Isekai Taneuma Chapter 36



I help out in restoration of Almeria while wait for contact.

Each day was fun.

Then, 10, 20 days passed by without me noticing it.

Someone told me that my job would resume in about a month.

「 Late 」

I skipped the empire’s validation and pretended to ignore.

After two months, I returned to living with everyone.

Working on the farm during mornings, and leveling up during afternoon.

The atmosphere goes like roller coaster.

Then, it was about three months since then. Hashimoto, the high orc, evolved to orc hero.

It’s been a while, so I joined in on the celebration.

Then, the next day.

Hashimoto suddenly disappeared.

Everyone living in the orc village were surprised.

Thinking that he might be involved with the demons.

That maybe, the demons tricked him.

Everyone’s worried about his safety.

They worry that he might’ve been mind controlled.

There’s no response.

It’s just that the orc hero evolution disappeared. In short, monitored.

The four people who disappeared has returned.

Women whose beloved is gone has gone crazy.

Women who lost their mentor trembles in the fear of future.

The high orcs stopped training and discussed with each other.

Some tried to assert on levelling to the last minute.

「 Ki-kun’s gone 」

Hearing that word, everyone became speechless.

The settled atmosphere starts to crumble.

Yukari doubts the demons.

Then, I’m the one who dispel the doubts.

However, I can’t just stand by, so I did what I can.

I looked for the golem’s habitat and explained the situation to Turna, asking for help.

Turna accepted with a smile. Turna will accept everything I say. Maybe I’ll ask for anal next time.

A stone quarry on the side of the empire.


A one-eyed rock figure.

It’s size is larger than a grown up man. Its width is twice as huge.

It’s a golem made from a rock. And then a two eyed iron golem. Then, the legendary class mithril golem.

I’m dealing with the golem and iron golem.

Golems are slow, so it’s easy to escape them. Yet, you have to escape right away if they missed. Looks like they could use rocket punch.

Golems have decent xp.

Their strength is on the upper side.

Well, I couldn’t get countless skills on enemies that are already dead, and so I use the tip of my blade to take out the black monster core without damaging it.

Golem’s monster core has about 30-50 mana stored in it. I have to gather five of them.

Iron golems seem to have 100 to 200. I want to get active and get that much.

Then, my level went up after hunting.

The growth skills are showing their effect in level up, but, magic went up explosively.

I’m glad.

I gathered all of the growth skills and grinded my levels.

Naturally, I will change it soon to cure Artesia’s eyes. My slightly lacking mana uses some spare for restoration magic.

Her white eyes now has a slight green color.

I’ll start gathering monster cores seriously tomorrow.

For the first few days gathering monster cores, Yukari and Izuha-chan comes with me, and Ikemen came after that. Dammit, just a bit more and Izuha-chan could fall for me.

The four of us searched for iron golems every day.

We hunt golems and the rare iron golems.

Then, time passed by.

Chris, Turna, Mira, Greydia, Valga all gave birth.

Girls who have skills did the same. Artesia’s child is a monster. It has magic skill at 6. And the status is impressive.

As a bonus, Turna used her child as a reason and showed up, but I ignored her contact. Ahahaha.

We hunted golems every day for a year.

As a result, I finally gathered the necessary amount of monster cores.

As an extra, my exp got me to level 43.

Yukari, Izuha-chan, and Ikemen are levelled higher than me.

「 I don’t want to see golems anymore 」

I agree with you, Izuha-chan.

We all agreed.

Then, finally, we can connect the orc village to the shrine which is a bit far away.

It’s a measure under the potential that the orc village is being monitored.

After a few number of days, the monster cores filled up the mana.

Four digits mana is splendid.

The magic cores with accumulated mana shines.

Everything’s ready, we can transport the abyss gundam from Japan to isekai.

A black haze appears, and huge mana got sucked out as it creates a passage big enough for the high orcs to fit in.

That’s great that we created this transfer gate, but, it’s finished as a meat wall tunnel.

No. What’s this? Too weird.

Is this how it feels to go through the gate of the demons used to go isekai?

I mind the appearance, but the others are just glad that and reward each other for the hardships.

「 Hmm, looks like we’re done. Good job 」

「 Thank God we made it safely 」

「 This is all because of our hardwork 」

「 I don’t want to do this again 」

Hearing me say that, Yukari and Ikemen laughed.

Izuha-chan shows a troubled face.

By the way, Ikemen knows about my skills way before. Looks like Namami told Ikemen after using appraisal on me.

Ikemen thought that I may have some reason for keeping it a secret and so he keeps it between them.

「 Then, shall we go back to Japan secretly? 」

「 What about the high orcs? 」

「 They’re unable to evolve, and so they have no choice. We’ll manage by the flow 」

「 We can’t just have everyone go with the flow though 」

「 We can just come back you know? The road is connected anyway 」

Yukari agreed after hearing that.

We moved right away.

Ladies first. And so, the girls went in.

It’s a dark path, it takes 10 minutes to walk.

Then on the esophagus is a narrow passageway. This meat wall is disgustingly squishy. And then there’s something red dripping from above.

Had to persuade the girls one by one.

「 We’re coming back to Japan, come with us 」

「 Takuma-kun, I don’t think that lie would work 」

Yeah, I won’t believe if I heard that.

「 It’s true We’re coming home, get ready 」

「 R-Really? 」

See? They believe if it’s Ikemen. This is unfair.

Everyone’s holding their child. Then, they walk in the path in fear.

Naomi’s turn came, carrying my child. Papa’s carrying a child from an unknown person.

「 Everyone will come too, right? 」

「 I’ll be the last 」

「 Hey, Takuma 」 I would like to come with Naomi, can I?

