Zombie Emperor Chapter 24

 Chapter 24

「Jin-san, this is great…!」

Oh, really good!
Saya is alive.
It seems that Saya became a fusion individual, but it’d be really good if Saya was not found by other fusion individuals…!

「But …didn’t they pass each other?」

Saya also seems to have moved from here to look for me.
I do not want to do the same thing Saya did.

「Well, when did Saya go look for me?」

I asked a man at the end of the barricade.

「Saya said this morning that i’m going to the complex  where my Onii-chan lives and that I will come back here with food again if I find my Onii-chan.」

If it was this morning …  Saya may still be around here.

「Aki, i’m returning to my room once I’m done looking for Saya around here, she may be in my room」

「Well, let’s try searching for Saya around here for a while!」

OK, let’s look for Saya.

「Thank you! Is there anything I can do to help here?」

They gave me very helpful information .
The least I could do is help them.

「No … well, for the time being, we have plenty of food,thanks to your sister… but more wouldn’t hurt, so if you really feel like helping we could use provisions .」

If that is the case … Then there is something I can do.

「Well, I will leave the vegetables , the vegetables we received from the greengrocer, in a box in front of the barricade」

I walked around the police zombies and place the vegetables on a car in front of the barricade.

「Is that really OK?」

「I do not mind, we can’t eat this much with just us」

I hope the refugees will also raid some stores.
Food still remains.
Now is the time to help each other.

「Thank you, thank you……!」

However, in this situation, food will be decreasing steadily.

I can’t bring food to this shelter forever…
I’ll have to prepare something.

「Saya ! Where are you, please respond!」

「Saya! Onii-chan is here!」

We were looking for Saya while calling out loud.
I wonder if Saya is not here anymore …
I collected everything that could be of use from my parents’ house, should I go back to A prefecture …?

That white shape…

「Ha ha ha, ha ha」

A dog or maybe…
A human?
A mysterious creature that can not be called either is attacking.

My body is about the size of an elementary school girls, but I have features similar to that of a dog.

This face I’m licking…
Oh, this feeling is my home.
No doubt about it.


While I thought that, I abruptly stopped licking, I heard a nostalgic voice.


Saya’s voice!

「Onii-chan, please wait a minute」

A fusion of a human and dog , I could make out a pretty face through the characteristics of a dog.
This reminds me of when I changed my arms into knives.

After all Saya is a beautiful girl … …!
Beautiful vibrant eyes.
Eyes that are still red.

But it is Saya.
It is my sister for sure.

「Onii-chan … I wanted to see you」

Saya was hugging me while swinging her tail sideways.
Even though her face was the same, Saya had dog ears and a tail.

This is dangerous.
Saya who was originally cute was now equipped with dog ears and a tail, which further accelerated her cuteness. In the case of Saya with dog ears she was cheating.

Too cute.

「Yeah, I wanted to see you too, Saya」

Saya clung to me, cuddling.
Ah, this is Saya.
Saya was safe.
I thought that it was a monster, but it was only my cute little sister.

I’m happy.

「Well, I was worried, Saya」

It seems that Saya was suddenly bit as she walked shiro around the neighborhood after heading home from school. Because of this it was unknown who she was bitten by.

「Well, as I woke up, I wondered where shiro went ,I decided to look for her, then realized I was like this.」

Saya showed her dog ears and furry arms.

「But what about Shiro? I told you to retract.」

「Well, I don’t  understand it well but I feel like shiro is a part of me, I mean I still want to lick your face」

It seems that Saya dominates the body, basically because  Saya’s body is the main body.
Shiro seems to appear on the surface from time to time.

「Great, Saya, you seem to have helped a lot to the people in the evacuation shelter, I spoke to the people in the shelter」

「Yeah, they let me in and I helped, didn’t you?」

Crap, she’s too cute now!
My head is spinning.
She looks happy.

「So, Onii-chan, who is that woman there?」


Good, I felt the angelic aura of Saya                    become that of a demon …

「Nice to meet you, Saya-chan, I am Yuzawa Akiko, Jin-sans ” Girlfriend 」

Aki pronounced the part of “Girlfriend” strongly.
This is bad!

「Well … she’s like」

「Oh, Saya-san, are you somewhat scared?」

This is dangerous.
Even my sister is scared of what would happen if she started an argument with Aki.

” 「… Onii-chan’s you liar,you said I would be your bride.」

「No, no, that conversation happened years ago!」

This was a story before Saya was even in elementary school.
At that time, he stated, 「Yes, I hope Saya would like to marry me, but …」

「First, Saya and I are brother and sister !? Brothers and sisters can’t get married 」

「But I and Onii-chan are not connected by blood, don’t you know that if you aren’t connected by blood, you can marry?」

Sure that’s true … but!

「A, Aki-chan」

I asked Aki for help, but …

「Jin-san, please take responsibility for your own past deeds, however, my position will not change」

In short Aki’s saying that I can take Saya as a concubine along with Sakura.
However she will remain my true wife .

It seems like that.

「Saya … I like Aki and also …… I did some very erotic things , Saya knows what I mean right?」

「…I know, but I like Onii-chan」

Saya says with puffed cheeks .

「Aki is not the only one, Sakura also likes me, I also like Sakura.」

「…Is it bifurcated?」

「Is it a bifurcated…Harem? Well first, Aki-chan and Sakura like me but I can’t say I like like either one more than the other….」

They love me however I can not answer for my feelings.
I wonder why this is ok …. I don’t think it’s any good if I don’t fully reciprocate their feelings.
After all, I haven’t got a clear answer.
I like two people.
But that’s no good …

「So Saya, I said it before, but there is a better man than me somewhere in the world…」

「Well then I will be the third」

Wait! What?

「No, no, Saya, were you even listening to what I said?」

「I heard what you said, what about it?」

I just told you what was wrong.
Saya stretched my heart beyond Sakura.

「Maybe … …Is it that you dislike Saya …?」

Saya looks at me with tearing eyes.
She is likely to break down at any moment.

「That’s impossible!” Onii-chan love’s Saya! 」

「Yes, I’ll take those words」

I wonder if that is okay! It is,right?

「Saya loves Onii-chan and Onii-chan loves  Saya, is there something wrong with that?」

Well, that’s right …

「Saya, I already have wife candidate’s, it might not be the best decision, is this really okay?」

「It’s okay, because it is Onii-chan that I like the most」

Saya …!
I can’t take it anymore.
I stole Saya’s lips.