Zombie Emperor Chapter 25


Chapter 25

I was deeply deep kissing my sister’s mouth though I was a little aggressive.
I inserted my tongue in saya’s mouth and intertwined saya’s little tongue with mine and thoroughly enjoy the feeling.

「Onii-chan… I love you」

Once she released her mouth, Saya said with so much love.

「I love Saya too」

Someone tweaked my cheek.

「Jin-nii is a lolicon」
「Sakura … No, this is just … … I just have a wide range of interests, it’s different than a pedophile …」

I love Aki’s boobs.

「Siscon, Booblover, Pervert, Coward, Beast 」

Because everything is true, I couldn’t refute any of it……

「But I love you」

Sakura approaches to kiss me –

「Hey! Onii-chan is Saya’s older brother!」

It was pushed away by Saya.

「Well!Jin-nii is Jin-nii! So it’s fine!」
「Noisy, noisy! I’m telling you that I’m my older brother! This idiot!」
「The one who is stupid is the one who calls someone stupid! This idiot!」
「Dummy ,Dummydummydummy!」
「This is … …! Stupid Idiotidiotidiot!」

I watched them begin to fight…
Sakura may be taller, but the level of conversation is the same.

Why is a High school student arguing with an elementary school student?

Oh, Sakura’s speaking even though she’s not aroused! Right?

「Sakura, can you speak now?」
「Are you stupid? … Huh, Jin-nii?」

With a happy face Sakura put her hand on her throat.

「I … … I can talk, my consciousness has returned… Aki! I can talk perfectly!」

Aki and Sakura hugged each other tightly.

「Hey, brother, what do you mean?」
「There were various things, really」

I lifted Saya.
So light.
The elementary school student body is lighter and smaller than Sakura-chan.
Still, it was a bit dangerous to stay here too long.

「Kya! Brother?」
「Saya, are you going home?」

Rather than staying outside I’ll also return home.
With Aki and Sakura Conversing, I headed to my parents house.

「I’m finally back home!」
「Did you not stay home?」
「Yeah, everyone in the class stayed overnight, so I did as well.」

Saya told me that it was fun like an overnight party.
However, it must have been pretty hard …
I wonder if she phrased it as she did do that I wouldn’t realize that.

「Oh,good job, Saya」

I stroked Saya’s head.
Every time I stroke,her tail swings sideways.

「I can’t open it do you have a key? 」

Ah,that was my fault.
I’d locked the door out of habit of locking my apartment.

「I’ll open it now」

My room in my parents house.
It remained the same as before I moved into the apartment.
When I was a high school student I never would have imagined that girls other than Saya would enter this room.

「So, I’d like to ask you about a lot Sakura, is that OK?」
「Yeah, you can ask me whatever!」

This feeling, it is the usual Sakura-chan.
A girl who is always energetic and victorious.

「I’d like to hear about the circumstances before becoming a zombie …」
「Certainly … after the school club activities ended …」

Sakura was in the high school women ‘s basketball club.
When club activities ended, and while changing from uniforms and trying to head to a convenience store where Aki was working ……

「I was suddenly attacked by them」

Sakura said that the zombies were about to attack from behind.

「I ran away from there as quickly as possible, when I saw the area around us, it had been overrun with zombies.」

That was dangerous.
It seems that Sakura had thought of heading for the convenience store where Aki was.

「I tried to escape with Aki, but … Aki had already been bitten.」

It seems that Aki had collapsed in a convenience store after being bitten by a zombie.

「I tried to escape together with everyone, but the surrounding adults wouldn’t listen so it was useless, I forsook them and ran away!」

I hurried to the police station as fast as I could so that the adults wouldn’t catch me halfway.

「Sorry, Aki-nee… I am sorry for abandoning you …」
「It’s okay, Sakura. I do not mind, not at all, everything turned out ok!」

Aki who gently holds Sakura-chan looks like a mother.
Well actually she’s a mother who’s perverted breasts release milk that acts as an aphrodisiac.

「Sakura, after that?」
「Well, I evacuated to the police station …There were zombies among those who had evacuated.」
「Had you been bitten?」

Although individuals are supposed to lose consciousness as soon as they are bitten by a zombie.

「No, it did not seem like I was bit, but suddenly I felt nauseous ,during that time I heard someone shout out that 『 This is the end of humanity! Human beings who were once at the top of the ecosystem lost to the unknown existence! 』! 」

You did not get bitten, then how did you become a zombie?
What does it mean?

「When I awakened as a zombie, the defense line of the police station had been broken through by the zombies … a horde of zombies poured in …」

Sakura ‘s body began trembling.

「Alright, I understand it almost.」
「Yeah, I’m sorry, the blade is fine」

By the way, Saya was glaring at Sakura the entire time ! As if to say I’m watching you.
But Sakura doesn’t seem to have noticed.

「That … I don’t remember much prior to speaking to Jin-nii 」
「Is that so」
「Yeah … also … I got some awareness back every time you made a naughty command ….」

Was it that Sakura ‘s consciousness only returned to resume masturbation when shown a supreme article?
…… What a lewd girl!

「So, after that? It seems that the awareness was sometimes returned」
「It returned occasionally , sometimes it was there other times it wasn’t」
「So you were partially there?」
「But, it was really inconvenient because it took a great deal of time to comprehend the simplest of things.」

I thought she was like an old PC, but I guess it was true.

「Even though there was a lot I wanted to tell you, I couldn’t talk or move properly… so I worked as hard as I could with Aki-nee and Jin-nii」
「I’m sorry, go ahead and get better」

But … Sakura’s intelligence returned sooner than I thought ….
Is there something wrong …?

「Actually I don’t care too much about all that, there’s something I’m more interested in.」

What happened?

「Because I can say it properly now, Is Aki-nee really the rightful wife of the Jin-nii?」

Aki, who seemed to have never thought that the topic would shift to herself, let out a shocked voice.

「Aki-nee may have been Jin-nii’s first,but does that really qualify you to be Jin-nii’s wife?」
「Yes, I agree!」
「Well, I do not deny that I robbed a virgin」
「Uu, please help Jin-san」

I guess it can’t be helped.

「Aki, Aki-chan do you like me?」
「I love you!」
「Well, I also love Aki-chan, I love Sakura and I love Saya, I don’t think there’s anything above or below that … However that’s no good.」

I guess I should decide who’s first from these three…
I can’t do it now.


「Hey, Jin-san, I love you as well」
「Well, of course it’s only natural! I knew it but I am terribly pleased …」
“Onii-chan I love you!」

Why these three so happy?

「Huh? Isn’t saying that one of the lowest thing as a man?」

「That may be true, but you like all of us,and you like us so much that you can’t pick who you love the most ,so I can understand why you can’t decide who’s the best ,personally I want to be your number one 」

「Well, in my case, I saw how well Jin-nii and Aki-chan got along, so I guess from the beginning she was best to be Jin-nii’s wife, That’s why I’m fine being second, I don’t mind at all!」

「But it is Saya who liked Onii-chan the longest. So I won’t give up on being number one!」

Three of them …

「Are you really ok with me?」
「Yes, certainly 」
「I suppose it’s fine」
「Because my brother is the only husband for me!」

……I am.
I am a happy person!

「But why haven’t you done those things with Saya …?」

Will I even be able to enter?
Into this body even smaller than Sakura-chans.

「It’s OK! Because I’ve prepared!」

Untitled Preparation? What on earth is it?