Easy money cheat


Easy Money Cheat.

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The next day

I walked away from the guild, then when I confirmed that no one was looking, I casted flight magic on the same point where I flew before.

The landing point is the lake shore of Alias.

Everywhere as long as I’m not seen would be okay, but I choose where there are less monsters because they’re a bother, and I like the sandy beach.

I eliminated all the monsters within five kilometers in radius along the shore.

After using “Clairvoyance”, I casted a barrier to not allow anyone in, then made another barrier to obstruct vision from outside.

Then putting my consciousness on the shore, I casted an “Intermediate Magic” with conditions attached.


The sands within five kilometers started to gather and formed.

When “Accumulation Magic” was finished, a hill of sand appeared in front of me.

Of course, it’s just a pile of sand.


「Fuahahaha……! It’s a mountain of treasures!」

To my eye, the sand looks like a mountain of gold and silver treasures.

Then I floated the pile of “sand” in the air, and casted “Melting magic”

「Good. Good……Melt it down then transmute!」

After melting the sand in an exquisite fire, separated them into chunks, used “solidification magic”, then hardened it with “cooling magic”

Crystallized sand fall from the sky after I finished my magic.

「Hahaha! It’s a success!」

What’s obtained from crystallizing ‘sand’, in other words, ‘quartz’… is, in other words, ‘crystal’.

Before me, countless lumps of crystal, of sizes ranging from that of a fist at least to twice the head of an adult at most, fell down.

Crystal is a gem essential for magic tools.

Being a superior magic catalyst than other gems, it’s commonly used for magic tools such as magic wands.

From olden times without change, crystal has been mined as a magic item, but in recent years it’s been exhausted and a severe magic tool shortage has been declared throughout the world.

In short, it is necessary for adventurers who fight monsters using magic tools. High Demand – Low Supply would mean that the price would skyrocket.

I, who am originally a human from another world, know that ‘sand’ and ‘crystal’ are the same thing, and thus I can make as many crystals as I want.

 『Silica Sand』is just a sand you can find anywhere.

The humans here who want so much jewels wouldn’t expect that they are just stepping on it.

This is my way of making money in this world

「Fufufu…. I wonder if they’re still not glamorous enough?」

Tossing the biggest chunk, I used “polishing magic” just like how jeweler practice.


In this world, I just toss it in the air, It’ll be polished in high speed, by the time it returned to my hand, the crystal with a size of a child’s head turned to a complete crystall ball

「I’ll put a little service… Fufufu……」

The crystal ball in my eyes are just normal, but in the eyes of an ordinary magician, they would see an enormous amount of magic power injected in it.

「I’ve just finished making legendary magic items! Hahaha」

However, even if a magician used the peak of the magic ball magic, I still wouldn’t be harmed

I put all of the jewels and magic balls in the item box, then removed the barrier, then flew back to Alias.


When I returned, I hired about twenty carts and loaded it with the crystals.

Given the allowance and alcohol all they like, the coachman, who doesn’t want to die, didn’t pry about the details.

Since I’m the famous S-class, no one dares to oppose me.

Then the wagons entered the main street, carrying the contents to the biggest building of the merchant’s guild

The staff, who saw the contents, ran down to gather the merchants.

Merchants were astonished with the mountain of crystals I’ve brought, They asked me where the mining vein is.

I gave out a lie, telling them that I found it in a cave that only S-class adventurers can enter.

Merchants’ eyes were bloodshot.

Furthermore, I showed them the magic ball from my pocket, showing it as a featured product, it has fueled the greed of the merchants.

Bidding was done at the same day, Sean Rockwell, successfully won the bid. Other merchants also purchased the crystals on a high price.

And that’s how I got 80 Million gold in one day, The merchants also got their magic tools.

It’s a win-win relationship

If I repeat this multiple times, I would be the number-one Millionaire in this city.

After all, all I have to do is to watch for the price of crystal in the market so the value won’t drop.

There’s no need to rush

The treasure is just lying in my foot, and I can use it for free.

The story of Arc Demon’s wealth was spread to the city fast.

Treating the Hyenas properly, I leisurely got back at the inn

(……Next would be a house, then everything else. )

To commemorate our last day on the inn, I came lots inside Emily.