Isekai Taneuma Chapter 38 Greydia 1 Izuha 1



I pour in some exp to Chris who’s still melting down.

I insert my finger to her vagina, it’s a preference thing.

Level 20, Appraisal MAX

Level 34 Mind eye+

Level 42 Impression management+

I powered it all up.

And it looks like 46 is her upper limit as there’s no more exp flowing to her.

Now then, let’s pull out the exp that’s not mine. It will be a disaster if she finds out what I did without permission. Then, Chris’ skills regressed. I feel like I’m doing some crime. Even so, it takes a lot of time to pull them in, it will be hard to turn Orz to a lesser demon.

As I tried out the new skills I learned, I was surprised.

As expected of max skills. Appraisal’s a monster.

Appraisal’s first job is to check on the appraisal itself.

Appraisal max is the highest level of appraisal. You can appraise anything with it.

I finally got a cheat.

Let’s use it on Chris’ breasts right away.


Well, yes.

Then, let’s use appraisal on her pussy.

Female Genitalia.

Well, yeah.

This is useless.

There’s no magnificent explanation on this? Geez.

That said, there’s something I need to check with my skill.

That is the true nature of pleasure increase skills.

Pleasure increase (S) , Increases pleasure onefold.

Pleasure increase (M) , Increases pleasure twofold

Pleasure increase (L) , Increases pleasure threefold

Pleasure increase (XL) , Increases pleasure fourfold.

Hmmm, it’s ordinary.

Well, I can play with Turna with this data. Turna’s job is to investigate skills so she’d gladly accept it.

While I’m checking on skills and magic, Chris seems to have awoken.

She gets up and does an M pose.

「 Done already? Look, this is your princess’ lewd pussy. You can do what you want with it 」

I can tell that someone taught her about it, but it looks like she’s embarrassed with it that her face is blushing. Then, just in time, my son down there is ready for his job.

Then, the princess fidgets.

「 That was lewd 」

「 R-Right. But, I won’t do that again. I just did what Turna told me and made a mistake 」

「 You won’t do that again? That’s sad 」

「 Err, well… If it pleases you, then I’ll do it again. But I’m reading your mind, and so I know that you didn’t expect that 」

「 What am I thinking by the way 」

「 I-It’s twitching too much, something like that 」

Oh, so those were my thoughts.

Now then, let’s resume our love affair.

「 Chris, I love you 」

「 Fufu, it’s been a while that I’m your first. I wonder why is Yukari-san pulled out at times like this? Ahn~ 」

Chris twists her body to get spoiled.

I’m satisfied.

In the end, we had our bodies glued together for three days, I think that’s good enough.

Greydia’s cleaning up per Chris’ order.

Well, she’s cleaning up, but still

She’s showing up her pussy, as expected of Greydia.

「 Other guys probably didn’t get a taste of you 」

Greydia nods.

「 Then, I’ll put it in 」

Greydia swings her ass lewdly like she has a tail.

I’m troubled, where do I put it in from? Front? Back?

I wonder which? Which one?

「 Gredya, I told you to clean up 」

「 Ha! 」

Aura of despair.

This is the worst development.

Naturally, Gredya’s prefered play is to use tactics. She doesn’t know it herself though.

Yesterday, work resumed, and I start moving to my next destination.

I head to the former orc village that is now a JDSF base, passed by some bureaucrats along the meat wall but I just ran without minding them.

The exit is our town’s Shrine, but the police had to hinder me as the police manages the transition.

I returned home after transporting. I told my family that I’m safe, then I head to Yukari’s room.

The woman with small eyes look at me.

Then, she spread her arms and show her beloved daughter walking on her legs.

「 Papa 」

「 I’m home, Umi 」

「 Welcome back 」

Yukari who’s next to Umi, who’s happy with our reunion, lowered her shoulders.

「 Welcome back. Where did you go for one week? 」

「 Kidnapped to hell 」

「 I knew it, well, I’m not worried that you’re dead though 」

「 Papa 」

「 Umi~ 」

The three of us spend our warm time indoors.

Yukari’s chewing on some chocolate. That’s why the kiss tasted chocolates.

Now then, it’s my rule to tell Yukari about everything other than the cheating.

And it’s a long story today.

「 And I got myself a new skill 」

「 Putting that aside, shouldn’t you greet my parents? They’re quite angry. Saying that you’re not giving your greetings to them. You should go to Naomi as well. I heard that she wants to go raiding 」

Right. Greeting people is important.

Naomi’s skill finally got her a child, I want to say that. But, I’ll stop. Doesn’t look like it’s my child, and it has some unfortunate skills.

「 You’re okay with just the two? 」

「 For now, yes 」

「 Then, let’s go right away 」

「 I won’t, so do your best 」

「 Why? 」

「 I mean, you just talked about multiple women, and it’s annoying to breakup. Marrying is absurd 」

「 Somehow, I’m sorry 」

「 It’s okay. I’m used to it 」

I got sent out with a “good luck”

Umi copies her mother. Cute.