「 Sure. I’ll come as soon as the high orcs are sent off 」

「 Call me when you’re free. I’ll introduce you to Father and Mother 」

「 As your husband, yes 」

「 Hmm, I wonder? I’m not your first choice recently, and you keep on cheating, I wonder… 」

She speaks suggestively, then, Yukari returned with Umi.

That was fun.

What’s left is to kick in the high orcs as they’re still worrying if they want to come home.

「 Wait. 」 Takuma couldn’t possibly understand our worries, you’re human 」

「 Oh shut up, just start walking 」

I kick their asses to make them move.

They actually want to go home, they just playing hard to get. Obviously.

Then, I see the exit in the distance. I hear voices of delight.

「 Ayaaa! Ayaaa! I’m glad you’re safe. Aaaah! 」

「 Onee-chan, where did you go… 」

「 Sorry, I’m really sorry 」

The orcs speeds up.

「 Where’s our son, Takahiro! Takahiro! 」

The person himself heard the voice and started running.

Hmm, the high orcs looks like they want to gather on that parent.

They might want to call their parents.

「 Nakadachi. Where’s my son 」

The high orc trembled.

Then, he stopped.

「 But, I’m an orc now… 」

Nakadachi starts to cry while saying that.

I don’t think I can kick him again to move now.

It’s just ten more meters.

It’s basically a way home, but there’s no more sign of going forward.

He just sits down on that spot.

「 Takuma, go ahead 」

One of the orcs said

「 Idiot, I won’t leave you here 」

「 You’re just Takuma… 」

He sobs.

The nostalgic smell of Japan flows into the gate.

Outside has the girls and Ikemen explaining the situation.

「 Your bodies are big and yet, you guys are still crybabies 」

「 You don’t change, Takuma 」

「 Humans don’t change that much 」

I said. Then they started crying again.

Then, after a few hours. There’s a change.

One girl comes inside the meat wall path, coming from Japan side.

「 Yuu-chan? Where’s Yuu-chan? 」

Yuki, Yuuichi, Yuuta.

Lots of guys get that nickname.

But, only one high orc reacted to that call.

I’m cheering for him inside my mind.

「 Please, I heard about it. I might be surprised, but, show yourself to Mother 」

The high orc stands up while showing a worried face after hearing her mother’s trembling voice.

A gray lump of meat. An ugly face and tusk. Trembling body.

He strengthened his muscles and kicked off.

Then, he takes one, two, three, four steps.

He stands before his mother and said.

「 I’m sorry 」

You worked hard.

The high orcs cried more.

「 It’s okay. Yuu-chan just got big 」

The mother said it as she touches the crying face of the high orc.

「 Welcome back 」

「 I’m home 」

Now then, I guess I’ll use this timing.

I urged the other noisy crying high orcs to move forward.

Each and everyone of them apologized.

Sorry for worrying.

Sorry for being defiled.

I’m sorry mother.

I’m sorry, father. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

Even though we didn’t do anything wrong.

I looked for my family too.

Then, I found them. They also found me and walks to me timidly.

My dear little sister walked ahead.

Soumoto Kokoro.

She’s become cuter after five years.

Back then she has black braided hair, but now it’s a short chestnut colored one. Her hairstyle looked like the perverted knight so I worry.

「 Onii-chan, welcome back 」

She said in worry.

「 You’ve grown… 」

I said. Then, my family behind Kokoro lowered their shoulders.

「 You haven’t changed 」

「 You look different that I got confused 」

「 Onii-chan, I’m C-cup now 」

My little sister joked. You can’t fool me, that’s B cup.

「 Sorry for worrying you all 」

「 You did 」

Jii-chan’s bald now.

「 Mother prayed every day 」

「 I must thank God for this 」

Mother’s hair turned grey now.

「 I contacted Father, he’ll come back soon 」

「 Yeah, somehow, I feel sorry 」

This conversation feels a bit awkward.

Kokoro grabbed my hand and pulled me back home.

Looks like everyone’s okay now.

Yukari’s no longer here.

As we walk home comfortably, I feel like my tears aren’t stopping.

I eat mandarin in the table.

We watch the late night news.

Then, the screen shows the isekai road we created.

My family’s not asking anything.

Father, Mother, my sister, nor Grandfather didn’t ask anything.

We came home silently.

Mother brings her specialty food on the kotatsu big enough for us to fit in

Everyone’s not holding back.

I also joined in.

「 This karaage is delicious. Love the chicken 」

「 Fufu, thanks 」

I think of the teachers who dealt with the demons while I take it easy.

Sometimes, I wonder if I really made the escape.

I eat dinner, take bath, then head to my room.

「 Do you want me to sleep with you? 」

「 I’m not a child 」

My little sister shows a worried face.

I enter my room and turned on the lights.

Inside the room are two familiar faces.

I sighed, and asked.

「 Could you turn a blind eye for this? 」

「 Takkun, hey~ I’ve been watching all this time. Good job on dealing with the golems 」

「 Takkun, you’re amazing. I came here to scout. You won’t regret it, come with us to hell. Let’s play together 」

「 Can I veto? 」

「 If you don’t mind your friends and family dead, sure, Takkun won’t be able to do anything if you’re alone, right? 」

「 How about we kill everyone else in Japan? That would be the price. I’m serious this time 」

「 Ma-chan might’ve found us, Onii-chan, gimme Takkun? 」

「 If my cute little sister asks, then sure 」

The siblings are having a fun conversation while looking at me through a crystal.

Well, from Chris’ slave to Makyuberi’s slave?

I thought so.

I guess I’m so used to it that I gave up right away. This is cheating on Chris…