Zombie Emperor 6

Chapter 6 ☆

We kept searching inside the police station

「But, Jin-san, the movement of the police improved?」

Like Aki-chan said, The police zombie’s movement gradually improved.
Just like the zombies that dug a hole were having unsteady movements, but when I ordered them, they don’t have wasted movements, and gradually their movements become better.
The shaking zombie police before began to walk firmly now
Is it because I gave them an order, their brain resumes it’s’ function?

「I hope that they also begin to talk too…」

I muttered while looking at the policewoman who’s having her movement improved.

It seems outside was opened a little (TN:  少し開けた所に出たようだ。)
There were blankets scattered…could this be a shelter or a refugee camp?

But, no one else but zombies are here, they might’ve been wiped out or moved to another shelter.


Aki-chan suddenly run up to one zombie
That reminds me, that child is…

「Aki-chan, what’s wrong?」
「Ah…Jin-san, sorry, I suddenly…But, I saw sakura so I suddenly…」

There was a petite girl with short hair beside Aki-chan
Since she’s a zombie, of course her eyes are red.

「If I remember correctly, this child is named Sakura right?」
「Yes, this child is named Ashino Sakura…She’s my childhood friend and my junior at high school」

Since Aki-chan is a second year, this one’s a first year?
She wears a high school uniform, but with her small body and childlike face she can be seen as an elementary student.
Just like Saya.

「Sakura, it’s me! Sakura’s beloved Jin-san is also here! Hey, sakura, say something…」

Sakura-chan doesn’t reply
She’s just standing there.

「I’ll try it, Uhmm…Sakura-chan? It’s me」

She reacted
However, it wasn’t Sakura-chan herself, but it was the zombie that reacted to my word
I remembered it.
Sakura-chan was the child I helped on her homework in summer last year
It’s a girl who’s filled with vigor.

「Aki-chan, Sakura-chan was with you last summer and said 「Jin-san, my homework doesn’t end, help me!」she was the child that was clinging to me to help her in homework right?」
「Yes…! That’s right, this girl can’t finish her homework so she frequently goes to Jin-san’s room…」

That’s right, and even after you finish the summer homework, you were still coming to my room.
I don’t play games with them…
I and Aki-chan reached that mood quickly, that I got rid of my virginity…!
Then, on that moment, Sakura-chan butt in and said「Jin-Anchan! Let’s play!」, and the summer ended with me not able to kiss Aki-chan at all.
Looking back, I noticed that Sakura-chan’s timing on breaking in was strange.
Could it be?

「Aki-chan, The one you mentioned that likes me, is this girl…?」
「Yes, Sakura is one of them」

So the intrusion was intentional indeed…

「Then, if I kiss her like Aki-chan will her sanity return…?」

Just like Aki-chan, Sakura-chan also likes me, maybe, if I kissed her, a change might happen.

「Aki-chan, uhm…」
「It’s okay, if it’s Sakura, uhm…I can endure it」

Sorry Aki-chan, I’ll give you lots of hugs and kisses later…
While making excuses, I closed up to Sakura-chan.

「…Sakura-chan, I’ll kiss you, drink my saliva」

Then my and Sakura-chan’s lips overlapped


Sakura-chan is different from Aki-chan, since she doesn’t put her tongue in, I used mine on her.
Sakura-chan receives my kiss and accepts my tongue without resistance.
I sent my saliva inside Sakura-chan’s mouth


Our tongues entwine as we kiss passionately
…It should be enough.
I separate our lips, and stopped the kiss

「Sakura-chan, You’re so erotic」

The child-face left the childlike Sakura-chan, then her cheeks is red and she looks like she’s in heat
This somehow looks like terrible crime…It excites me
However, Sakura-chan herself is…


No reaction.
Her body seems to be in heat, but her mind doesn’t appeal

「Aki-chan, it looks like the kiss isn’t successful…」
「It looks like it…Ah! I’ll be going to the toilet for a moment! …Jin-san, I’ll leave Sakura to you」(TN: Aki-chan best waifu!)

Aki-chan seemed to guessed something, then stood up

「Yup. Leave it to me. Ah, policewoman-san, please guard Aki-chan for me」

I leave Aki-chan to the policewoman, then I faced Sakura-chan

「Then, Sakura-chan, let’s do…dirty things」

As expected, even she’s a zombie, I have no courage to have others see me having sex
Well, my beloved said so, but I want to hold back from now on.

「Then, everyone, please get out of the room」

The zombies left the room and only the two of us were left.

「Sakura-chan…would you lie down the blanket?」

Sakura-chan as I instruct her and lied on the spread blanket
Her childish face displays redness like never before, yet her red eyes reflect nothing

「I’m going in…」

Will my son enter such a petite girl? (TN: Mai San)
I feel a bit worried
There’s no lotion either, so I have no choice but to make her wet enough
It’s better for me to touch and stimulate her…

「Sakura-chan, can you masturbate and let me watch?」

Since I can order her, I’ll let her do it by herself.


Sakura-chan took of her uniform and a childish underwear was exposed.
Neither her panties nor bra are flashy
Why does Aki-chan have black that time?
I’ll ask her later, but it seems like it was her battle underwear

「When I meet Jin-san I always wear my battle underwear」

What am I? A last boss? Was my reply when I heard her reply, but it’s not entirely wrong as I am the Zombie Emperor.

