Zombie Emperor Chapter 4

Chapter 4

I decided to take shower after doing H with Aki-chan.

「Then, I’ll be going ahead of Aki-chan」

But, Aki-chan doesn’t separate from my arm.
It can’t be helped.

「Do you want to enter together?」

She smiled like a blooming flower.

We washed each other’s bodies while taking the shower.

「I can still feel Jin-san inside my stomach」

Aki-chan rubs her belly.
My sperm is inside her soft belly…
I got slightly excited just thinking of it.
…No wait, calm down me.
We just did it earlier.

「Some had dripped」

Sperm had been spilling from the slit of Aki-chan.
Wow, so erortic.
Aki-chan shovels the sperm reluctantly.
Making a face while shoveling my sperm makes me want to pour it inside her again.
…Bad, Bad, self-control, self control.

「Aki-chan’s body is so smooth, it’s so silky it’s irresistible」

I thoroughly washed Aki-chan’s body and enjoyed it at the same time.
The soft body of a girl is different from a man.
It is soft everywhere, but the breast is the finest.
My eyes met Aki-chan’s
Both of Aki-chan’s eyes are red, unlike me.
It was somewhat mystical, and is sucking me in.

「Jin-san, I love you」
「I also love you, Aki-chan」

We naturally kissed each other.

We took the shower, after changing clothes it’s breakfast.
Our today’s menu is ready to eat meal and instant miso soup that we nabbed from the convenience store.

「I’m sorry manager, Itadakimasu」

I talked to Aki-chan while we’re eating our meal

「Aki-chan, I intend to go to your home for today」

Aki-chan’s face turned gloomy
Well, it can’t be helped.

「I think it’s no good to leave Aki-chan’s parent’s like that. That’s why I at least intend to give them burial in their garden…Is that okay?」

Aki-chan stopped using her chopstick.
I decided to wait until Aki-chan answered.

「Yes, please let mother and father rest」

Today’s work has been decided.

On our way to Aki-chan’s house, there were two zombies who still continue to dance.
Are they still dancing?

「Are they perhaps from yesterday?」

If I’m not mistaken, I didn’t tell them anything after telling them to dance
Even so, to dance all day.
…Human, rather they’re like a program
They only perform the work given to them and not ask questions.
It might be said that I’m dealing with robot instead of humans here.

「Yes, Stop, Stop! Don’t dance anymore!」

When I said so, the zombies stopped dancing
…That reminds me, what happens when I order Aki-chan?
For the time being, Aki-chan is a zombie.
For the meantime, let’s test it.

「Aki-chan, dance」
「Should I dance too?」

She looked at me blankly.
It seems that it’s not effective somehow or another.

「No, I just thought if you would or not dance! -something like that?」
「No, what’s wrong? -I thought」

It has zero effect to Aki-chan

「My power seems to be not working on Aki-chan」
「Ah! So that’s why, then, why not try giving an order the zombie me?」

Then, shall we try it?
Aki-chan opened her mouth wide.

「Everyone Dance!」

However, the zombies ignored.
These zombies has a high ignoring skill it seems


Sulky Aki-chan is cute~

We safely arrived at Aki-chan’s house

「Aki-chan, take change of clothes if you may」

Since Aki-chan’s clothes were only the spare from her work yesterday, she did take an additional ten day share of clothes.
…Aki-chan will probably not return to this house anymore.

My job is to bury the parents of Aki-chan
That’s quite a considerable problem.

「There it is!」

Aki-chan mentioned that there was a huge shovel near the street.
It’s likely used for gardening since it was a wonderful garden.
The scattered eaten out meat were from two human beings.
It’s necessary to dig a big hole to bury them.
It would be a whole day’s work for me, but fortunately, there are convenient zombies for me./
I called the zombies wandering here.

「You zombie there, use this shovel and dig a hole. 」

I passed the shovel to the zombie and it dug up a hole.
The excavation is advancing in quite a good pace.
Since zombies don’t know fatigue, they can continue working without break
Seeing this much manpower is good.
Since it’s being done with more people, it would finish faster than I thought, I must gather Aki-chan’s parent’s while it’s early

I entered the living room.
Fighting my nausea, I gathered Aki-chan’s parents
I could let others do it, but I feel that I shouldn’t

Somehow or another, I gathered them this way.
I looked at the garden
The hole turned too big.
Because I didn’t specify the size of the hole, they made it grow deep so fast.
Let’s leave it like that.

「Stop the digging! Put the shovel back to where it is and return to your original place!」

The zombies stopped excavating, put the shovel back, and returned somewhere unsteadily.

「Ah, Ah, Ahー」

This voice is Aki-chan’s

「Aki-chan, are you okay?」
「Yes, it seems that I can now talk naturally」

That’s good
I feel like I was unreasonably making her talk.

「Jin-san, you’re stained in blood」
「Oh right, that’s because I gathered Aki-chan’s parents, I’ve already thought of this happening, so I choose clothes that’s okay being dirty today」

While I was gathering them, the nausea seemed to have settled.
I feel like my mind is empty somehow.
Humans are said to be living beings…

「I’ll also help out」
「Aki-chan is kind」
「I cannot say so, It’s because Jin-san is spoiling me, as a daughter, I think I shouldn’t run away now. 」


Thus, Aki-chan joined me burying her parents.

Aki-chan put her hands together and continued praying.

May their soul rest in peace.