Prologue and Deciding the Status

Prologue and Deciding the Status

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I, Fujiyama Shinsuke was driving my car on my way home from work

(… Another shitty day has ended….)

When I get home, I’ll just eat a convenience store’s meal, take a bath, then sleep like a log (TL: It was
“sleep like a mud”, I took liberty changing it)

Nothing to hope for everyday

As a man, there are things I want to try

I want to live like a King, have a mansion and multiple women….
(Even if I win the lottery, that would still be impossible)

Driving the car with such thoughts, Suddenly a boy that was walking from school to home jumped on the roadway.


I steered the wheel in order to avoid the boy.

A large truck crashes in and has come while ringing a horn from an opposite lane there.

(ah… I’m going to die)

Along with the loud crash, I lost conciousness


「Congratulations! Fujiyama Shinsuke」


I just realized that I was in a space that’s just pure white

In front of me was a Gentleman wearing a Tuxedo, but for some reason his face is hazy and it is unrecognizable

「Eh?… Am I in a hospital? Was I saved?」

Then, the gentleman regrettably said

「Sad to say but no. You tried to save the boy by steering to the other lane, the truck hit your car head-on resulting to instant-death… where we are, in simple terms, we are in the waypoint from your world to the other world」

「……I’m still dead then haha.., now what?『Congratulations』you said, you’ll take me to heaven?」


The gentleman acts self-importantly

「In simple terms……『Congratulations! You won in the lottery the Gods made for past-time』……is what i mean」

「Pastime lottery of gods?」

「Yes. To be specific, dead people who tried to do good deeds before they died. They are selected at random. Gifted with various privileges, they are sent to another world」

「Reincarnation…. So, what do I do? Defeat the Demon King?」

「No, you don’t need to be bothered by such things, you’re free to live as you like」

「Live as you like?」


「Even making a harem?」

「No problem」

「Even committing a crime?」

「This will not be concerned」


This talk is like a dream.

Rather than continue that shitty life, my heart would wither greatly

「Well then, please determine the status on your own」

The gentleman said while snapping his fingers. A desktop appeared out of nowhere.

「Please decide status and so on in your different world by this PC.」

「Can I decide by myself? Is there a upper limit?」

「Feel free to do so. Just in case, there is a MAX value」

「How much is MAX?」

「When the status is put to MAX, it would be possible for you to be a God」


「Take your time on deciding your status, I’ll be watching the Television for the meantime

-Since this will influence your life, please do take time on deciding your status」

When he says so, the gentleman snapped his fingers and a television appears out of nowhere. He then began to watch a comedy show.

I then looked at the PC, it’s even possible to customize even the trivial details, it is also possible to decide the size of the penis during erection.

I went to decide the status of my second life seriously.


「Fuu……How’s this one?」

I moved away from the PC to let the gentleman take a look.

「Let’s see… This looks like a dark hero of the wind, isn’t the peerless handsome guy more acceptable? 」

「A man hiding in the shadows is something I always wanted to be」

「Well, it’s a matter of taste… Show Status…」

When the gentleman to check the screen, the status is lined I mean not fool myself. (TL: I give up rephrasing the machine TL here)







Everything Else…MAX

Energy… Inexhaustible

Magic… All

Skill… All

Personal Belongings…Inside an item box which you can take it out immediately

「Hohoho, aren’t you a greedy one」

「Yeah, was that bad?」

「No, there’s no problem」

「How strong is this specifically?」

「Let’s see… It is possible for you to crush a dragon, that is feared by people like stepping on an ant, you could also destroy a country, heck you can even destroy the world. It’s that kind of power」

「hmm….Speaking of which there was a gold column as well?」

「Earn it yourself, Just in case 1000 gold will be put in your item box as funds. That said, with this status, it’s easy to earn all this world’s riches」

「I see. Do your thing by yourself, is it」

「Correct,『do whatever you like』…Were 30 centimeters ok for the length of your penis? It’s still possible to make it larger you know?」

「This is ok, it would be problematic if tears apart…」

「That is true…Well then, I’ll check if there’s something we did overlook」

He then proceed to check every column

「Ah, The language field isn’t filled up, well, with 『Wisdom』it would be easy to learn…」

「Ah, I forgot.」

「Then I’ll put a check on it…. do you also want to learn the monster language?」

「Only the humanoid types… I’ll just learn the other monster language by myself」
「Certainly… Then what about your equipment?」

「Give me the strongest one」

「Then, at what age do you want to be reincarnated?」

「Let’s see… I want to make a harem in early age. Make me 20 y/o please.」

「Very well. Instead of being born from a mother, you want to appear in shape already. Well, you don’t have any more omissions, It’s OK」

「Then, What should I do?」

「Yes, about that… let’s have you appear in the grassland

walk north, in thirty minutes you’ll find the commercial city “Alias”, I recommend going there first.

also, while you’re travelling, try your power with monsters as opponent」

「Thanks for everything.」

「There is no need to, I’m only doing my duty, Then I’d like you to welcome your 『second life』」

The gentleman snapped his fingers again and my consciousness gradually switched over.


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