Isekai Taneuma Chapter 43 Epilogue



I travelled through other worlds and came back to hell to relax.

The place is Macurib’s former territory, underground of a mountain.

It’s a place where there’s a gate to Japan.

Now then, as for Orzvute and his mass produced demons. This is…

「 That was an unsatisfying appointment 」

「 Right 」

Orz’ cuts down his left hand that has a crest attached and then used recovery magic to regenerate a new hand. Now he’s back to his ideal form again.

Then, he looked at the crest of the Queen vampire with a condescending attitude.

「 Do demons change their Masters that easy? 」

I looked at the succubi and they shook their heads.

However, Macurib affirmed it.

「 Demons only follow those who are stronger than them, that’s why Onii-chan swings his tail that fast 」

「 Hmmm 」

「 But since betrayals are common, they just become independent, instead of waiting for the betrayal. So, Ma-chan’s gonna stalk for a while. 」

「 I see. Basically something like Ryofu 」

「 That’s way off 」

I was wrong.

Macurib continued while hanging her head.

「 Even so, I wonder what he’s doing 」

Yeah, the fight is already over and the lesser demons are sitting on the floor, but the Queen Vampire’s subordinates look nervous even now.

Then, they’re doing a household search timidly.

Then, a red haired succubus shows up.

「 Macurib-sama, please read my thoughts by lip reading 」

「 I see. That’s great 」

「 Then, I’ll read it. –Come here, you shitty orcs. After attacking our dungeons so many times, it’s too late to hide them now. Bring their heads and I’ll deal with them 」

The man making a noise is a lizardman. That’s a strong reptile.

「 Ah, Onii-chan attacked the vampire’s lower branch dungeon. 」 So that’s why they came here angry 」

「 Well, why not? He got some good personnel anyway. There were a lot of fortunes over there. The fight now was a great success. We’ll make a big leap with this 」 」

The personnel they’re talking about is the mass produced guys. Does Orz think the same?

Even so, the succubus changed her voice 7 times in high-spirits.

We went lip reading after that and Macurib understood the rough situation.

「 Onii-chan’s getting his just deserts, and Ma-chan’s subordinates and assets got involved. Dammit, if I knew this would happen then I should’ve disagreed about taking the orcs in the first place 」

「 Don’t mind it 」

「 Aaaahn~ I want to get some power in reserve. I’ll back off from hell for now. Argh, so frustrating 」

For me, I can now eat Macurib deliciously, and Orz is no longer a threat.

I’m in good luck.

If possible, I would like to touch the Queen vampire and get her skill and magic. But, the situation is troublesome.

Once the situation calms down, I’ll stick some horns, feather, and tail on me and give her a greeting. I think she’ll give me a handshake.

Macurib’s adventure books have disappeared from her mental state.

Then, we started discussing the next plan.

「 What do you think about managing a sex industry in Japan? 」

「 It would be a high-hurdle for the virgin Ma-chan, but try it, do your best to earn 」

「 I’ll show that I’m useful 」

「 Then, how about creating a country in a world abandoned by gods? And luckily, we have a mid-scale country that is under an assault of the undead. I heard from reports that the infrastractures are still safe 」

「 Then, let’s do that. Let’s go 」

「 Then, I suggest that we borrow Takkun-sama’s power to exterminate the undead 」

「 You want, Takkun? 」

「 Sure 」

The succubus smiled.

Macurib continued.

「 Continue to give me more ideas, since we’re at it, let’s have fun 」

「 Then, I want to try being an animator in Japan 」

「 Oh, yes, Ma-chan thought of the same but the only thing I know is to watch it. But I’ll still try it. First, let’s go to a technical school 」

「 Please give me orders to use charm to have orcs as our war potential. I will offer my lower half to them 」

「 On the contrary, try not to use charm on them. Good. Everyone’s got good plans 」

「 I yearn for some physical work. I think that company outings are fun 」

「 Ma-chan can’t understand that but I accept that value 」

That’s what they call putting a brave face.

The red haired succubus and I moved to the perish empire. Then, I used a transfer gate and jumped to Mirod Kingdom which was destroyed.

That place is dominated with undead.

It’s the imperial headquarters fighting them off.

Now then, shall we ask her?

「 Succubu-chan, do you have memories before you became a follower? 」

Crimson hair, blue eyes, and a voluptuous chest.

Her name is a blank space but her age is 33, and she has swordsmanship max skill.

She’s Elizabeth Danatol Perish.

She’s the empress the orcs gang raped. I think. She’s much more beautiful than before, and so she might not be.

「 Of course I do 」

「 And you’re sure that you’re not the Empress who said “Kuh, kill me” 」

「 Yes, but don’t say that line again. I’m now Macurib-sama’s proud follower 」

That cold and elegant figure belongs to the high-class people.

「 Then please go through that gate over there. I will be chopping them up straight 」

「 Got it. I’m going out then 」

I send off the succubus with a smile.

What a good woman. I’ll bang her next time.

It’s mostly skeletons and zombies, and rarely some skeleton soldiers and medium zombies.

I destroy them and move forward.

I destroy the surroundings with magic, and use physical enhancement skills for my fist.

I blew off the high-king with my first.

Then, a dragon zombie shows on the gate.

I used fire magic to burn it and leave no trace behind.

Lastly, I fire off a lighting bolt to the gate and it was gone.

I’ve become stronger.

What’s left is exterminating the remnants of the enemy army.

Succubus-chan used a magnificent sword skill to slice up the last skeleton.

「 Good job 」

「 Yeah, good job. However, the busy part is after this 」

「 Right 」

「 To found this nation, I will inherit the name of the MIrod bloodline and become the Queen of Mirod Kingdom. If Takkun-sama becomes my spouse, you can take a status and it will be convenient. Is it okay? 」

「 I don’t mind. It’s just merely for form’s sake, right? 」

「 Indeed. That helps. The citizens will want a hero. Please show your power once in a while to let them know 」

「 Well, if it’s just that much 」

She takes out her hand so we shook hands.

「 This is a vow of marriage 」

「 Oops. That’s a surprise. I became Succubus-chan’s first spouse before I realized 」

「 I’m joking. That’s merely for form’s sake. It’s a mask 」

Succubus-chan seem to have no hidden motives.

Ohw ell.

Nobody will know if I stay silent.

Elizabeth Danatol Mirod is added to my wives column.