Zombie Emperor Chapter 9

Chapter 9

We washed out bodies and removed the stains.

The two beautiful girls are are bathing with a man…
If this was a human society with no zombies, this would be a difficult situation.
I mean, I absolutely never did it before infection

「Jin-san, how’s my breast washing your body?」

So right now, Aki-chan is using her breasts to wash me.
Her breasts that’s filled with body soap is shaking like a jelly on my back
It’s the best feeling.


Sakura-chan washed her body obediently when I ordered her at first, but before I knew it, she was cleaning me together with Aki-chan.
She rubs her small body on me with all her might.
Even if she’s flat, the soft body of a girl rubbing on my chest feels good.
But since she’s so thin, her bones are hitting…
It’s not a big deal.

「Both of you, it’s great」

For a moment, Sakura-chan laughed…
I don’t think it’s just my imagination.
It would be better if she can speak sooner.
Now then, it may be regrettable but let’s head in the hot water.

「Fuu, hot water was nice!」
「Isn’t it too hot?」
「No, this bath isn’t that hot」

While saying such a thing. We stepped in the bath.
I entered the bath with two beautiful girls
It’s the best.

「Jin-san, what should we do after this?」
「I thought I should take lunch, but…Aki-chan are you hungry?」
「I’m sorry…A little…」

Well, that’s true
We found Sakura-chan today, and earlier in the morning we buried her parents, it can’t be helped that she lost her appetite.
Or perhaps I should same that I’m the same.

Aki-chan is closely not letting me go.
She’s lonely, and discouraged.
Since she has no parents now, Aki-chan has no more relatives…
That’s why, at the very least, she doesn’t leave my side.

「Jin-san, please be with me…」
「Of course, and we’ll have Sakura-chan with us too, right?」

Sakura-chan isn’t next to me……


Before I noticed, Sakura-chan was already next to Aki-chan.
She’s sticking to Aki-chan again.

「Thank you, Sakura. I’m not alone I guess.」

I had a feeling that Sakura-chan smiled…

「Speaking of which, Aki-chan, Sakura-chan’s parents are?…」

We got out of the bath and changed our clothes.

「Yes, Sakura’s mom, Sakura’s mom died from an accident」

Long ago, Sakura-chan said 「Since I have my father, I’m not lonely at all! I also have my Aki-nee too」
Even though they’re not related by blood, they’re relationship is like true sisters.
I hope the day they can laugh again together comes…
No, I’ll make it happen

「Then, Sakura’s father is named Ashino Mori…」
「What’s wrong, Aki-chan?」
「Jin-san, I just realized this now…but Sakura-chan’s father might, he might be the person who can make the vaccine for this virus!」

What did you say!?

「Sakura’s father is a doctor…An infectious disease doctor!」

Infectious disease doctor…I see, even if the vaccine can’t be made, he may know huge information about the virus.

「When the dengue fever was endemic 『Dengue isn’t an illness to be feared, Your body heat will go slightly high, but it isn’t an illness that will kill you. An influenza patient is more likely to die than someone with dengue, so please wash your hands and gargle neatly』Is what they said.

I see.

「Then, we will look around this whole area to search for Sakura-chan’s father. We will also look for food as we go on as there might be people who’s not infected yet. Are you okay with that plan?」
「Yes. it’s okay. Let’s go to the shopping district first!」

Us and the police zombies head to the shopping district.
Wait what?
There’s a zombie approaching the policewoman…
It’s just an ordinary salary man zombie but…?


The policewoman and the salary man zombie hugged each other
Could it be that these two are…?

「Both of you, excuse me for a moment…」

I looked at the policewoman’s ID, then checked the driver’s license from the salary man’s purse.
Same surname…And this ring.
Are these two a married couple… 1

「Aki-chan, it seems that these two are a couple」
「Is that true? Then, the husband is…」

Looking at the husband, His suit has a Aizu Matsuichi on it, and his suit is dirty and tattered.
Wife…Aizu Wakako was walking in this section to meet him.

「I’m not certain about it…」
「That’s true…It was good that I just left it with just making her drink my saliva…」

Nerori and Netorare isn’t my hobby either
I have no intention of getting involved on other’s woman.

From now on, I will confirm if they have a husband or a boyfriend before violating other zombies.


  1. Oh no, he NTR’d the policewoman zombie