Slave District ★ (Lightweight)

奴隷市 ★(軽め)

Slave District ★ (Lightweight)

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Since the carriage have arrived in the slave district, I held the blushing Emily and Fatima down the carriage.

The slave market had high walls surrounding it, and within it were many buildings that housed the slaves.

A large muscular man asked us for our identity and so after telling him I was here to buy slaves and then greasing his palms with some money, the large man groveled before me, opened the gate, and called for the master of the slave market

After that, we were lead from the main gate to the plaza where the humble master of the slave market greeted us.

「My, my, Demon-sama, what can we do for you today?」

「I came to buy slaves for my house.I want it to be smart and good looking. Let me have a look.」

「Yes, we will bring slaves who matched your preferences, please ascertain them yourself」


The big man gave us chairs, I took a seat.

「Well… I wonder what kind will come out?」

「Sorry to throw cold water on you… but I don’t believe the sort of girl that can live up to Master’s expectations will appear.」


「A beautiful and fantastic body slave would be good , but merchants from brothels buys ahead of time. Because Katie was born a slave…You shouldn’t bother」

「Hmmm.. Well, it’s not like I’m expecting much. As long as it looks, good it’s fine」

After waiting for a while, the owner returned with a group of slaves, they lined up in front of us.

All of the slaves have already lost light in their eyes and were looking down, wearing shabby hemp clothes, and was wearing shackles.

n the order they were lined up, I looked over the slaves before my eyes stopped at the girl that was closest to me

「Hey… there’s one here isn’t there? A winner」

「Ah, you’re right, it’s a cute girl」
Fatima and I whispered to each other.

The slave is a petite girl with short pink hair, her beautiful face is outstanding compared to the other slaves in the row.

Her body is thin, I can’t confirm the size of the chest, even she lost the light in her eyes like the other slaves, the feel of her seems intelligent.

However, her distinct feature would be her long pointy ears, which was stretched horizontally

…..Aren’t these the rumored elves?

I asked the host.

「Hey, is that slave an elf?」
「No, that’s a half-elf, that slave is a bit special so, the price is higher…」

「I don’t mind, bring her here, I’d like to see in detail」

「Yes、Hey! Lulu! Come here!」


The half-elf named Lulu answered with a mosquito like voice, dragging her shackles, she stood in front of us.

Looking closely, she’s quite young

「You’re Lulu right…. How old are you?」


「Is that in human terms?」

「……No, 18 years since birth……」


Although she is seen as a 14-15 year old, she’s already a decent adult.

「What’s the specialty of this slave?」

I asked the host.

「Yes, first, Lulu can read, write and do simple calculations」

「Oh, that’s quite unusual from a slave」
「Yes, she also has the skill『Housework Utility』」

The skills human can acquire is fixed upon birth

Even Katie of “Dragon’s Cage”, she has “Hygiene” skill

That’s why Katie is good at anal play.

「Also, she can use simple healing and antidote spells, she’d be useful in the family」

「That’s good and all but, did you learn magic naturally?」
「No, it was taught to me by other slaves」

「Hmph… so she was smart to begin with」
「R-right, Lulu is a very clever slave, she doesn’t even trouble us. 」

「Hmmm… Why is such an excellent slave still remains unsold?」
Emily asked an obvious question

「It’s just that、because the slave’s skills are good she’s quite expensive、although the other reason is、a lot of customers don’t want a demi-human stay at their home、Even if she has 『Housework Utility』、it’s because the fact that ordinary slaves should be trained severely. Her body is shabby that brothel’s don’t buy her」

「I get it now……」

Hearing that now, it seems like there’s discrimination against demi-humans.

「Could you tell me the history of this slave」

「Yes、Lulu is a half-elf, born from a human father, and an elf mother. Because she was persecuted from the elf village、The family lived in the mountains、her parents were killed by a monster when they had gone out to procure food、she had been wandering since she became an orphan, that’s why I took custody of her……」

「How old was she?」

「That story was when Lulu was 14 years old.」


I was about to buy the slave at this point, but my inner sadism surfaced.

「Strip her, I want to see her naked.」

「Certainly… Lulu, take off your clothes」


Lulu took of her clothes, she stands in front of me with only shackles only



I already know it even with her clothes on, still her chest is only slightly raised, pink nipples are attached in her sorry chest.

The half-elf’s skin is as white as a porcelain.

Pubic hair is shaved bald.

「Remove her shackles, open her crotch, I want to see her pussy」


The host used a key to remove her shackles

「Lulu, it’s better if you look at the customer」


Lulu sat on the ground, her legs formed an M shape, and showed up her private part.

「Open it yourself」

I further requested


Lulu followed obediently, she used her hand to open her labia, showing its contents.

Her folds were a light pink, her clitoris small too the point one couldn’t be sure it was actually there, and then her vaginal canal was exposed to the air

「It’s small isn’t it? If master puts his big penis in, it would tore apart you know?」

「What are you saying, we can just expand her vagina with sex magic」(TN: Really now? ain’t that too convenient?)

「You, if you can do something like that then say that from the beginning… It was really terrible every single time you did ite」

I ignored Emily’s complaint and acted greedily.

「I want to confirm her sensitivity… can I grope her?」

「If possible, can you not please damage the hymen」

「What, so she’s a virgin…but I like that… Then, I’ll touch you」

I declared, while crushing her clitoris with my thumb, and inserting my finger in her vaginal entrance


She’s holding her voice back by biting her lip, her sensitivity isn’t bad

With limited conditions, I’ll make full use of my sexual technique to corner Lulu.


Lulu’s body trembles as she climaxed, she then blew a humble amount of liquid.

「Sensitivity is good… Yup, I’ll buy this girl, how much for her?」

「Yes, that will be 150,000 gold 」

Around 15 million yen if in Japan….That’s the same price of a luxury car.  

「Good, I’ll buy her. Lulu, I’m Arc Demon, your master, from now on call me “Master”」


Lulu answered while puffing and breathing heavily on my shoulder

「I’m granting you the skill “Hygiene”, clean my body whenever I call you, do you get it? 」


「Oh my, Master, you can grant skills? ….. Then give me “Clean” skill… that way we can even do anal」

「That’s right huh… Then I’ll grant the “Clean” skill to all my women… You okay with that as well, Emily?」

「I don’t want to be done in the ass, but I’ll be able to clean myself all the time, I’ll take it」

「Alright, Lulu, I’ve decided you’re going to be the the head slave. In my house, I won’t allow such a thing as discrimination against demi-humans… got that?」

「I don’t mind it in particular.」

「I’ve partied with demi-humans before, so I don’t have any objection, Let’s get along, Lulu」


Being persecuted in the past, she seemed confused by the generous act.

Then, from the slaves present, I picked those who look pleasant and seemed clever, I bought an additional of six slaves..

I paid the full amount and formally became the girls’ owner, removed their shackles, and had them swear loyalty to me and recognize Lulu as their chief.

The slaves also have the same curse as the prostitutes, so there’s no need to worry about them running away.

After that, I had the slaves get in the carriage, we then proceed to the city to buy maid clothes that matches their sizes, the spare clothes will be delivered to my house later.

After that, I went and hired away the female chef that I mentioned before from the restaurant she worked at with the offer of a high salary, and then returned to my property with everyone. With that, my mansion was completed.