The Power of Creation – An Easter Special

“Is this another one of master’s strange holidays?” Elena asks, nervously touching her animal ears which had turned white and stretched out to a longer length.

“The tail is so tiny…” Jasmine grabs Elena’s tail, causing her to jump and squirm.

“This is so.” Cinderella nods, her bunny ears bobbing up and down. “It is the holiday of Easter.”

“Easter! Why did Easter turn a goblin queen such as me into a bunny!” Snow White snorts.

“I’ve never seen a green bunny before.” Kida responds while touching her own ears. “Besides, I think it’s nice to live as a demi-human for a day. As expected of Rookie to have a day to celebrate being in the shoes of an oppressed group.”

“Actually, being a demi-human bunny isn’t part of Easter. I think this has more to do with Master’s sexual proclivities.”

Grimhilde sighs. “As expected of my love…”

“Well, I found a basket in my room full of candy!” Jasmine says excitedly. “So, I’m happy with this day.”

“Huh? Candy? I want Candy.” Tiana immediately starts peaking in Jasmine’s basket, causing her to wrap her arms around it protectively.

“I’m actually in the mood for a carrot.” Merida pulls a carrot from the kitchen and starts chewing on it.

“Mm. I got candy too. That loli-pervert clearly wishes to bribe me.”

“This great dragon was given candy as well. Clearly candy was given to those who master likes best!”

“Hero wouldn’t do that! There has to be some reason you guys got candy baskets and no one else did.” Ariel defends.

“Mm!” Cinderella nods. “It is true. Specifically, candy…”

“They give candy to the kids.” Megara cuts in.

Jasmine, Mulan, and Maleficant all look at each other.

“That bastard!” Maleficant chucks her basket down. “He’ll pay for daring to look down on this demon lord. I’m as adult as adult can be. I drink wine every night with the rest of the ladies!”

“Darling actually makes yours a nonalcoholic grape juice.”

“Geh!” Maleficant is dealt a fatal blow.

“Master still sees me as a child, even after we officially mated.” Mulan says in depression.

Mushu pats her head while Mulan’s arm rests in Mushu’s impressive cleavage. This further drives Mulan into an even greater depression.

“Yo-you all should be lucky!” Jasmine shouts, pointing at the other two women. “Despite having the status as loli, Savior has enjoyed both of you to his full discretion. Meanwhile, I, his most loyal loli piece of ass has received no affection at all! Do you know what it’s like every day being the odd-girl out?”

“If it’s any consolation, I haven’t been with him either.” Nala says helpfully.

“Oh, go fuck a carrot!” Jasmine snaps at a shocked Nala. “Didn’t think I’d notice you taking my carrots and using them as sex toys, did you!”

“Eh! No! That’s not me! That’s not me, I swear!”

As Merida’s lips twist while she chews on the carrot in her mouth, Jasmine snickers. “I threw them out. Only Nala thinks she can just put them back and no one will notice.”

“That’s not true! If you wash them after, it’s fine! Right?” Nala looks around at the icy stares of all the women present. “R-right?”


“Nala is biggest pervert.” Merida looks away.

Nala’s eyes break into tears and she runs away. “Waaaah! It’s not true! I’m not a pervert!”

“I don’t even get it. All Nala needs to do is ask her big sister Belle and I’d be happy to lend her an assortment of dildos.” Belle sighs, and then her eyes brighten. “She doesn’t even need to wash them after.”

“Correction, Belle is biggest pervert.” Mulan adds.

“Guh! Don’t talk about your big sister like that!”

“You are not her big sister!” Mushu says indigently.

“I’m older than you!”

“Who got the gift for children?” Belle asks slyly.

“Ugh….” Mulan looks like she took a blow while Mushu shoots daggers at Belle.

“The point is, it’s time I get treated like an adult, maybe I should vote yes on the Union.” Jasmine sighs.

“Yes!” Megara exclaims. “One more to my list!”

“Actually…” A voice suddenly came from the door, turning all of the girl’s heads. “I’ve decided that it’s time.”

“Huh? Time?” Jasmine looks over at you as you walk in the door.

