Zombie Emperor Chapter 26


Chapter 26

「Preparations for what?」
「That’s …」

She pulled a book from my bookshelf with familiar hand movements.
Hey, there’s no way.

「Kyaa! Brother! An erotic manga! Isn’t this lolicon? You really could like a child like me!」

What was being held was a favorite erotic novel of mine that should have been cleverly hidden behind the other books.
It was a novel about elementary school students.
Stupid, I thought that I’d lost this book …
To be sure this book was a secret from my parents I did some online shopping at jungle, what’s more why is it in Saya’s hands……
The erotic book next to it about big tits is still better …

「Hey,Jin-san, it’s true …Isn’t it?」
「It’s not like It’s a hobby or anything it’s just flat-chests get me excited …」

It’s like they’re looking at a sex offender … …

「It, it’s different! I love Aki-chan’s breast, I mean little girls and children are different!」

I want to voice it loudly.
With a young girl like Sakura whose growing as a woman it’s possible to satisfy a man even though her body is small.
A young girl with a prepubescent body like Saya couldn’t possibly satisfy a man.
However, that’s exactly why.
The thought of doing perverted things to such an immature body and the pleasant feeling of such moral guilt is the Pinnacle of a lolicon!
At least I think so.

「Brother, That’s a bit」


「But,well, did you actually see me sexually?」
「Yes … … I thought about it lightly」

There was a time when I wanted to make saya an ideal imouto, one who would do anything for me.
But when I saw Saya’s smile,I lost my resolve and those thoughts were blown away.
Besides,with Saya …There seems there were various things.

「Jin-nii what do you mean?」
「No, when I saw Saya’s radiant smile, it’s cuteness, and how Saya trusted in me,I was purified and … I was no longer willing to do such a thing.」

My heart and mind were cleansed.
This wasn’t a 2D loli.
I fought against the Devil and the evil had disappeared.

「So don’t just kiss me once.」
「Eh! Wasn’t that my first time kissing you!」
「No,you should have said, 『that was my first time kissing you as a non-family member』right isn’t that what you should’ve said?」

It wasn’t my first kiss.
So when I kissed Saya,I didn’t hesitate.
Because I was experienced, I was kissed and kept quiet.

「That’s nice, but, I took away the virginity of Jin-san!」

Aki-chan seems triumphant over saya.

「Jin-san! Let’s kiss!」
「Okay, I understand …」

My lips were forcefully taken by Aki-chan.
Like the first time, it is a bold and thick kiss.

「Kugu …… Onii-chan seems happy!」

What are you doing ……

「Then if it’s come to this …… Onii-chan, come over here!」


Onii-chan come here! That’s what was said so I followed…

「Is this a waterbed?」

There was a room in the basement which our parents 『somehow』 placed a waterbed in that had high soundproofing.
…… Well when I learned the true meaning of this room, I thought that a new brother or sister would have been born.

「Onii-chan, see this page」

Saya showed a page of that novel.
It was a scene I marked for myself where the 『Older Brother』was given the loli’s love.
For the older brother, a vibe is being used, the scene can arouse the crotch quite easily.

「I prepared everything like the girl in the book, right? See look …」

Saya took out a vibe from near the water bed.
Is that mothers?

「Do you really want this? Your father tried to force you , now you want to do it with me are you really okay with that?」

When saya was younger her father tried to force himself on her.
Because of that her mother divorced him then remarried my father ….
The first time I heard that from mother was when I was trying to come up with a plan for Saya.
It was then that I tried to minimize seeing Saya sexually as much as possible.

「Saya, I can’t do sexual things with you! I can’t it’s impossible … that much …」
「It’s not impossible! I tried hard for you brother … ….」

Saya …

「Jin-san, Sakura and I are a little ahead, please do not waste Saya-chan’s hard work」
「Well, there’s no problems,so?」

It’s true that this will deny Saya’s hard work.
Saya who’s had a traumatic experience, gave it her best for me.

「Saya, will you be my woman?」

I’ll accept Saya.
It is the duty of the man she’s fallen in love with.