Redeem talk ★

身請け話 ★

Redeem talk ★

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The room in the brothel was lit with a dim light.


「Ahn♪ Haa~! Aaah~! Haaan~♪」


I vigorously moved my dick inside Katie.


「Mmf……*Kiss*lick*……*Drool*、Wait Arc! If you do it roughly, Katie will break……Aahn~! Mmm~! ……*Lick*……」


I stirr Fatima’s insides with my other hand.


The gasping Fatima licks Katie’s chest, while I play with the clitoris.


「Ah, sorry, but I’m in the mood to be rough today.……」


My desire for Mary hadn’t been settled yet.


Fortunately, these two were available.


「T-that’s good! Continue! Poke your big dick in!」


Katie’s love nectar is dripping as I continue to poke her.


I don’t usually use charm in the brothel, but when I do, I do it vigorously (TN: Actual line is: ‘I don’t usually use charm on prostitutes, but I wanted to do it vigorously today, I sent some small amount in my dick.’ I just want to use the old meme)


「Aaahn♪ Cumming! CummingCumming!! I’m Cummiiiiiiiiiiiing!!」


Katie’s pussy clamped while she was shouting, I ejaculated buckets inside her, while we’re at it I speed up my finger inside Fatima


「Aaah! M-me too! C-cumming!!Mmーーー!!」


Fatima, who’s on all fours, was squirting love nectar from her crotch. We both blew up a large amount at the same time.




Completely exhausted, Katie sprawled on the bed.


Afterwards, Fatima immersed herself in the aftertaste of sex


「It’s your turn now, Fatima……」


「Okay! I’ll accompany you until the beast inside you calms down♪」



This night, I came three times inside Katie’s pussy, and six times inside Fatima’s.


Since I also ejaculated while alternating thrusting between the two, it was not the exact number, but, as expected, my sexual affinity with Fatima is exceedingly good.

The exhausted Katie is now sleeping in the bed, while Fatima is kneeling in front of me, servicing the penis that has been sticky with semen and love nectar with her mouth.


Since she’s been able to endure charm sex, Fatima’s resilience is considerable.


「Mm……*Slurp*……Wait for a but okay?……*lick*……I’m cleaning it first……If you’re going to cum、you can cum anytime……*Drool*……」


Fatima said so while licking the dirty cock. Seeing her do that made me hard again






Fatima tilts her head with the penis inside her mouth.


「If you were to be redeemed, how much would it cost?」


「Mmff! *cough*cough*……W-what are you saying suddenly……」


Fatima released the dick from her mouth, she continues the conversation while doing a handjob.


The handjob wasn’t neat, yet eager.


「Let’s see…. I’ve been asked several times, it’s around 10 Million Gold」


「Why do you refuse the offer?」


「It didn’t fit the condition」




「First would be money, But even more than that,  I want someone who can satisfy me on bed. Second condition to clear would be; I don’t want a boring man. I don’t want to be just a concubine or a tool for sexual relief, I want to enjoy sex.」




I looked up the ceiling while receiving a handjob, I thought.


In terms of Japan money it would be 10 Billion Yen, also Fatima’s condition to be redeemed.


「Impossible right? Also, having you visit me make me happy, I’m satisfied already……」


「I can do it.」




Fatima tightens her grip unconsciously.


「Do it gentler……」


「Ah, eh, sorry, but what do you mean by that? You’re currently living in an inn right? Also, I’ve heard that you’re living with a woman」


「Yeah, I’m preparing to transfer to a house.」


「……ÇA ragged house is no good」


「Don’t worry, the house would be larger than “Dragon’s Cage”」


Hearing such offer, Fatima tilted her head.


「The house can be prepared immediately, there’s no need to worry, or is there something else?」


「……No, If Arc is the one to redeem me, I would be more than willing, but will your money hold out?」


「Gold or whatever it is… by tomorrow I could already think of a way to raise money!」


「You won’t loan?」


「Doing it miserly won’t do……I’m about to cum」


Saying so, Fatima rushed my dick to her mouth and received a great amount of semen.




Fatima gulped down the semen. I stroked her head lightly.


Fatima doesn’t seem to dislike her hair being brushed.


Cute girl, I thought, then I continued to enjoy brushing her hair


「Nn~……*yawn*……I’m going to sleep」


Katie woke up.


「Ah~! Fatima that’s unfair! Let me lick too~!」


Katie said so while clinging on my back.


I smiled wryly, let the two lick my dick and ejaculated. I then slept with the two.


I need to work harder tomorrow.