Zombie Emperor Chapter 8

Chapter 8

No way, Sakura-chan is doing cleanup fellatio.
It feels good, but, seeing Sakura-chan’s expressionless face is somewhat sad.

「Sakura-chan, why don’t we take a bath?」

I talked various things to Sakura-chan
Sometimes, she reacts…but most of the time she’s expressionless.
Aki-chan talked about this, I wonder if she’s in half-sleep ー half awake state?

…That’s right, let’s experiment.

「Sakura-chan, do whatever you like」

If, Sakura-chan is conscious, she would probably start an action.
She might call me ‘the worst’ and hit me.
At any rate, I had sex with Aki-chan in front of Sakura-chan…
‘You cheater’! Or ‘Stud’! Even if she call me that, I can’t dodge that.


But, Sakura-chan just approached me.
Far from hitting me, she grasped my hand.

「You want headpats?」

She nodded in agreement.
Come to think of it, I often pat Sakura-chan’s head…
Since I was patting Aki-chan’s head a while ago, she’s saying to ‘Do it to me too’?

「Sakura-chan, uhm…Do you hate me?

I asked Sakura-chan while patting her head.
After a brief pause, Sakura-chan shook her head.

「I, I already am Aki-chan’s lover, yet I still had sex with Sakura-chan, I’m a cheating man you know? Do you mind it?」

Sakura-chan shook her head after taking some time to understand my words.
Somehow, I get the feeling of an old PC from her slow response.

However, she doesn’t mind it, does she not mind me having sex with Aki-chan and returning from zombie?

「Still, I was surprised that you suddenly sucked, did you practice with banana?」

After spending some time, Sakura-chan replied by nodding.
It was right as expected.

「Jin-san, good mowning…」

Aki-chan seems to have woke up.

「Good morning, Aki-chan. Have you slept long enough?」
「I slept for a moment…Jin-san, where’s sakura!?」

「I see, so it was like that」
「Hey, Aki-chan. Why did Sakura-chan returned to a zombie?」

Aki-chan pondered for a while, then *Pon*! She clapped her hand.

「This is just my imagination but…」

After some preface, she started talking her idea.

「Could Sakura still not be a Special mob?」
「Yes, I and Jin-san were bitten by a zombie, then woke up after one week didn’t we?」

Certainly, it was like that.
I was bitten by a zombie then fainted, then rising up as a zombie and take action has some time lag.
Normal humans become zombie before or after thirty minutes, but in my and Aki-chan’s case, it took around one week.

「But I think that there isn’t much time passed when Sakura was bitten by a zombie」

There’s a bite mark on the back hand of Sakura-chan
This means in this shelter, there was someone who became a zombie recently.

「Then, to become a special mob…」
「I think that special mobs have bodies that doesn’t get domesticated by zombie virus to some extent…How about it?」

Certainly that’s possible.

「Then, her talking a while ago was just temporary?」
「It will come to it, therefore, for Sakura to get domesticated by the zombie virus, and to be a special mob…」

However, even if we assume that it will take time, we don’t know the specific number.
For now, let’s see how things will be for one week just like us.

「That’s right, Aki-chan you didn’t take bath yet? You’re sweating」

Or rather, your lower body is stained with body fluids.

「That’s a good idea! But, is there a bath here?」
「There may be no bath here…but there’s a bathhouse nearby, let’s go there」

if my intuition is right, we could enter on hot water.
If it comes to it, we might be able to use the shower.

The public bath was near the police station.
There’s also a shopping district near the public bath, so I’ll search on it later.

「Now then, how will it turn out」

I took some police zombie and we headed to the bathhouse.
By the way, Sakura-chan is clinging tightly to Aki-chan
Aki-chan doesn’t particularly hate it either.

Inside the public bath, there was a clerk who became a zombie.


It probably wanted to say「Ah, Welcome」
The clerk isn’t charging for fees, he’s just standing there.
There were no zombies in the bathroom.

「Aki-chan, how’s the ladies bath?」
「Nobody’s there」

It’s like reserved, well, the zombies don’t want to take a bath.

「Then, you guys, please make sure that no other zombies going in the public bath」

Since I confirmed that we’re safe, I told the police zombie to get out.

「Should we enter together?」
「Yes! Together with Jin-san!」

Sakura-chan nodded.

We took off our clothes at the dressing room
I’ve seen it several times, but, women taking their clothes off is arousing.

「Jin-san, somehow this looks indecent」

Oops, I can’t

「Now then, how’s the water temperature…It’s good!」

Just like my intuition, it was a good warm water.
I thought that if the infected zombies repeat their habit, then this kind of things would happen…Bingo.
At this rate, I might be able to rely on zombies on infrastructures that uses electricity.
Well, I still hadn’t confirmed if there’s a maintenance person infected.

If then, why the television stations are not broadcasting?
I’m curious about it…but let’s take a bath for now.