“The fans have been bickering for months wanting it to happen.”

All the girls take a step back and Grimhilde speaks. “You’re not going to go on a rampage again, are you? They don’t like that. They fear anything different. You should have seen them with Belle’s musical.”

“Noone likes Belle anyway, it’s fine.” Mulan snaps.

“I’m right here…” says a crying Belle.

“No! Rather… I’m going on a loli rampage. It’s time for us to have sex, Jasmine!”


“It’s probably fine. You can use magic to increase her age.” Grimhilde offers. “And even if you didn’t, in this world, there is no official legal age limit. As the ruler of this place, you set the age…”

“No! No excuses. No defense. I’m going to have sex with a minor. No question about it. No legal limit. This is going to happen.”

“R-really, for me?” Jasmine asks teary eyed.

“No… for the fans.”

“Good enough!”

“Then… let us begin.”

You approach Jasmine, slowly pulling off her apron. Your lips move towards hers. Her breath stutters as you’re about to kiss her, you’re arms reaching around her tight, youthful body.

Knock. Knock.

“Hello, I’m Moana. I got a report of a loli violation.”

“He’s right over there, officer.” Maleficant points in your direction.

“Ah… shit.” You cry as the police drag you out the mansion.

              ,.. -- .....,,,,__,.r-''" ̄~"丶.,
            ,.r'"         ~"''    "ヽ─-.,
          ,.r",..r                 \、 'i- .,
      ,,,.. - '''"~                        'i_
     ,."                             "i
     i                              /ヽ
     i  ノ                             ~'i.,,
     i .r'"  ./                     \    ヽ i
    ,r"   ,." ./             ヽ"~ヽ、   ヽ     ''ヽ
   i'     /  i `i       i'- ..,,_    丶、 \  'i,    \/
   .ヽ、   .i   i \     i ヽ.-'''""' ──-'\ ヽ  i     ヽ
    ヽ   i   .i-'''"ヽ、   \\  _,.. ---  ヽi   i  ヽ 丿
     ./.  ヽ、 ゝ,. -- ''-.,,,  ヽ、r",,.-""~"i''".i      .i/
     i /i /  ヽ i ,.r'"i"''ヽ  ̄"'''" '" ヽ;;;;;;;;/  /      .i
     i/ i, i i   ヽ\  ヽ;;;i       ---''" ./       i 
      ヽi ヽ、 'i"  'i .~''''" ノ     ///// ./ノ      ./
          .i /  i,///           /       /
          i  i   ヽ .,   ヽ⊃    /____,,,. -─ ''"~
          i .i  ,. -r''"~`' - .,,_  _,.. r'""~i- ,,,,,,,____
          ヽ i i"    ,.... -─-~i"     .i,.-─- .,_::::/  "''ヽ
           ``   /r'"::::;.r"~     ./::::/  "ヽ     \
            ,. -<''~:::,.r'"      /::::/     .i"''''' ─- ,, .i
           ,i   `/       /::::::::/       i ̄~"'''''' - .i
           ,i    /      ,.r'''''ヽ ,,,iヽ      .i ̄i"''''i''' -..i
           i _ io      .i /     ヽ     i:::::i::::::::i::::::i i
           ヽi::::::i       i       i l     .i::::i::::::::i:::::i: i
           / i:::::i       ヽ      ',i    . i:::i::::::::i::::::i i
          /   i:::i        `''' --ヽ   ',     i::i::::::::i::::::i i
         /   .ヾi          ',::::::::',   \   i:i::::::::i::::::i i
        .i     /           .',:::::::',    \  i:i::::::::i::::::i i
        ヽ   ./            ',::::::',     ヽ i:i::::::::i::::::i i
         `- "/     ソ        i:::::::',     〕:i::::::::i::::::i i
           ./               ヾ- ヽ    ./::i:::::::i:::::::i i
          /                ヽ  `'' --"-==)-'"""~
         /.                  ',
         ,i.  ヽ                ',
        ,i                    i
        i                    i
        .i.                     i
        i       \ i /         .i


Happy April Fools!


P.S. Where I live it’s April 1st. I don’t care about the “post time” on this site.