Redeem ★

身請け ★

Redeem ★

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I already told the boy from “Dragon’s cage” yesterday that I’ll claim Fatima, Fatima had consented already.

The S-class Arc-Demon and him claiming the city’s number one prostitute has been the rumor yesterday, along with him becoming a millionaire.

The coachman was showering me with praise, I had him park in the red-light district, and I entered the “Dragon’s cage”

「We’ve been expecting you Demon-sama」

The owner of “Dragon’s cage”, whom I’ve met a lot of times, lowered his head

The owner was a gentlemanly looking person who grows a mustache, having such an elegant impression, you wouldn’t expect him to be an owner of a brothel

「Right, let’s do it right away, here’s the 12 million I have promised. Is Fatima here?」

「I have certainly received it… Well then, I’ll proceed to the bank with this, in the meantime, please wait and have a chat with Fatima… Fatima, please」

The owner bowed while saying so, then he leaves the room. The curtain was opened at the same time, and Fatima appeared

She is not in her usual veil, instead she’s dressed in elegant purple evening dress.

Her eyes are wet, and her cheek is flushed.

「Yo, Fatima, I told you right?」

Not letting me finish speaking, Fatima dived to my chest and showered kisses on my face.

「You…. Arc, You’re an amazing person…you really did turn to rich, touch me, touch the woman you have just bought.」

That said, I touched her breasts

Her heart beat is being transmitted.

「I look like an innocent woman, to have my heart pound like this……Ahn~♪」

I slowly caressed her chest.

Me sitting on the sofa, I slowly caressed Fatima who’s on top of my lap.

「Let me ask you some things, how old are you?」


「Second question, is Fatima a professional name?」

「Mmm……That’s my real name……Mm~! ……Fatima Froude is my full name……Ufu……」

「That’s a nice name… Fatima, from now on, you’re mine…. I’ll touch you more」

I tore the hem of her dress, slipping my hand to her secret place, It’s already been wet there

「What is this, isn’t this already flooding?……」

「Nnn! Mmm! I-It can’t be helped……! I’m already exited……Aahh!!」

I slid a finger inside, slowly stirring to enjoy the slimy vagina, the boy came inside the reception room and bowed.

「Sorry to disturb your playtime….but Fatima’s friends wants told me that they want to greet her, would you let them through?」

「Yeah… It’s ok, since we’re friendly with each other, let them in」


「Wait!Gosh, Arc……」

Fatima, who was licking my earlobe, bite them for revenge, her empty hand has been rubbing my crotch

While we waited for them to come to the reception room, the girls who were wearing casual clothes entered the reception room, and saw us doing lewd stuff.

Representing the girls, Katie greeted us.

「Fatima, stay healthy okay~? Receive lots of love okay?」

「Ah、Mm、Mmm、K-Katie……From now on……You’re the number one lady……Ahn~♪ Work harder……Mmf」

Fatima is behaving firmly even if I’m stirring her pussy leisurely

「A…Ahn! H-Hey arc, you won’t stop visiting the brothel right?」

「Yeah… You’re my woman now so you can take rests, also I like the atmosphere of the brothel」

「Mmm! ……Ufufu、Bad boy……then, girls please do look forward in the future okay?」

「Of course」

When I said that, the girls raised their voice in happiness.

I called the boy and handed him a bag of cash from my pocket.

「That’s fifty thousand gold, It’s a gift, go buy the girls drinks and food.」

The girls gave a shout of joy.

The boy received the bag respectfully

「Well then, I’ll let everyone see Fatima’s last ecstasy in the Dragon’s cage」

I opened Fatima’s crotch while hugging her, I started stirring her pink folds and striking her G-spot with my finger

「Ah、Wait, Arc! Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Don’t! C-cumning! It’s coming out!!」

Fatima’s pinned body stiffened, large amount of liquid gushed out from her body.

The ladies have been fascinated by the scene before their eyes.


The ladies have finished saying their goodbyes, Fatima rested in the sofa. The owner came back

「I’m sorry to keep you waiting, the cash have been safely carried and  deposited. It seems that dear customer has a horse-drawn carriage, are you heading to the church after this?」


「Our prostitutes here have contraception magic and a curse that makes them unable to leave this city. The church can remove those curse」

「What, I don’t need to go to church for such trivial stuff… 『Discurse』…There, I freed your body from the curse Fatima.」

The owner’s eyes widened when he saw me use a spell to remove Fatima’s curse.

「I’m surprised,『Discurse』is a spell that  only high rank priests should be able use」

「Ah! Arc, just how amazing are you?」

Fatima hugs me again.

「What about the contraception magic?」

「Let’s see…. Leave it like that first, rather than making a child, I’d like to enjoy having sex first.」

「Right…. Still, a child would be nice.」

In fact, Emily also agreed to use contraception magic.

According to Emily,

「I don’t want to bear a child from a rapist.」

…. is what she said

「Come, were going home, I’ve prepared a carriage」

As I said, I held Fatima on her waist and head out to the exit of Dragon’s cage

「Could it be a covered wagon?」

「Hm? Yeah, it is, what about it?」

「Could you go and remove the cover? I want to go and brag everyone my husband.」(TN: could also mean Master)

Saying so while making a smile that could take away any man, I instructed the coachman to remove the cover of the wagon

I and Fatima, embracing each other’s waist, boarded the carriage

At the entrance of the Dragon’s cage, the owner bowed deeply

「I wish for your happiness… and your future patronage.」