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Yes, SlavesNo touch!

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Yes Slaves! No touch! is referencing to the hero. (SpearBro and Desumachi) Real title is “That right, Slaves”

The carriage that Fatima and I are riding is moving along the highway slowly.

The prostitutes and employees of other brothel congratulate us, showering us with praises, throwing flowers in our horse-drawn carriage.

It almost seemed like a little festival.

I held Fatima on the carriage, massaged her chest and kissed her, in public view.

Fatima as well, rubbed and stimulated my crotch.

「*kiss*……*lick*……Ufufu……Master、Right now, I’m so happy I couldn’t think of anything else」

「You’ll be happier from now on……」


The crowds cheered while we’re doing naughty things.

Then, we reached the main district, jealousy and envy can be seen from the onlookers.

On the contrary, we used it as spice of excitement, we continued to caress each other, till Fatima’s dress was almost removed.

「……Restrain yourself a bit. 」

Descending from the carriage, Emily greeted me coldly.

「Like I care, I do what I want」

「Ufufu, Master, who’s this girl?」

「Emily Feed, you can call me Emily, also I’m just his companion」

「Oh my, Are you not his mistress?」


Fatima laughed at the enraged Emily and shrugged her shoulder.

「That was a joke. My name’s Fatima Froude, you can also call me Fatima, since we’ll be together, let’s get along okay?」

「It’s not like……I’m going to get out……」

「Still… this is amazing, did you make this master?」

Fatima points her finger on the house that was automatically built with construction magic.

「That’s right, It will be finished in three hours, I told you that it will be larger than “Dragon’s cage” right?」

The first floor has just been finished, but still the majesty of the house is conveyed.

「Amazing! You’re really amazing master!」

Fatima’s laughter was like pleasant on the ears.

「Ah, hey, judging from how I see it, even if I do the chores, there’s no way I could do a large house」
Emily expressed her worry.

「Right, if it’s about food, I’ve already talked to a restaurant chef in the town, yet as expected manpower is needed.」

「That why, are you going to hire a maid or a slave? After all you have all the money」

Hearing “Hire a slave” from the fastidious mouth of Emily, I realized once again that this world has different ethical sense (TN: Really now?)

「That’s right, I’d like to buy a slave then, what kind of slave should I buy…. How much do they cost in this city? 」

「Ah, as expected, you would buy a slave.」

Fatima chuckled

「I’m interested in beautiful slaves, I only embrace beautiful women」
Hearing those words, Emily blushed and hit my ribs (TN: Get raped, turned to a tsundere.)

「It hurts」

「Ufufu, let see, normal slaves costs around five thousand, ten thousand gold in the market」


Comparing to my previous world, buying a slave is the same as buying a car.

「Then let’s buy the good-looking ones, you girls want to go with me?」

「Let’s see…. The scenery here looks interesting, but since this is important, I’ll go」

「I’m going to watch if you’re going to buy an odd slave…. don’t do lewd things in the carriage please.」

「Bear with it.」(TN: Deal with it)

I lifted the two girls and boarded them in the carriage, then I told the coachman to head to the slave district.

I massaged the chest of both girls until we reached the slave district.

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