I get down from Yukari’s room, through the corridor and outside. Then, I pushed on the interphone.

「 Yes? 」

「 It’s been a while. It’s Soumoto 」

「 Father! Takuma-kun came! 」

「 What? He’s finally here. What to do? 」

「 You want him to break up with his other women right? Do your best, Dear 」

「 Right. This is for Yukari’s sake. I’ll become a demon 」

Super-hearing is convenient.

I had an interview with the father of for the first time.


Late night…

Naomi’s waving her hand from the second floor.

In my mind, I’m embracing Naomi, the sleeping beauty.

I greeted Naomi’s parents who were glaring at me in the entrance and moved in.

「 Done 」

「 Good job 」

Yukari’s wearing a bear pajamas.

Umi’s already fast asleep.

Yukari’s patting her belly, what a gentle mother.

「 How did it go? 」

「 I used hero skill. That was scary 」

「 Not that, what did Naomi say? 」

「 Well, she said that she’s okay being a mistress 」

She’s not interested with my response.

Looks like she wants to say that she knows. It’s obvious.

I couldn’t refuse if her parents are crying as they say that. I feel like they’ll kill me if I hesitated. I won’t die though.

For now, I’ve dealt with the stuff in Japan.

Yukari’s smiling. It’s as if we reached the best outcome. I’m still worried so I’ll read her thoughts.

「 Want to have sex? 」

「 Not now 」

It’s the first time Yukari refused an invitation.

Yukari doesn’t think of anything. She takes off the hair clip behind her and let her long hair be free.

She shakes her head to disarrange her hair.

This beauty with the full moon behind is unbeatable.

「 Then, let’s sleep together 」

「 Okay~ 」

「 What’s wrong? That was cute 」

She lets me sleep beside her.

Parents and child on a single bed.

Umi’s sandwiched in between. This time, replying with a happy smile.

I held hands with Yukari.

「 If only you can break up with your other women 」

「 I’m handling that issue 」

「 I know that’s just a business slang for rejection 」

Yukari still smiles.

Morning comes, and I’m summoned.

「 Ya, Takkun. Sorry to bring myself in your house 」

「 What? You were watching? 」

「 Always. The blonde beauty is on Ma-chan’s level. Well, in ten years, she’ll degrade and Ma-chan would still be the same. Also, that fellatio knight. That face of despair is a feast for us demons. Makes me want to mingle with her 」

Orz smiles.

「 You want revenge on that man who had a rude and trashy attitude, right? I’ll help you out. I mean as a friend 」

I can’t make a mistake in replying.

「 That is my father-in-law. Don’t do that 」

「 Why? 」

He knows, he’s just playing. Haa.

「 Don’t do anything. Or I won’t give you exp 」

Orz stared in wonder.

Then, he laughed.

「 That’s a problem. I’ll forget about him then. You good? 」

「 As long as you understand. So, why did you call me? 」

「 Naturally, to talk 」

「 Really? 」

「 And you might as well tell me your readings on exp 」

I talk about astronomical numbers.

「 That’s bigger than expected. Wonderful. Then, split it to my subordinates. You don’t want your father dead, do you? 」

「 That’s scary 」

「 Sorry, it’s just my nature 」

This makes me tired.

I moved back to the reddish brown world along with Orz.

Then, Orz brought in a lesser demon.

「 Raise this guy’s level 」

「 Ma-chan’s share? 」

「 I’m just loaning. Do it 」

I load in exp as I was told.

Levels rise up and the lesser demon evolved to greater demon with 40 levels.

「 To think that you can easily make demons this easy, what a simple era 」

I ignore Orz’ talk and load in more exp.

When you reach level 50, it gets harder.

Before reaching 3 digits, it gradually decreases my level.

The demon needs more exp per level compared to me.

Orz frowns his eyebrows and folds his arms. Mind’s Eye+ shows nothing.

Then, the demon changes appearance after reaching level 80 after a long time.

Demon Sazaland.

He turned to a musclebrain demon.

Possessing spear-type skills and muscle-brained stats.

He doesn’t have perpetual youth.

「 Good job 」

Was that Sazaland? Is he telling me that?

Sazaland moved, and so that’s the end of exp supply.

My exp diminished a lot. Well, it doesn’t matter.

「 Takkun, sorry but do the rites. Go to Ma-chan. You don’t want to watch an affair between men, do you? 」

And so, I headed to Macurib’s room. No, I escaped. I was trembling to see the two kiss.

Wearing a jersey and munching potato chips.

Weekly shounen jump on her hand.

「 Kufufufufufufu 」

This is a first-rate disappointment, if only she wasn’t a beauty.

She’s too focused on reading manga that she didn’t notice me.

Then, she’s watching robots fight on TV.

Macurib is surely rejoicing in her life.

I sat down next to her and scanned over the newly bought volumes, are they for preservation or for use?

