Zombie Emperor Chapter 23

 Chapter 23

I was leading a group of vehicles, and I was driving the car given to me by Aki toward B prefecture.

By the way there are lots of police vehicles around and behind the car I’m driving .

「If things keep going at this pace, We should arrive in about an hour」

「I hope any problems don’t occur」

「The chances are low」

The Car that was leading the way Came to a halt.

A zombie is walking across a pedestrian crossing …

Zombies are properly protecting the laws and rules before infection as if they aren’t infected.

Therefore,there aren’t many zombies on the roadway and crosswalk signal’s should not change unless you need to cross the road.

「Is there a point to me obeying the traffic laws?」

「Do not ignore them because there is a possibility that it’ll take even longer to reach our destination if you hit a zombie

I don’t understand Aki’s logic.
Anyway, society and laws are collapsing.
It’s no wonder that I think there’s no need to abide traffic laws …

「OK , the light turned blue

I made a turn toward B prefecture.

「My parents home is in this neighborhood」

We arrived in a residential area in B prefecture.
I suddenly feel nostalgic, however there are no longer people here,only zombie’s.

「Do you think Saya is safe?」

「I do not know, let’s go check my parent’s house for the time being」

We got out of the car and headed towards my parents’ house.
There was no one inside of my parent’s house.

My parents aren’t here , There isn’t even a sign that they were here. If you are infected, you resumed what you were doing before infection.And also…

「Shiro isn’t here」


「Oh, my parents have a white dog named shiro.」

「A white dog named shiro?」

Well I also thought that that strange but Saya said that it was okay.

「But she isn’t here…Could she have become a zombie?」

「Do you have any idea what other places Saya could be? 」

Uh-huh. What other places could she have possibly gone…

「What about the elementary school where she was attending?」

「Ahh, Let’s go there for the time being」

※  The Elementary school is not far it’s unnecessary to move by car. I will arrive shortly if I walk.

「It’s also like this at the elementary school …」

The school’s main gateway was sealed with something like a barricade. Is this … an evacuation shelter?

「Hey, you, are you human?!」

I heard a voice from the top of the barricade . Looking up I make out a shape  – a human being . Not only one, several their Eyes are not  red. So there are survivors here.

「Oh, yes. I’m human」

「Then why aren’t the zombies attacking? They’re all around you! What do you mean you’re not a zombie!」

That Was the case. Aki and Sakura are infected so are the police around them. And also… so am I.


Let’s have Aki-chan talk to them for the time being. I hope this will alleviate all of your suspicions.

「I have been bitten, but I have my own reasoning, I will not attack you!」

「Yes, we are not your enemies! Believe me」

The people begin talking…They seem to be  at a loss of whether or not to trust us.

「What are your reasons for coming! Your answer will decide if you pass or not!」

「I just came to look for my sister Fujiwara Sayaka! Saya attended this elementary school, please tell me if she’s here.」

What kind of reply will come?

「Saya!? Maybe you are that Saya’s

Older brother ?」

「Yes! Saya’s older brother … Fujiwara Jin!」

「Well … if  so… … then there is one answer, Saya is not here.」

What! What’s that mean?

「What do you mean?! Where is Saya! What happened! Tell me!」

「Jin-san! Calm down!」

Kugu … …    as Aki-chan said. I must calm down.

「Your sister was fused with a dog.」

A dog ……! What ?  Well, maybe it’s not true.

「Was it a white dog?」

「Oh, That’s right. It seems to have been the dog that had been kept at home as a pet」

Says and shiro had coalesced  … they’d  become a fusion individual…

「Where is Saya now where did she go ?」

「I don’t know the exact place… But she went somewhere to go looking for her big brother. 」

「Wait, did saya talk? 」

Fused individuals were supposed to be largely affected by the animals that they’d fused with, intelligence would decline dramatically…

「Oh, Saya was talking, Many neccesities were brought to this evacuation shelter food, materials for this barricade and many other things , all thanks to that child」

Saya was looking for me she’s such a good child.With her personality I guess it was impossible to just leave the people in this shelter . Saya’s personality hasn’t changed.

That’s good. It is very nice……! Saya’s intelligence remains intact . That’s good.