Zombie Emperor 11

Chapter 11

「Is that so?」

I told Aki-chan what I did to these guys.

「But, Jin-san, these people would kill you to protect themselves from zombies aren’t they?」
「I know that! …Sorry」
「Ah, no, I was just surprised for a moment」

I know.
Zombies are manpower for me, but they’re enemies for others.
I don’t have to kill zombies to protect my own life.
I know that much.

I looked at the headless corpse.
Though I can’t see the face, there’s no mistake that the body looks good.

「But I can’t forgive them! This person was the store owner of that stationery shop, Though I’ve never asked him when I shopped once before, he was boasting about it’s daughter…He was a nice person」

I’m not coming on this shopping district frequently, but this stationery store remains in my memory.
Oh, he was a good guy though…

「I’ve only met them several times, but they strangely remained in my memory…If such a person is killed, then seeing his wife and daughter get raped…I, I! I wasn’t able to forgive them…」

I can’t forgive them.
Men who laughed as they murdered a man, I did rape someone just like them, but in this situation they’re just terrorist.

「I was afraid. If they found Sakura-chan and Aki-chan earlier than me, and when I think that they made you a sexual outlet, I don’t think I can stop myself」

I won’t be able to forgive myselfーーI was scared.

「Jin-san, It’s okay, I’m right here」

I was embraced tightly by Aki-chan.

「Jin-san, I don’t intend to do ecchi things with other people than Jin-san you know? If they forced me, then I’ll bite them!」

Aki-chan smiled.

「Also, Jin-san didn’t kill anyone yet you know? You only turned them to zombies. Just like me, their consciousness might return, isn’t it a fine punishment?」

…That kind of thinking might be fine.
It eased me up a bit.
I worried and thought too much.
I’m glad that Aki-chan returned my reason.

「But, isn’t Aki-chan’s thought slightly radical?」
「Rapists should die!」1

Well, that impression is honest for a woman.
But then…

「Then, is it better if I die too…?」
「In Jin-san’s case it’s sex, so it doens’t count! I forgive you so it’s fine」2

Is this okay?…
When I looked at her, Sakura-chan was also nodding.
…Sakura-chan’s intellect must be coming back.

「Leaving that aside, let’s clean up the wife and the daughter! If we leave them like that…」

Certainly, this two people were dirtied by the body fluid of these fellows.
I should better clean them up.

「Can you clean these two people up, Aki-chan? This shop has a residential area so there might be a shower or a bath」
「Got it, Jin-san?」
「I…I will let this person rest」

I can’t just leave him alone out in the open.
I must bury it in the park or a vacant land.
If I recall, there’s a vacant land near here.
It’s bad for the owner of the land, but I’ll bury him there…

「Sakura-chan…You’re okay with Aki-chan? Got it」

And thus, we separated temporarily.

Even if we separated, it’s not by that much.
The vacant lot is next to the shopping area.

Just in case, I stationed a police zombie near the stationery store.
There’s the possibility for a friend of neo-Zombie hunter army coming back.
Therefore, I placed riot police zombie.
I ordered them to restrain any human approaching other than me.
Because zombies will keep doing it until I tell them to stop, Aki-chan and Sakura-chan won’t be in danger.

In addition, I restricted the neo-Zombie hunter that became a zombie, and shut him inside the police car.
They’re treated like a criminal
Well, they’re in fact are.

The vacant land became a construction site.
I think that the foundation works isn’t finished yet, so the soft earth is bare.
There were some shovels lying around too.
Because they can likely be used as a weapon, I decided to carry them around.

「Good, we also have shovel here, I should start soon…What!?」

A man’s scream…
Is there someone?

What’s there is…
was neither a zombie nor human.
It’s a monster with red blood color.
And it ate a human.

「What’s this…」

The length…Is around three meter.
It’s shape is same as a bipedal human…
Above anything, both of it’s arms,
Is sharp just like a knife.
The sword in it’s hand is called like a hand used like a sword in striking, but that’s wrong. 3
It’s completely a knife.

There was a cut pickup truck near the monster.
Inside the care are some food, bat and golf clubs.
Apparently, it seems that it was the car of the neo-zombie hunter army.

「Jiroji? Ichi risuu, Chibo ma Naki?」4

The monster noticed me…
This…is a unique mob…?
It’s face completely became inhuman, I don’t even understand what it’s saying…


  1. Poor Jin-san
  2. She means consented sex, though there was no word ‘consent’ in the raw
  3.  手を刀に見立てて手刀というが、そんなものとは違う。
  4. ぢろぢ? いちりすう、ちぼまなき? It’s really gibberish