Zombie Emperor 7

Chapter 7 ☆

As I creampie Sakura-chan she seemed to have climaxed too and her body shook greaty


Her breathing was rough.
Or rather, I was so absorbed in sex, but just now, did Sakura-chan talk!?
Is my body fluid a vaccine as expected?
When I thought of itー

「Even I want Jin-san’s child!」

The voice of Aki-chan sounded in the room

「Aki-chan! When did you…」

Why was Aki-chan naked?
If you look closely, she still wears her shoes and socks, it’s quite erotic…

Aki-chan is asking with a tearful face.

「Why, don’t you call me without the -chan? Why are you not telling me 「Be pregnant with my child」?…I also want to be verbally abused by Jin-san!」

Aki-chan displayed her erect nipples and her flooding pussy.
I see, Aki-chan…

「Sorry, Aki. I never knew that Aki was such a masochistic woman」

I approached Aki, I pulled her nipples as she request to be touched.
It was so strong that I thought it was going to tear off.

「Look, even though you transformed to a zombie, normally you shouldn’t be pleased with pain…you pervert, Masochist girl!」

I continued without mercy, then I pinched then crush her clitoris.
*Gush* her love nectar squirted

「Aaaaaaa, Jin-san, Jin-saaaan!」
「Look, what do you want next? Tell me」

Aki is showing a joyous face just like when I teased Sakura-chan, my sadistic desire got stronger.
Aki is my first girlfriend, we’ve done a lot of things, but I controlled my urge to hold her down to support her.
But, it seems that Aki wasn’t satisfied with that.

「Aki, I’d pester you if possible, you know how to satisfy us both right?」
「Yes. I, Akiko Yuzawa wants Jin-san to mess me up. Please put your splendid penis inside my pussy and please move it in and out a lot. It doesn’t matter if you treat me wildly, please give me a healthy child!」

Saying so, the sexually excited Aki opened her hole with her fingers.
Asking for such a thing and showing such an erotic figure, I can’t hold back anymore!
I inserted it inside Aki’s vagina without any prior notice.
Even her vagina was suddenly invaded, she caught it gently, unlike the vaginal walls of Sakura-chan this is tightening moderately.
I hold Aki’s body with my hand, then I started to swing her hips while I hold her.
When I try to pull out, her vaginal walls attach as if trying to tell me not to separate, when I go deeper, the womb’s mouth is sucking me out.
Just like how I shook my waist when I took her virginity, Aki was *zupan! zupan*, obtaining pleasure from being banged.

「I will force my dick this way!」
「Thaaats! I want Jin-san’s penis to be violent! Mess me up and break meee! Hyaa! Suddenly teasing my clitoris is foul play」

I’m pleased that she wants to be messed up and be violated, the clitoris that I crushed a while ago got big again so I crushed it once again.
Aki trembles and arches back in pleasure.

I pulled it out on the last minute, then just like that *Zupan* I forced it deep inside.
Unlike this morning, I moved without reserve.
I invade her innermost part, and press up her womb using my penis.
With that alone, Aki seemed to have climaxed.

Her warm vagina sticks to me like a first class pussy, it’s caressing me dearly.
Whenever I move, Aki’s breast shakes intensely.
Those movements are so lascivious it makes me excited.

「Good! I’ll let it out inside to impregnate you! Isn’t that fine? Aki’s first class pussy is my exclusive pussy…You’re my wife after all」

I whispered the word 「Wife」on Aki’s ears softly.

「Yes! I’ll give birth! I’ll give birth on Jin-san’s child! I’ll give birth so let it all out! Jin-san, Jin-san!」

While massaging Aki’s chest, I let out my semen on the innermost part of her.
I gripped her breast so hard that I thought it would leave a hand mark.

*Doku*! *Doku* *Doku*…

It was followed by a quite a long ejaculation.
That’s probably the most I let out so far.
I momentarily stopped massaging, then took Aki’s lips away.
Cumming while staring at each other might become a habbit…

「Puhaa, the kiss might have been too long, huh?」

Aki collapsed on me.
She seem to be unable to stand.

「Jin-san, a big one keeps coming inside me…! My insides are warm, I’m really happy…」

On top of cumming a lot of times, Aki’s body is trembling and was shivering slightly.
It seems like a newborn foal.
After kissing her lightly, I stroked her head.

「How was it Aki-chan? Should I do it gently and lovey-dovey just like this morning? Or do you prefer me to do it violently?」
「You’re greedy, Aki. Got it, I’ll only be calling you without honorifics when I’m going to do you roughly, otherwise it would be usual, that way, it would feel special, right?」
「Yes…Call me as you like Jin-san…」

Saying that, Aki-chan fell asleep as is.
We did a lot today…we buried the corpse of her parents, we found Sakura-chan…
She must be tired.

「Good night」

I decided to wrap her in a blanket so Aki-chan won’t catch a cold in her sleep.
Now then, what happened to Sakura-chan?…



Again, I did not feel any life from Sakura-chan apart from her red pupils.
Her breathing was rough a while ago, she should talk…!

「Sakura-chan, can you hear my voice?」

She reacted as a zombie.
But, I do not feel the Sakura-chan earlier.
What does this mean?
Could it be that my act with Aki-chan earlier influenced her badly?

「Sakura-chan, I’ll make you feel good with my dick」

Once again, Sakura-chan reacted.
Since My son did one match with Aki-chan, it’s still on half erect-state.


Sakura-chan bit my penis suddenly!
Then, she didn’t gnarl at it, rather she moves slowly, then began to serve my using her mouth
She was licking the tip inside her mouth, she licked the tongue on the state of phimosis.

「Uoo…This is bad」

I’m surprised that the sensation is different from the vagina, I’m trying to endure the urge to ejaculate.
Sakura-chan’s face move back and forth.
There’s no characteristics of a slow zombie here.

「Cumming! Sakura-chan drink!」

That was my fourth ejaculation today, but I don’t feel the amount decreasing.
When I become a zombie, did I become peerless?


Just like how I instructed Sakura-chan, she drank my sperm.
There was no expression of rejection, but there’s no joy either.

Really, just what on earth happened?