Isekai Taneuma Chapter 40 Greydia 2


I wake up from the smell of roasting meat.


A red world.

Screams of agony.

I woke up and asked the beauty in front of me.

「What happened, Ma-chan?」

Macurib, a lady with indigo-blue hair and voluptuous breasts smiled.

「A frog in a well came out. Furthermore, the froggy was unlucky to go through Ma-chan’s castle gate」

I can somewhat understand it, somewhat not.

I stare at the ceiling of Macurib’s room.

A white stone ceiling.

Although, the subject is too far that I can’t focus.

「Onii-chan looks like he’s having fun when bullying the weak」

She said and stuck out her tongue.

Again, a burning smell and a scream of agony.

It’s a language I don’t know but the sound of it doesn’t seem pleasant.

I stood up to check what’s going in, then when I started walking, Macurib grabbed my hand and teleported.

In there are people with dark-indigo skin, burning in black fire trying to escape.

The lesser demons chase back the dark-skinned people and the demons use magic to burn them.

Then, one demon finds Ma-chan and me and jumped in. He’s holding some daruma in his hand.

「Hey, Takkun. I captured the enemy head alive. Take all the exp from him」

「Level 70 Dark Elf Queen?」

「Her ears are short, yet she’s an elf」

「Do you know what she’s thinking? I want to know her thoughts now that she’s about to die」

I use my mind’s eye to read her mind.

「She thinks this is all a dream. That the strongest concubine can’t lose」

I said, then the demons shake their heads.

「Ma-chan likes this girl, but she’s ugly so I don’t need her」

We brought the Dark Elf Queen to Macurib’s rooftop and I sucked out her exp.

Her level slowly goes down.

In about an hour, starting 50, her level goes down rhythmically until she fell to the weakest level.

「Sucked them all out」

I said. Then the dark elf queen got thrown out of the roof.

It’s a fall where humans can’t survive, and it goes with a scream of despair.

She crashed to the ground and lost her life.

「I knew it, the best toys are those somewhat strong and desperately resisting」

「If only she looked better, she could’ve become a succubus instead lol」

Demons enjoy watching senseless slaughter, it’s something humans can’t understand.

They look through the crystal to find high-level people.

If they find a prey with a level higher than 50, they cut off their limbs.

Blood drips down from the cuts.

The two who don’t listen to the screams of their victims surely can’t have any human sense.

When there’s enough exp saved up, I pour it on another lesser demon.


He’s revived as a level 80 demon now.

A red haired gorilla muscle demon, he’s different from the last time.

It’s puzzling for me so I told Orz.

「He thought that he’s likely to get killed if she looks like a woman. That’s what she told me. That’s why his evolution turned him to a woman」

「Hmm, so you can choose your sex」

「That’s something so simple」

「Ma-chan prefers if she became a man tho」

「Ma-chan would think that way」

Must be having troubles with the menstrual period.

Sazaland’s afraid of me. Actually, I’m also afraid of him.

We’re just the same.

「Now then, let’s begin our ceremony」

Orz said, then Ma-chan grabs my hand and teleports.

「You see, Onii-chan’s short and small, and also a premature ejaculator」

「Hey, your big bro would be shocked if she heard you say that」

「It’s okay. Ma-chan has the magic tool for distant viewing. Onii-chan doesn’t know」

She said then she hands me a gem with a size of a child’s fist.

You okay telling me that? I’m happy that you did though.

「If you pour mana there, you’ll see the person you want to see」

「Really? I want to try it out」

Greydia would be the fun one to watch. If she’s cheating, then I won’t have sex with her anymore.

I pour mana.

Hmm, she’s guarding Chris seriously.

Chris is having fellatio course from Mira it seemsl. I can’t hear their voices nor use appraisal.

But, this is great.

The wooden dildo is shaped like my penis.

Licking the glans and stroking the rod.

Then, moving her head up and down.

「Noble manners are great」

「Ma-chan wants to watch too」

She said then touches my body. Now she’s watching some shoddy fellatio.

「Hmm, so Takkun likes these. Hmm, they can practice with Takkun, why need some replica?」

I thought of the same thing sometimes.

「Ma-chan’s a genius」


Ma-chan tilts her head since she doesn’t get it.

「Ma-chan, if you want to practice, just call me」

「Fufu, I haven’t done anything other kissing so practicing fellatio is out of the question」

「Really, so it’s only kissing」

「Your nose is stretching」

I immediately touched Ma-chan’s soft skin and try to snatch away her lips.

Ma-chan denied it.


「I’m still scared, sorry」

I hold the back of Ma-chan’s head.

I keep our faces close so she won’t escape then teleported us to the bed.

Gununu, my name’s showing up on the list of people she love yet she still denies my advances, as expected of a virgin.

「Then, I’ll go practice with other women」

「Sure, take care. For my beloved Takkun’s sake, I’ll teach you the direct line to the abyss gate」

She said, then she teleported to a small gate in a basement with me.

It’s lovely that she doesn’t care about me cheating.

The other side of the gate is a small island.

An island without a single building is the abyss guard on Almeria.

Almeria’s quite far and so you need four times the mana when teleporting there.

「Take care」

Ma-chan said, and I read that she’s going to kiss me in the cheeks so I faced her and took her lips.

What soft lips. I ignored her wet look and insert my tongue, and Ma-chan gave up and accepted it.

There’s pleasure on one-sidedly violating a woman with no experience.

「Hmmm~ Takkun!~ Aha! Hmmm」

It’s okay to do anything as long as my name is in the people she loves.

I’m experienced in this.

I take off her bra and try to touch her marshmallow breasts, but Ma-chan teleported away.

「That’s as far as you go」


「That’s enough, now bring back my magic tool」

I returned the magic tool.

