaaaa, this is definitely problematic. It’s been a while since I ate if I eat this my stomach would throw it out 」

「 Sage now’s not the time to say that 」

「 Kaaaaaaa, I know, isn’t that why I’m eating? You eat too 」

「 I’m eating. But still, this is bitter 」

「 Do your best you two, you look cool 」

「 Kaaaaaaa, shut up boy who lost his enthusiasm 」

「 Okay~ 」

By the way, I’m ordered to help the two who’s mana is depleted.

Well, it’s okay even if I don’t help. They’re doing their best eating.

The evacuation continues, now to Marquis Milanjol. The baron of the Shusted house was also evacuated to the armed state.

Then, those were pulled out of the empire.

Turna tells a lie and introduces me.

「 This is my brother, Takuma Milanjol. And, this man is Earl Les Mans from the empire who has physical enhancement IV 」

Milanjol seems to be famous for their crimson hair, so I used a red wig.

By the way, Turna inherited her mother’s hair color. It’s colored light brown, smooth and it smells good.

「 I see, is he a descendant of Milanjol who’s daring and resolute? You have a beautiful body 」

I gained skill from the handshake with Earl Le Mans.

We gave each other greetings and said goodbye.

Turna thought it was an excellent opportunity, so she had us do a handshake.

「 Kaaaa, since when did he become a noble? 」

「 I’d like to know too 」

「 What do you mean? 」

「 Who knows? 」

Having an old man look at us with his head tilting is nothing but funny.

Then, lastly, Chris and Turna came.

「 Takuma, are you not escaping? 」

「 I don’t need to. I’ll watch what will happen 」

「 Is that so? Well then, we don’t have much time. Let’s go, princess 」

「 I’m grateful that you told me this. Will we meet again? 」

Chris brings out an unusual worry.

「 If you would allow me to do you 」

「 Yes, I’d gladly be your partner. Well then, goodbye 」

Chris and Turna leave with a smile.

It seems that Turna thinks of it as a final farewell. Nope.

Then, I’m alone with the sage.

「 Old man, you won’t escape? 」

「 Hmm, well, I don’t care. I will be waiting for the younglings who’ll escape at the last minute, what about you boy? 」

「 I can use transfer magic, so I’m okay. 」

「 Kaaaaaa, then you should’ve helped! Seriously, it would’ve been easier if you did your part too boy. Haa, I feel tired, hmm, it’s boring. Could you listen to my story? 」

Haa, that’s bothersome.

Old people tend to talk long, and I’m not good with that. Every time the principal wants to talk, I’d like him to be more straightforward.

Then, the sage understood my silence as an affirmation, so he starts talking.

「 Hmm, I’ve lived in the world where magic exists. There are not many fun things, but I feel happy when I’m helping others. I like that 」

「 I see 」

「 Well, the young ones won’t understand it yet. But, sometimes, some young people do. Recently, there’s two of those. I’m so happy about that that I helped by acting behind the scenes. The two were delighted about saving one person when they helped everyone, they hugged each other and cried. One of my lovely disciples can’t be found, perhaps she’s no longer, I know, but I can’t help but expect her to show up, you boy might not understand what I’m saying, well, I’ll be waiting for that child until the last minute 」

Haa, the Genius skill worked in vain at such times.

This feels bad.

I know who he’s talking about.

I see we bought time for all our classmates even if it’s short.

This old man helped a lot, isn’t he such a great benefactor? What should I do then?

「 Jii-chan, can you resurrect the dead? 」

「 It’s impossible for the dead, it rarely succeeds resurrecting someone who’s been gone for a day, well, it’s mostly a useless endeavor 」

「 How about working harder? 」

「 Boy, know who you’re talking to. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time 」

I grabbed my benefactor’s hand and jumped at the transfer gate.

We reached Almeria’s transfer gate.

In front of me is Izuha’s corpse, frozen in ice.

Across the ice, blood can be seen from her mouth, and marks of multiple stabbing from her neck to her genitals. That part is colored red in blood.

Then, the benefactor screams in a trembling voice.

「 I-Izuha! Izuha, Izuha 」

The ice crumbles in an instant.

He puts his hand on her chest and activates his magic.

Izuha’s body is restored in an instant.

Oh. That’s some superior skill. Soon after, her heart begins to beat, and she came back to life.

「 Come back! Come back!!!!! 」

No, her heart is already beating, she’s breathing now.

Wait, did only her body get healed and she’s still in a vegetative state?

The sage chews something in his mouth.

「 Kuu, breath, Izuha!! 」

「 O-Old man 」

「 Come back! Izuhaaaaaaaaa!! 」

Oh, it’s just the old man has some poor hearing.

Can’t old man’s poor hearing be fixed with recovery?

Well, who cares. I’m just in the way.

「 Well then, old man, I’m going home first. It’s so embarrassing to watch such an emotional scene 」

Perhaps, I’d only get in the way, so I quietly go back to the empire through the transfer gate.

Hmm, that went well.

I’ll tell Yukari what happened in detail.

But, it had the mood like the benefactor and Izuha were about to exchange a passionate kiss and jump to a bed.

It seems that there was no passionate time, the benefactor came back with Izuha to the empire like friends, I think he’s a premature ejaculator. They came after me right away.

「 Kaaaaaa, why did you go back by yourself. At least listen to my thanks, you lolicon, demon 」

「 Err? 」

You don’t get it, Izuha-chan.

It’s common in any world that old men are always noisy, he’s angry for some reason, and yet he’s happily making noise from evacuating people to the armed state.

Now then, all I have to do is watch things start.

If ever there’s an orc hero in trouble then I’ll come to help.

That’s all the reason I remained here.