TAOS / Power of Creation Announcements


Whizzer here! Don’t know who I am? Eh… well, I wrote Tales of a Seductress, Power of Creation, and edited the first 6 chapters of Inma. For anyone interested in any of those, I just wanted to give an update.

  1. I’m mostly moving back to my blog, https://elementalcobalt.wordpress.com/
  2. TOAS and Power of Creation will remain on this site, but if you noticed they aren’t labeled ‘original’, I moved them to their respective lists, TOAS is completed and Power of Creation is dropped.
  3. Oh, yeah, you caught that. Yeah, I’m dropping Power of Creation. The project was a stress reliever while I was finishing TOAS, but frankly, it quickly stopped being fun to write for various complex reasons. It’s not you, it’s me. Or something. But who knows, if I get stressed writing TOAE, I might return to it.
  4. I’ve started a Patreon to fund my writing. My wife just lost her job, so any help is appreciated. This will not be related to my translating work for the reincarnated villager. The link to patreon is on my word press.
  5. Tales of an Enchantress will start posting on my blog, not here. So, you know, if you want to hear about it, you might need to go there. Its release speed will also be directly associated with my patreon success. I’m not saying I need a full-time salary, and I won’t work on a per chapter basis, but I’m the kind of guy who if I’m funded, I feel very responsible for putting out decent content, so do that if you want content.
  6. Inma no Hado will still slowly be edited. Slowly… Slowly… Sloooooooowly.