The Power of Creation – Chapter 76

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“Ah, who are you?”

“A commoner like you doesn’t even recognize my greatness? Well, perhaps you are a bit a dullard? I am the noble Tiana Rhysemen.”

“Daughter, what is the hold up? Is the help going to bring in the bags or not?” Another haughty voice spoke from behind her.

“This help is uncouth, father, perhaps we shouldn’t have depended on your brother to leave behind help. We really should fire them and buy slaves with a proper pedigree.”

You are staring at her, confused, trying to remember what is familiar about her name other than the trademarked reference when you realize that Rhysemen wis the name of the former owner of this mansion. Kida gives you an apologetic look as she left squeezes out the side while Tiana impatiently taps her foot.

Meanwhile, you scrounge up the memory taken from that busted ghost. You recall something about him writing a letter to his relatives. So, this is the niece that he was trying to lure as his next victim, and the brother he planned to possess. She is unaware, but her mother is also a victim of this uncle.

There is a sudden tap on your shoulder and you look over in surprise. Cinderella is standing there, you lean over and she whispers in your ear.

“Let them stay, please.”


Her face is still emotionless, but she looks up at you with a look that seems to beg. Now that you think about it, her mother’s spirit may be a part of Cinderella as well. You give a sigh. Kicking them to the curb now is a little… well you still wanted to clear up any misunderstandings with her behavior first.

“Actually,” you finally answer her as her look grows darker and darker. “I’m the owner. I bought this place fair and square after it sat vacant for months.”

“That’s impossible!” the man barked coming up next to his daughter, “We inherited this mansion from my deceased brother. Your city sold this mansion in error. You shall vacate the premises immediately.”

You eye the pair of them. The father did not have elf ears at all, appearing human. He wore typically fine noble attire. He had a beard and mustache which was only starting to grey, and while your not a good judge, for his age he might be considered handsome. His daughter, if she lowers her nose for a second, looks like your typical beautiful Ojou-sama. She has long blond hair, bright blue eyes, a very fancy dress, and pure white skin. Her boobs are Cs, an average for the real world but below average when comparing your harem. However, they don’t look too modest because she is very skinny. She doesn’t have a nice curvy body like most of the girls you know. Instead, delicate would be the word, like she might break if you handle her too roughly.

“So, your mother was the elf then?”

She immediately covers her ears and gives you an angry glare while her father harrumphs and sticks out his chest. “What of it? I loved my wife until the day she left us. Many despised interspecies relationships. That’s why we moved out to the borderlands. If you take issue with elves, sir, then…”

“Not at all!” You shake your hands, “In fact, there is a pair of catgirls living here now!”

You defend yourself while feeling slightly better about them. A half-elf noble and her loyal father, they may be snobbish but they don’t seem to be completely awful people. They’ve likely been through a lot.

“Well, your catgirls will just have to leave with the rest of you. We’ll put all of you up in a hotel for one week so that you can find a new place. You can use that time to get the city to refund you your mansion costs.”

“Huh? But I already live here though? So, shouldn’t you go to the city and see if your supposed will has any merit?”

You suspect he didn’t. The necromancers plan was to keep the place vacant until his brother showed up and then once he had his body reclaim the home afterwards.

“You…” the pair of them are sputtering angrily, “We’re nobles. How dare a commoner like you think your mild inconvenience take precedence over ours!”

“Well, it’s not like nobles don’t live here?”

“You couldn’t possibly be a noble.” The scorn on Tiana’s voice raises your hackles a little bit.

“Me? No. But I cater to a lot of known people.”

“Hello!” Ariel showed up just in time to rescue you. “I am Princess Ariel!”

As she speaks, she gives an incredibly graceful curtsy that shows an elegance you’d never seen on the sex-craved bitch before.

Tiana’s eyes seem to brighten a bit, but her father’s narrow cautiously as he spoke. “You say nobles stay here?”

“Yes, in fact, we’re about to have dinner, so why don’t you come in and we’ll work out some agreement. In the meantime, you can make use of our maid staff.”

“We should take a bath together!” Ariel announces holding Tiana’s arm.

Tiana smiles as well and looks up at her father. “Oh, yes, father, please. We’ve been traveling for a week straight and I feel filthy.”

He is still cautious, but he starts to nod slowly and Ariel grabs Tiana’s hand, pulling her into the house. It seems like while Tiana lifts her nose at you, she is far more pleasant when it comes to a princess.

“Ah, Ariel.” You grab her arm and whisper into her ear before she leaves the room. “Um… you already had a bath. Perhaps your mother should escort her?”

Ariel’s eyes furrows. “I can take her, baths are fun!”

“Yeah… that’s what I’m afraid of.”

Suddenly, she puts on an uncharacteristically serious face. “Hero, I’m capable of restraint.”


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