Isekai Taneuma Chapter 42 Battle with the Queen Vampire 1



The gates closed down but there were no problems after that.

If I must say, it’s just Ikemen who tried to go to the other world secretly.

In this world, he’s a high-school boy who left the school during a term and is good at archery. On the other side, he’s a first-class archer.

Well, I won’t say that I don’t understand how he feels.

「 You should aim for gold medal on the olympics 」

When Fumio-sensei told him that, he started crying.

Nobody could understand what he was saying while crying.

Then, Nanami evolved from an abandoned shut-in. She’s still in bed though.

Poor girl.

Meanwhile, I started taking a decent job.

My job is to head to the race track every Sunday.

Going to the paddock, using my appraisal to check the status and use it to make bets. It’s genius.

To tell you the truth, it’s too easy.

Prodigies at winning races have 60% winning ratio. My genius skill gets me to 80%.

It’s the moment I see the performance of these guys.

And sometimes, there are cases where I have to force it. Like the time when I burned down Sazaland. In that case, the correct ratio skyrockets. Currently, I no longer make a mistake, it’s always correct.

That time, I thought that it’s too late to say it.

Not much time to spend the money parents gave as an allowance until it was gone.

Then, I increase the money secretly, put them in an envelop and hand it to Yukari and Naomi.

「 Thanks 」

「 That helps a lot 」

They gratefully accept.


Japan is an easy game.

As for Almeria, I swing my hips.

My awakening skill has become awakening skill kai when I reached level 100.

The result is that the skills attached for the conception is wonderful.

「 You want your skills right? Then stick out your ass 」

I’m glad that I can say that always.

Furthermore, it’s my way to obtain new skills, it’s perfect.

I made a child with Chris right away and I can’t help but feel happy.

Turna’s also in high spirits on her scary plan of mass producing abortion skill.

Also, she’s worrying on how to persuade Chris. She’s a scary one.

Lastly, I came to hell.

In here, I spend my laid-back life.

In five days time, the mass produced level 80 demons increased.

I’ve enjoyed Ma-chan’s mouth and breasts while watching anime, playing games, or reading manga.

This time, Ma-chan trembles from the pleasure of just her breasts.

And she’s satisfied with just that, maybe it’s because she’s a demon.

If it’s Greydia then she’d get angry if I ended up with just that but Ma-chan shows a satisfied smile and hands me a controller.

「 When you lose I’ll take all of you, Kira~ 」

Those words tell me to fight seriously.

I have to win by all means.

「 Will a dice roll game do? 」

「 Sure. But, isn’t it more fun if there are more people participating in that game, Onii-chan? 」

As soon as she says that, the siscon appears.

How did you come in this instant?

Then, he camped between Ma-chan and me.

This asshole.

「 If I win, you know that I’ll have you agree to have sex, right? 」

「 If you win that is 」

He just wants to say that I have no chance to win. Great, I’ll go all out.

I’ll put my everything here.

We fought for 99 years in game time while using restoration on myself.

「 Fufu, it’s Takkun’s first time cornering Ma-chan like this. Okay, Last Emperor! Kira~ 」

「 Aaah, what a tease 」

「 Fuu, Ma-chan’s going to turn the tables 」


Even though it would’ve been my win if she stopped on my property.

Even with the genius skill, Ma-chan doubts cheating. This useless skill.

Then, Orz is battling the CPU seriously.

「 Ma-chan’s big brother is unlucky 」

「 It’s a hopeless luck, he’s got a bad habitual behavior after all 」

Orz silently rolled the dice and then he had to pay the CPU a huge amount of money and that’s the end of the game.

「 Hmm 」

Orz disappears with that remark.

Orz disappeared silently, then Ma-chan is having a bitter thought.

Then, she spoke ill of him.

