Zombie Emperor 13

Chapter 13

「What do you mean?」
「I don’t know it at all」

I told the contents of the dream to Aki-chan.
However, it was a strange experience.
It’s almost like a memory of other flowed…
The sense of his hand turning to a blade is still remaining.
It’s gradually feeling like a different hand…

「Jin-san, are you really okay?」
「I’m okay…probably not」

I’ve caused trouble to Aki-chan again.
But, that feeling.
Could it be?…

I closed to the red unique individual that’s not moving anymore and touched the knifelike arm.
I pulled it and it detached as it is.
This fellow is a bladeー is fused to an inorganic material, probably a rare case which is also an evolution individual.
I touched the knife-arm directly and concentrated my consciousness as I recall the sensation.

A zombie virus exists in my body…
That is that and this guy is also evolved the same way…
The bone in his arm transformed and gradually stretched.
When I opened my eyes, my right arm…became a knife.

The zombie emperor stands above all zombies.
If you can only just order the zombies…you can’t be called the emperor.
With this I can copy the ability of other zombies and make it mine.
The flow of memory is for this purpose.
It is to understand the ability accurately to make it my own power.

Normal zombies are under my control like a slave.
I can destroy unique individuals that doesn’t obey my orders.
It’s the essence of the infected emperor.
This isー the true color of the power I have

「Jin-san, that arm…!」
「Aki-chan, I can return this arm immediately so don’t worry」

I return my hand.
It was easier than transforming my hand to a knife.
Putting it back doesn’t seem to take much time.

「See? I’m already alright soー」

I laughed to deceive her.

「Jin-san, you can’t lie. Even if you laugh, your eyes are not laughing, you can rely on me more. Please don’t hold it by yourself!」

It seems Aki-chan saw through it.
I’m no match against her.

「Yup, it’s painful. A lot of person was hurt and died because of my order, I did say that I don’t want to kill yet in the same breath I did kill former humans」

There’s a strong sense of regret from doing it, but there’s also the bad sense of accomplishment from the aftertaste of killing.

「I’m the worst」
「That’s not true Jin-san, since you avenged took revenge instead of me you’re the best boyfriend」

Saying so, Aki-chan made me squat and hugged me.
In this position, her chest…

「How is it? Are you relieved now?」
「Yeah. I am. It’s the best…」

My face is sinking in Aki-chan’s big chest.
Maintaining it’s shape without being defeated by gravity, Aki-chan’s breast is the best…
Also, Aki-chan’s chest has a faint scent of body soap that has a peculiar sweet scent of a woman.

「Mother does this when I’m having a hard time before」

That reminds me, Aki-chan’s mother has a considerably big boobs too.
Was she hugged tightly on those breasts?…

「Jin-san, if it hurts you can avert your eyes. Normally I know that it’s not good to say. But, we’re nor normal anymore. Perhaps, what waits us is even more painful」

That’s right.
In this situation, the possibility of Saya living is almost zero, even if she’s a zombie for example, she might be killed by unique individuals.
Also, I don’t even know if I can properly protect Aki-chan and Sakura-chan.

「That’s why…For now let’s think of something fun and pleasurable to balance it. If you only think of painful things, Jin-san might go crazy you know?」
「Aki-chan…Thank you, you’re right」

It’s certainly important.
More than anything, I don’t want Aki-chan to worry any more.


Sakura-chan taps her own chest…
Her face is looking slightly sad.

「No! I also love Sakura-chan’s small breast! Okay!?」

Since the burial and the luggage loading was over too, we decided to return to the apartment.
By the way, I also took weapons such as golf-clubs which was put in the car of Neo Zombie hunter army gratefully.
When I ask the three that became a zombie a simple question, it seems that these fellows move in small groups, It seems that they were a total of five people and two that were driving the car were killed by the unique individual.
Since the zombiefied guys can still answer simple questions, there’s still some intelligence left in them.

But, How dare them rape a zombie raw. 1
It’s said that it’s not contagious if you’re not bitten but…
They seem to be simpleminded guys.

「It was a troublesome day today…」
「That’s true…」

By the way, I had the policemen zombie on standby around my apartment.
Since zombies don’t sleep they’re doing an all night watch.
I don’t think they will, but I ordered them to come into my room if they come across an unique individual.
Therefore I didn’t lock it.
Furthermore, the Aizu couple are guarding this apartment together.
Because there might be the risk that those guys rape the two beautiful girls from the stationery shop, I placed them on the transport vehicle along with several people.

「Then, Aki-chan, Sakura-chan, let’s feel…good?」

Alone with these two, I got horny again.
Let’s do it.


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