Next day.

「 I’m going 」

「 See ya 」

Ma-chan sends me off. The succubi bowed all at once. It’s an act I never saw before.

(Have a good day)

Their thoughts say.

I head to my workplace.

My job today is the best one.

I get the details with my appraisal.

Izuha Randall

A first-class magician. A viscount’s daughter.

A 15-year-old girl.

Platinum blonde shorthair. A somewhat lucky and pale atmosphere.

Yukari’s best friend, my friend.

In her relatives column, it has Claude Randall written, she must be the granddaughter of the almighty grandfather.

Doesn’t suit her.

Her level is at 56. She took down a lot of golems after all.

Izuha-chan’s water magic is useful. Yukari’s fire magic wasn’t that useful, yeah, it didn’t make a dent on the golems.

Now then, that Izuha-chan came in as a customer.

Izuha-chan who’s blushing looks like a sister who offered her everything to God, if we’re using earth comparisons.

「 I offer my body to God 」

Refusing like that.

Now then, while wondering what changed her mental state like that, the almighty old man was next to her. I didn’t notice him at all.

Now then, let’s use our skill friendly.

「 Why is Jii-chan here? 」

「 Hmph, magic guild job. They want a superior magician. And so, they want a magician to give birth to a child, many died during the great invasion after all 」

And the almighty grandpa doesn’t say “Kaaaaaaa” in low tension.

Looks like he hates to have me impregnate his granddaughter.

She’s not his daughter, but I guess it applies to Granddaughters as well.

I can’t imagine that.

Oh? If talking about magician, then is that reception desk-girl coming too? I want to make that Onee-san moan.

「 Then, you don’t mind the old man watch us have sex? 」

「 Yes, please do 」

Izuha-chan fixes her tool.

Then, she raised her skirt like a maid and takes off her panty.

I can see that she’s wet.

Anna thought that it’s not enough so she wet it with lotion.

I slowly insert my penis into Izuha-chan’s precious place. There’s no film anymore, it’s pleasant. I can feel that I’m being surrounded. This is an unexpected experience.

Surprisingly, someone who’s revived might flare up…I looked up at Jii-chan.

「 What? 」

「 No, just my imagination. 」

Well, in this world, 15-year-olds have one or two children already.

It doesn’t matter who’s the man.

As long as you have a good skill.

「 Hiii! Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! 」

「 I-Izuha! W-What’s wrong?! 」

「 I-I’m cuming!!!!!!!!!!! 」

Izuha-chan gets exhausted quickly. Her pussy’s twitching, that feels good.

Allow me to enjoy this with my skills.

「 Naa~ AaahN~ What’s this!? Amazing! Aaahn! 」

The sensations in both tools get stronger. I thrust in my waist stronger and poke in deeper.

「 Aaaaaaaaaah! I never knew about this! Hmmm! N-Nooo! 」

I use my skill once again and played with her clitoris, then Izuha-chan moves her hips funnily.

Then, she start to squirt.

Jii-san was dumbfounded.

But, I pulled out my penis and show off the semen spilling from her pussy.

Jii-chan reached out for Izuha-chan’s pussy.

Somehow, I got fired up too much due to the unexpected sense of corruption.

I placed my hand on the abdomen and used recovery.

Then, Izuha-chan who cooled off said;

「 Aaah, haaa, that was amazing 」

Jii-san cooled off too and used recovery on her abdomen. While I was thinking whether I’d call him “pervert Jii-san” from now on or not, he laughed.

「 You got it on the floor. 」

Hearing that, Turna pitched forward. Then, she looked at me.

Sure, my skills and evolution increased.

「 Kaaaaaaaaaaa, did you see the magic essence? This is my secret art 」

「 Cool 」

「 Old priest, could you work in this mansion? 」

The old man who was happy from our reaction shows why he’s almighty.

If you repeat abortions, you can increase the skills as much as you like, it’s some inhumane thoughts.

Izuha-chan who had her restraints taken away puts back on her panty.

Then, she turned to me with a sexy look.

「 I’m ready to have sex with Izuha-chan anytime 」

I said, then Izuha-chan nods.

「 Kaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Then, today’s just the second 」

Well, it’s a problem if you tell me that.

I chased out the old man and my lover and bring the next woman in.

A daruma.

I show dissatisfaction, but Turna speaks with a smile.

「 Takuma can fix that, right? 」

I see. I sure can.

「 You’re a genius Turna. I can cure a cheap Daruma with my skill and sell for higher 」

「 It’s an honor to receive praise. It’s easy money. Easy money. The princess pockets will become rich and the Daruma will have her body regenerated. Takuma will feel pleasure, and Turna’s evaluation will go up. Everyone wins. This is the best job. Takuma, you can now have sex with the Daruma with pride 」

Hmm, that’s indeed a win-win job.

And when I used recovery on the Daruma, it turned out to be a beauty. And it’s not a fat Daruma either.

I happily swing my hips.