「 That’s the reason why you don’t have friends, lovers, and even those with power look at you hatefully, your only ally is Ma-chan 」

「 He’s not just an unmarried man, he’s a loner 」

「 It can’t be helped with his personality. If only he lets go of his little sister sooner 」

「 That’s some hardship you’re going through 」

「 We’re siblings that’s why it can’t be helped, it’s just that I want to beat him to death sometimes 」

「 I only want him to stop interfering when we’re in a lewd mood 」

「 Right. If only he finds some lover for himself. Oh well, let’s watch anime next? 」

Ma-chan played with the remote control and started playing an anime for children.

Ma-chan’s omnivorous when it comes to anime.

We watch the same show while holding hands. Surprisingly, I like times like these too.

That was a fun day.

I can move around a lot in hell.

We spent our week carefree, reading some boys magazine, and Orz comes over sometimes.

Orz said.

「 Ma-chan, the 9th is coming over 」

In response, Ma-chan gave instructions to the succubus right away.

「 Everyone, run. Abandon our current site, bring the not-for-sale collection Abyss, Ma-chan and I will buy you some time 」

「 No, you escape too, Ma-chan. I’m the one buying time 」

「 You can’t do it alone, Onii-chan 」

「 I’ll rely on the other demons. We can manage that much 」

「 Ma-chan thinks that you can’t do it but do your best, I’ll cheer for you 」

That’s wholesome.

「 I also have Takkun’s buff 」

「 I now see you in a positive light Onii-chan. Then, I’ll help out with the transport of materials. Help me Takkun 」

「 Okay 」

Following Ma-chan’s instructions, I used teleportation, teleportation, teleportation, and teleportation.

We heard a sound of explosion halfway.

The fight started.

「 Macurib-sama, let’s hurry and escape 」

「 Okay. They’re already obstructing teleportation. Takkun hold this figure for me 」

「 Sure 」

We move afoot.

The succubus taking the lead is a red-haired and blue-eyed girl.

Her level is 45. She has swordsmanship skills. She has more of a motherly aura than an elder sister. She’s a beautiful demon.

And I follow her while staring at her ass.

Then, the succubus pushed a bookcase and a road leading to underground appears.

No matter what world you’re in they’re always similar.

We move forward with Ma-chan’s light magic across the dark path.

There are some thunderous roar on the surface and the ceiling shakes.

Ma-chan seem to be watching Orz’ fight with a distant view magic.

Then, we jumped worlds after reaching the gate.

Then, the succubus puts down the baggage and are all gasping for breath.

Ma-chan makes a head-count.

「 Okay, everyone’s safe. Thanks to Onii-chan. Let’s take a rbeak and move to another secret base 」

Somehow, the sense of accomplishment is flowing in.

Of course, it doesn’t flow to me. I wonder how dangerous was that?

「 Then, Takkun, want to watch Onii-chan’s heroic figure together? 」

「 I just want to know what’s going on 」

I touched Ma-chan’s body.

I can see Orz and demons and lesser demons.

「 Ma-chan’s strength is the 98th among the people in hell. Then, Onii-chan’s the 87th. The opponent is a Queen Vampire, she’s the 9th strongest.

「 I don’t even get that. Make it easy to understand 」

「 You know that anime who’s got enemies throughout the year? Ma-chan’s in about 5000 power level, get it? 」

「 Somehow. That means that Ma-chan’s quite weak? 」

I feel like I stepped on a landmine.

「 Wha?! Just so you know Ma-chan is among the stroongest among the people around us! If I work with Onii-chan then we can we can take down even the 30th! Besides, the ranking in hell starts a hundred thousand! Getting in two digits is already amazing, it’s just that our enemy is the worst kind and so we escaped, most of the time we’ll pretend that we didn’t notice them and beat the hell out of them! Ma-chan’s not that weak! 」

Her cheeks turn red and she speaks agitated.

「 Sorry for being ignorant. Yeah, being in 98th among the hundred thousands is amazing 」

I said. Then Ma-chan fixed her breathing.

「 Fuu…fuu…just a little more and I would hate Takkun, be careful, okay? 」

It’s hard to grasp the demon’s sense of values.