Once again, Sakura-chan’s chest is different from Aki-chan, when it comes to the charm It doesn’t swell at all, but since she’s a highschool student, she put on a bra, or even when I say that, it has no appeal at all.
But, it’s somewhat erotic. (TN: Kono Lolicon Domome)
Sakura-chan is an existence like my younger sister- Saya, So I’ve never recognized her as a woman, but I have to reform my way of thinking now.

Sakura-chan doesn’t mess around, she has a beautiful single line (TN: Sakura-chanは遊んでいないらしく、綺麗な一本すじだ)
Her pubic hair grows only to a small degree.
Sakura-chan who took off her underwear began to stimulate her nipples and her clitoris
Sakura-chan seems to be the type to stimulate both her nipples and clitoris to feel pleasure.


Sakura-chan’s breathing turned rough.
She sometimes let out a sweet voice as she melts into the pleasure of the sound between her thighs.
It’s different from an ero video, seeing a woman masturbating in front of me, it’s really erotic.
…It should already be okay.

「Sakura-chan, stop masturbating, let’s go for the main event…」

I showed my thing to Sakura-chan
…!? there was a change in Sakura-chan!
Her red eyes that didn’t reflect anything was glued to my penis.

「Sakura-chan, is this your first time seeing a penis apart from your father? This is going inside Sakura-chan you know?」

I said that on purpose to embarrass Sakura-chan
There might be a further change in her if I raise the feeling of embarrassment this way.
…How’s it?


Sakura-chan’s face turned deep red, and she was staring at my penis
In addition, I told her to stop masturbating, yet she resumed

「Seeing my cock made you feel naughty? You’re a pervert, Sakura-chan」

As I torment her with words, Sakura-chan’s movement got even more intense
She’s not a child, but a female animal who’s indulging in greed.

「Sakura-chan, should we do it? Sex」

The moment she heard the word, Sakura-chan’s hand movement stopped.
She expand the hole that she’s been fingering.
Please put it in, it’s telling me like that.

「Sakura-chan…! I’ll put it in…」

I put myself inside Sakura-chan by force!

「I-It’s tight! It’s more than Aki-chan’s…」

The vagina of Sakura-chan is resisting dramatically from it’s first intruder.
It’s tightening like a vice.
I’m putting it in with all my might, but it seems impossible to go further. (TN: Anti-lolicon hymen to the rescue!~)
I pulled it out for a moment.

「Woah, it’s red」

My penis is covered with Sakura-chan’s proof of virginity
Sakura-chan herself doesn’t seem to feel pain at all. It ended already? Is what she want to say judging from her face.

「No? It’s still not the end.」

I inserted into Sakura-chan’s vagina once again
As expected, it’s tight.
It’s too tight that I don’t feel good.

「Just a bit more, I’d be happy if you loosen a bit」

Suddenly, the tight Sakura-chan became loose!
Both of us were surprised
The body of Sakura-chan seems to be influenced by my power.
…what a convenient power

「Suddenly, moving in got faster…!」

The vaginal meat of Sakura-chan became loose and started to caress my penis gently.
The excessive tightness earlier now began to squeeze, greedily exploiting my semen.

I used Aki-chan’s vagina a number of times, and as a result, it doesn’t tighten up hard to exploit my semen, it’s wrapping up gently like a first class, *fuwa fuwa* *toro toro*. it’s my own private pussy
But, in Sakura-chan’s case, her vagina is rather tight, or rather, her overall physique is small.
Aki-chan’s squirming gives me a different pleasure that rise up my desire to ejaculate, it’s a first class pussy
Of course, I’m not the only one who felt good…

「Jin-nii-cha, mo-re, mo-re!」

Sakura-chan was seeking pleasure, yet her mouth can’t say it well
It seems that Sakura-chan feels better than me

「Sakura-chan! I’ll mess you up more!」

Seeing the erotic figure of Sakura-chan, I further moved my waist.
Every time I move, Sakura-chan raises a sweet voice
I want to tease her moreー
My sadistic desire rose up.

「Sakura-chan, it feels so good! As a reward, I’ll tease your red blood clitoris」

While moving in a missionary position, I stimulated her bloodshot clitoris with my thumb
Whenever I rub it, Sakura-chan’s body tremble.
It seems to send chill on her spine.

「Aaaa! Jin-nii! Hyuuuuu!」

*Pushaaaa* (TN: squirt)

Sakura-chan blew water from feeling too much pleasure.
A warm liquid wets the lower part of my body.
She got too excited.

「I just teased you a bit and you blew a tide…Sakura-chan is such a lewd girl」

Even though Sakura-chan shakes her head, her face was like a female blinded in pleasure
I’ll tease her more

Love nectar was beginning to leak every time I piston.
The walls of her vagina sticks and tightens on my penis, it’s like her vagina was trying to remember the shape of my penis.

「If you stick your pussy so much Sakura-chan, it’ll be exclusive for me, I’m at ease」

This time, I’m pinching her nipples as I go deeper.
*Bang bang*, I can feel her uterus as I shake my waist intensely
…I’m about to reach my limit.

「Sakura! I’ll let it out! Be pregnant with my child!」
「Aaaaaa, lesht it out!」

I kissed her uterus’ mouth, and creampied mercilessly.
I threw my man’s dirty desire on her still young body.