Her cheeks are blushing, and her expression seems charmed.

Looks like Ma-chan’s head is spinning as it’s her first time having a tongue get inside her during a kiss.

However, the expectation that her virginity is going to get eaten made her teleport back to her castle. No, she ran away.

However, I can eat her up anytime.

I can’t do anything as she escaped with teleportation, but I have this magic sealing collar.

Counterstop? What’s that? Is that delicious?

I jumped into Chris’ room but, Greydia hid the wooden dildo under the blanket before I could say a word.

I didn’t notice it earlier, but looks like Turna and Mira’s in the room too.

「Oh, I’m glad that you came」

「I wanted to see Chris」

I embraced Chris who practices fellating on the bed.

Then, Greydia takes out the dildo during that chance. Good job.

Now then, I thought of enjoying the tryst right away, then Chris body stiffened.

「Oh? It looks like the crest inside your head has disappeare.d I guess my connection with Takuma is only within our minds」

(Or should I say lower halves?)

(I believe that our hearts are connected)

Well, let’s say that it is.

Then, Turna looked at my left hand.

「Princess, there’s a hexagram crest in his left hand」

「Oh my, that’s a problem. What do we do?」

「Princess, if we cut his hand and regenerate it, it will disappear」

「Greydia’s right. It might hurt, Takuma, but endure it」

「Turna, do think that the demons might take that as a declaration of war」

「Now that you say it. I’ll turn a blind eye on losing ownership. Thanks, Turna」

Chris and the other female knight’s plan disappeared.

And the result is this.

「Takuma loves Turna so much that there’s no problem even if the owner isn’t the same」

「That’s some confidence you have there」

「Turna is only talking based on facts. Can you endure it if Turna had sex with other men?」


「Good, and so, it’s foolish to think about worrying on ownership. It must be painful to revise the skill but you can endure it」

「Right. I believe that it will be okay」


「Greydia thinks the same」


And as for the main question.

The main issue is that wooden dildo hidden over there.

Why don’t you practice with my dick instead? That sounds weird to ask.

While I was brooding over it, Chris invites me to the bed.

Seeing that, the maids and knights dispersed.

「You can do what you want, Takuma. I want your child」

Then fun times begin.


I let go of Chris’ unconscious body.

Then, I used my skill on Greydia who’s standing near the door.

She placed her hands on the wall and I thrust violently from behind.

「Ahn~ Are you sure? The princess will get angry if she finds out」

「Says the one who plays by herself」

「Hmm~ Aaah~!」

Her beautiful anus twitches, inviting me to get inside.

Then, I take out the dildo shaped like my dick.

「Where’s your “please put it in”」

「Please shove in the dildo on my lewd anus」


Greydia covers her mouth to muffle her voice.

Then, I shove in the dildo forcibly to her anus.

Greydia bent her back like a shrimp.

I attack her pussy relentlessly while stroking her anus with a dildo.

「Hmm~ Hmm! Hmm!」

Her pussy’s tightening up and her hips are moving disorderly.

When she’s at her limit, I stopped moving, then Greydia got flustered.

Then, she start moving her hips on her own. As expected.

Then, she climaxed on her own. The chestnut colored short bob haircut woman trembles. She rests her shoulder on the wall and tease her breast with her right hand and her clitoris with the left.

「You pervert」

「But you love that part of me, right? Aaahn~」

I grabbed her hips and attack her pussy.

Greydia who had the leeway to tease her clitoris holds her mouth to muffle her voice again.

「Hmm~ Hmm~ Hmm~ Hmm~」

Love nectar overflows from her crotch that she starts to squirt.

Then, the dildo shoved on her ass fell on the floor due to the swinging of us copulating.

「I’m going to cum!」

Greydia nods again and again while squirting, ready to accept my semen inside her pussy.

「Aaaaa, it’s coming in!!! Aaaaaaa!!」

「Let me look at your face」


Well proportioned looks, youthful skin.

「Where do you want it next?」

Greydia shows her ass.

「Use me as you want!」

「Then this is exclusive for me too」

Greydia’s body trembled.


I shove it on her anus while massaging her springy breasts.

Greydia fell on the floor.

Her two holes are overflowing with semen.

「Takuma, the princess will get angry」

Turna who’s been here since early in the morning has mixed feelings on the spectacle.

「I feel sorry for Greydia who started masturbating while calling my name near the door」

「Well, she’s been made to wait for so long that she reached her limit, if I was in Greydia’s position, Hmmm, I can’t understand it still」

「I had sex with Greydia, and Chris is still out」

「You’re saving up from your job, and it’s the best result for Almeria. Let’s head to our workroom. If you’d please」

Looks like we’re just leaving Greydia who’s lying down on the floor.

Don’t get raped if a guy comes in okay? Hahaha.

I jumped to our workroom. And we talked about our schedule for today.

「Do you mind it being all Daruma?」


「Thanks. I’ll bring those in danger right now」

「How about we heal them all at the same time?」

「That’s pleasant to hear. Then please do. I bought plenty that it’s becoming a problem」

「Then, I got to impregnate them all」

「Yes, if the time allows, do your best overnight. As thanks, Turna will have sex with you」

「Well, I guess I have to now」

「No, if we call Mira in here, then it will be three of us」

「Love you」

I stayed over for work.

However, some weird guys came in.

「Something happened in Japan?」

The angel made some rare claim. However, I’m a man who lost to pleasure.

「Having sex with Mira and Turna is my priority」

And so I followed the devil.

By the way, the Geniuses claim something stupid that they can cut down Almeria and walk around hell easy.

Stupid people.

Almeria’s got a lot of beauties you know.

This is why AI is useless.

Now then, I have to work hard.

I regenerated the Daruma and swing my hips.

Then, I had fun with the reward.

Such happiness.