It’s something like mocking the JDSF if I’m in Japan, right? Well, I guess that’s okay.

Demons see the mockery of their strength as unforgivable.

Now then, I somehow understand some specialties about the demons.

Ma-chan’s concentrating at the fight of her brother.

Ma-chan and I continue to watch. The succubus who wanted to watch also touched Ma-chan’s body.

That scene is a zombie attack where the lesser demons mow them down with a huge bone. Orz is also fighting. He’s shooting magic from the sky.

He’s facing a beauty with golden hair and slender body.

「 Is that blondie the vampire queen? 」

「 That’s right, and it’s an even match 」

The blonde beauty dashes on the ground, negates Orz’ magic and then sends back a lightning bolt.

Orz and the mass produced demons dodged and counterattacked.

Sure, this is an equal match.

Then, the other mass produced demons are having a good match with the opposing leaders.

「 Hmmm, if only we could hire the orcs in this battle 」

「 Right 」

The Queen vampire fights with magic as she runs across the ground. That attack claimed its first victims.

One of the mass produced demons got hit by lightning magic and wind magic and got chopped up.

However, he doesn’t just die. The mass produced demon falls into the ground and then a fire magic blows and it becomes a zombie.

Then, Orz threw a dark explosive fire on the mass production demons.

Not even a speck of dust remained on the mass produced demons.

The Ma-chan and the girls seem to be proud of the deaths.

One of the succubus told me as I don’t even know what’s going on.

「 The enemy force uses charm to to make the weak enemies are their war potential. Barian-sama sends those she control to the best death without giving the enemies any exp. The enemy leader must be frustrated 」

「 I see. Thanks for the explanation 」

「 You’re welcome 」

Sure, the queen vampire is biting her nails. She’s frustrated.

Then, the lesser demons become zombies and attack again.

I see.

「 Takkun, what’s the enemy level? 」

「 I can’t see it through this 」

「 I see 」

Ma-chan seems to be worried about her big brother.

Orz who shoots magic from the skies vs the Queen vampire who runs on the ground. It drags everyone around mercilessly.

It’s a struggle for supremacy but Orz’ mass produced demons’ cooperative play manages to endure the situation.

As for the Queen vampire’s side, she doesn’t let a moment of opportunity slide and captures the mass produced demons by taking away the magic collar from the mass produced demons.

Capturing them without killing them, well, that’s how it is.

「 This is a losing battle 」

「 Right, Onii-chan should be giving up, he should be thinking of how to escape. I’ll go contact him 」

「 So you can contact him 」

Ma-chan presses a white stone to her ears.

「 This is Macurib. Onii-chan, come in 」

「 This is Onii-chan. I’m glad that you’re safe. Come in 」

「 What’s the situation? 」

「 There’s high-ranking demons coming from all side, I have no means of escape. I’m out of mana Out 」

「 I’ll carry Onii-chan’s grudge 」

「 Yeah, sorry for bothering you so far. Also, for not paying back my debt 」

「 It’s okay. See you 」


Now then, there’s something I have to ask.

「 Orz is immortal, right? 」

「 Yeah 」

「 He won’t die, right? 」

「 Right, they probably don’t have a skill that siphons experience and I don’t think that the other side has a management group. What’s left is for him to look for a chance to come back 」

That was the flow of the conversation.

Orz used the last of his mana to create a dark attribute wide range dark meteor.

The Queen Vampire created a protective wall to endure it.

The small fries got wrapped in darkness for a moment and then the enemy leaders negated it with ease.

As soon as he ran out of Mana, a lighting bold pierced Orz.

That was enough for a finisher and Orz fell.

Then, a huge black skeleton riding a horse minced his head.

「 Yikes 」

「 O-Onii-chan, he’s become minced meat 」

That hurts.

And since he has no head, they took the collar on his neck.

The smashed head regenerates.

The demons who survived slowly come up to the ground.

Are they surrendering?

Then, his head got crushed again.

I stopped watching there. Ma-chan stares at her brother’s fate with a pale face.