The Hypnotist’s System

The Hypnotist’s System


Setting: All girl’s college for the privileged class.

Main Character: A reputed psychiatric counsellor hired as a replacement for the previous counsellor who is quitting due to maternity. But he isn’t what he seems on the surface. A dark secret lurks within his mind.

Power: MC already has a mild psychic power before he arrives at the college.

System Initiation: The system chooses him because of his power. (I absolutely hate useless prick getting OP system for no discernible reason trope.) The system activates on his first day on campus.


Now, here’s where you get to choose:

MC disposition:

1. Good            2. Chaotic Neutral        3. Evil

System disposition:

1. Good            2. Chaotic Neutral        3. Evil


Let’s take an example, say, Good MC and Evil System: –

The MC is an orthodox Christian and believes that his powers are Satan’s touch upon his soul. He very strongly represses his sexuality because he feels that he might be subconsciously manipulating the women he is with. Won’t spoil more but he’ll have multiple complexes related to the conflict of his powers and his Christian upbringing.

Enter the Evil System that makes him do horribly erotic stuff to the girls… OR ELSE…

Watch as our MC breaks down as he breaks the girls.


Example 2: –

Chaotic Neutral MC and Good System-

MC isn’t beyond using his powers to get a hot girl in his bed, but he makes sure that it’s the best night in their lives.

Enter the Good System that issues quests to heal the traumas of the girls in the college. Here I make the privileged lifestyle an extremely chaotic one resulting in these daughters of the influential having twisted world outlooks and lots of issues.

Watch as our MC uses his powers and the system to heal minds and conquer hearts.


Example 3: –

Evil MC and Chaotic Neutral System-

Evil MC…. Mind Control ahoy… nuff said.

Enter the Chaotic Neutral system that gives him quests to increase his mental powers. This System will result in a more fantasy driven rather than character driven narrative.

(If you have read any of my other works, then you know how much I love world-building. By selecting this, you are giving me permission to go crazy.)

Watch as MC does depraved things with his powers. No student or teacher is safe from his evil clutches.


Voting Process: –

You have until the end of the month to vote.

Example Vote:


Which means –> Good MC and Good System. The first digit represents MC character, the second the System’s.

Example 2:


Meaning -> Chaotic Neutral MC and Good System.

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