The Power of Creation Chapters

Hey Guys,

I wasn’t sure how dependent you guys are on the recent posts link, but I’m still releasing the Power of Creation. With daily releases of TOAS and two releases a day of Power of Creation I felt I was swamping the recent posts list, so I started putting them as unannounced “pages”.

However, I got the impression people didn’t realize that, so…

Table of Contents

I’m currently up to Chapter 23.

From now on, you’ll just have the check the Table of Contents every now and then. I’ve been releasing daily with Power of Creation, this is not consistent. The release schedule is whenever, although I’m releasing it alongside TOAS for now. No, I do not and will not edit it. I will take suggestions on where you want the story to go though, because it is Machine Sliced Bread’s story and your input matters. You can call it a story written for you guys.

On a side note, I don’t consider TOAS a MSB original story, it’s my original story, and I was just hosting it on MSB. However, Power of Creation, as far as I’m concerned, is the very definition of an MSB original. 

So, yeah, the story can and will go anywhere and everywhere. So, if you give me a suggestion of a sex scene you want, a girl you want, or some other fap material ideas, I’ll try to work it into the story. I do write about 20 chapters ahead, so it might be some time before your ideas see the surface, but I haven’t forgotten either.